Monday, February 28, 2011

Remember high school pep rallies?

2.28.11 UPDATE ON BILLIE (posted by Leslie on FB)

It just has to be stated right off the bat that God is good! Billie is doing remarkably better and tolerating being off the vent so well that the doctor is implementing steps that could see the trach removed by as early as Wednesday...

Let’s have a pep rally for Jesus!!!

Give me a “J!”

Give me a “E!”

Give me a “S!”

Give me a “U!”

Give me another “S!”

What does it spell?



Here’s a picture of Billie, on the right, with a friend pre-pneumonia.  We are expecting to see her like this again soon!!Billie and friend 2009

And with our mutual grandson, Camden.1-24-09 Camden n Gee 


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