Sunday, October 31, 2010

Day 15 of 30 days of truth

Day 15: Something or someone you couldn't live without.

This is not a happy subject.  I don’t want to, but I could live without any one person in my life, with God’s help.  But I don’t think I could live without everyone.  God created us for each other and for Him.  We need each other, but if we have to be apart on earth, He is always with us and He will take care of us. I’m not attached to things, but I sure do enjoy my camera and my computer. :-)

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Day 14 of 30 day of truth

Day 14: A hero that has let you down.

Can’t think of anyone that I considered a hero, who has since let me down.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Day 13 of 30 days of truth

Day 13: A band or artist that has gotten you through some tough times.

I love the Christian group, Selah.  Their music just touches my soul, deeply.

Exploring at Tip O’ Texas

Don and I got out and walked around this morning to familiarize ourselves with the park.  I loved that flowers are still blooming!  There are three bushes by our site with these pretty yellow flowers.100_4309

The Q’s new home for the next six months.100_4314

The morning moon over the Q.100_4319

Don visiting with Clarence, who came to welcome us yesterday afternoon.100_4321

Oh my goodness, this place has a Laundromat!!  Rows of washing machines ($1)100_4323 and just as many dryers (50 cents), on two walls.100_4325

Plenty of counters to fold clothes and rolling baskets. I’m impressed.100_4327

Two very large shuffleboard courts… they must take this game seriously here. 100_4329

A beautiful indoor heated pool and hot tub.100_4330

Friendship Hall for games and exercising.100_4331

Inside: game area.100_4332

Lots of exercise equipment and a massage chair!100_4333 100_4334

Plenty of tennis courts.100_4335

Beautiful outdoor heated pool and hot tub.100_4336

More pretty foliage.100_4339

A rose garden with many varieties of roses.100_4341

A craft room.100_4342

More vibrant flowers.100_4345

The front of the offices, main hall (where church is held), library, billiards room (forgot to take picture), three card rooms, chapel room, etc.100_4350

I am loving all the color.100_4353 100_4356

Our street.  There are still lots of vacant sites, but folks have already started arriving.  There will be more every day.100_4357

We had to make a trip to Loew’s to purchase a few items to make our sewer drain the way it needs to.  Saw this in the parking lot and thought of Dave and Darlene Sutton.100_4358

It was a good first day and we met a few more folks.  Still haven’t met one old crump.


Thursday, October 28, 2010

Day 12 of 30 days of truth

Day 12: Something you never get compliments on.

I think I covered this yesterday.

My feet.

The Q has landed at Tip O Texas

We sure hated to leave Johnson Creek RV Park, but we’re also excited about getting to our winter destination.

A nice early morning shadow picture while we were still in the hill country.100_4292

A mansion on the hill came to my mind.100_4293

As we left the hill country behind, we suddenly found ourselves on very flat land in a cabbage patch!  Our first veggie farm citing.  100_4297

The much of the scenery along the way consisted of mesquite trees. 100_4300

Gray skies and 20-40 m.p.h. winds.  For about a hundred miles, they were cross winds.100_4301

The soil is getting sandier and sandier.  (Is that a word?)100_4303

Green again.100_4304

Highway 281 is a nice road.100_4305

About thirty minutes from our destination, we begin to see palm trees.100_4306

We exited onto the street that was supposed to go to our park, but the street was totally blocked due to work being done.  So… we turned left and drove until we could turn right again and then right onto the street our park is on.  Would you believe it?  Blocked from this side, too!  Our GPS didn’t have a clue and neither did we.  A nice man stopped and gave us directions back around and down a couple more blocks and then we drove through a school zone, across the street that is blocked on both ends, and into Tip ‘O Texas RV Resort.100_4308

Linda, in the office was waiting for us and apologized that they had not called us about the detour, but they didn’t have our phone number for some reason.  She was so nice.  And then Clarence came by as we were setting up.  I think he had checked three times already to see if we were here yet.  What a dear man, helping me with blocks to put under the steps that were here so they would be high enough to reach our door. Then two other ladies came by to welcome us to the park.  Once again, sweet and friendly folks so far.  We expect to meet more wonderful folks tomorrow.

Use us, Lord.

Day 11 of 30 days of truth

Day 11: Something people seem to compliment you the most on.

In one way or another folks seem to compliment my outgoing personality.  But I don’t understand why people don’t compliment my feet.  I have really nice looking feet for an old lady.

Passion Flower


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Day 10 of 30 days of truth

Day 10: Someone you need to let go, or wish you didn't know.

Can’t think of one single person.

My camera loves it here

Out early this morning, I wanted to get some pictures with the morning sun and shadows.100_4230

My header picture was taken in the afternoon with the  shadows on the front.  This was taken with the early sun shining on the front door.  I still think I like the header picture better.100_4233-1

Is a better picture of the bell in the belfry of the chapel.100_4235

I hope this cross is reinforced well against the wind.100_4237

Right behind the chapel is a big China Berry tree, loaded with berries.100_4242 100_4243

Isn’t that clever?  A sign that resembles hills. 100_4244

Quaint latch on the front door. 100_4245

The creek looked like glass this morning.  So beautiful.100_4247

A rustic scene next door. 100_4254

Decorations by the front door of the office.100_4256 100_4257

It’s a lovely walk up to the entrance past the pecan orchard.100_4260

This cypress tree caught my attention.100_4261

I walked all around this structure and found no door or opening of any kind.  I was thinking that it might have been a water cistern.  When I got back to the office, Lisa, the owner was there and I asked her and I was correct.  She said the orchard was planted in the late 1920’s and the water storage was probably built then to help with irrigation of the orchard.100_4262

A view of the RV park through the orchard.100_4264

Morning Moon Over the Hill Country100_4267

Corner posts braced.100_4268









After all, this is Texas.100_4271

Inside the office, there are all kinds of interesting objects hanging from the ceiling.100_4274

Don and I spoke with owner, Lisa Cauthen, about Johnson Creek RV Park having a chaplain here during the summer season.  She was very receptive and will be speaking to her husband, Tom, about it.  Lisa was very nice and we are very impressed with how they have developed this park and are still making improvements and additions.100_4276

Don and I drove into Kerrville to check out another park as a summer assignment for another CRM chaplain.  This park is located on the Guadalupe River where there are many large cypress trees.100_4277

It’s pretty here, but the water isn’t as clear as Johnson Creek.100_4283

Don spotted a few very small perch in the river.100_4284

We must check out the VA hospital.100_4290

And we did. The entrance to the VA hospital is lined with American flags.  It’s a big operation here.100_4286

Visible from quite a distance coming into town on highway 16.100_4287

Now for a bit of history: 

Joshua Brown, known as the “Father of Kerrville,” was recorded as the first actual settler to make his home on the upper Guadalupe River. Brown who was born in Kentucky in 1816 came to Texas in 1830. During the Texas Revolution, Brown joined Sam Houston’s army
and fought at San Jacinto where victory and independence were won with the defeat of Santa
Anna’s Mexican army.
When the army disbanded, Brown went home to Gonzales and married Miss Sarah Jane Goss. In 1844, they started west in search of a new home; his first stop was Curry’s Creek, an early settlement that is now in Kendall County. It was here that Brown took up the craft of shingle making. Soon Brown decided to move to a more suitable area for shingle making.

This is all of interest to me because we met one of her relatives today, Robert Goss.  When we asked him how long he had lived in Kerrville and he said his family had been here with the Comanche Indians before there was a town here.