Thursday, January 31, 2008

Very cold morning.. for the valley

A work-camper and friend came by this morning to let us know that her husband had to fly home this morning to be with an ailing aged father who is in the hospital. Her faith is so strong and she wanted us to pray with her for her husband and what could be in store for him when he gets home. We visited with her and prayed with her. It's times like this that make us so grateful God brought us here. She reported tonight that he arrived safely. Praise the Lord.

While we were out today, I called Mama and yes, it has snowed in Norman, Oklahoma today. I talk to her almost every day. If I don't get a chance to get out of AZ City to call her, she calls me on our land phone. My aunt and her baby sister is visiting her and they are having such a good time together. Aunt Nella is a big bull riding fan and they are making plans to go to the Bullnanza at the Lazy E Ranch in Guthrie... a big deal in the bullriding world. Isn't that just a hoot?! They are also doing a lot of sewing. My aunt lives just a few minutes from Park City, Utah, so she is also escaping a lot of snow shoveling.

I also called our friend, Cheri, in Sun City to check on Tom. Remember, he had open heart surgery about two/three weeks ago. Well, he's back in the hospital. It seems he wasn't feeling good at all, so the doc put him in the hospital and did a bunch of blood test. His coumadin level was way high, like 10, I think she said. Needless to say, they've taken him off the blood thinner and he is doing and feeling much better. Those attending to Tom could not believe he wasn't having nose bleeds or coughing up blood. Good news, though, his heart valve is perfect and he's going to feel so much better when they get his meds right. Also, no more high blood pressure medication.

Cheri said Pat & Bobby, friends from KOA in Branson, will be coming in a few days. We can hardly wait to see them. We just fell in love with these people while we were in Branson last summer. Now if we could just get Bubba and Lucy out here, life would be perfect. They were our neighbors at Oak Grove RV Park and hailed from the Shreveport area. Old friends we just met. I could say, "How's ya mama an nem?" and they knew what I was saying!! We had so much fun and miss them. We learned what a "fold" is from Bubba. Anyone want to know what a "fold" is? Anyone know?

Tonight was bingo night in the Carnaval Room. What that means for us is .... it's root beer float night!! Bud and Shelly served us yummy r/b floats. Back at home, we watched "Lost" while I organized some pictures on the laptop. Afterwards, Don beat me four out of six games of Farkle. Then Don got this bright idea of playing "shuffleboard" by sliding the dice across the table one at a time. Within an 1 1/2" from the edge is one point, hanging off the edge without falling is 5 points. First one to 21 points wins. That would be me! 25 - 15. I know, he's hustling me. I'll probably never win another game. It was fun.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Wednesday, Jan. 30

Lots of computer time this morning. Phone calls from Leslie & Mama. Laundry this afternoon. Pizza tonight. We rode with Dave & Darlene to Eloy to A & M Pizza and sat with Dave & Darlene, Bob & Snookie, and Sharon & Jim. Our pizza was cold and/or just barely warm, and we wanted to stick around for the "Snookie-giving-them-a-piece-of-her-mind" show, but I needed to get back to the park. I was late for choir practice. When we got back to the park, "choir" practice had already started, so I joined them.

Sunshine today, but still a chill in the air.

Computer guy did not show up as was scheduled to see why our computer is running so slow, offline.

Sunday's Coming

Don was up early this morning preparing "Sunday's Coming" for you.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

just for Tammy

Swim and Sleep

Not all birds are perchers, though. Naturally, the web-footed ones cannot perch on a twig. Ducks and geese usually sleep on their natural element, the water, and ride at anchor, like ships in harbor, as far away from the land as possible, safe from their enemy, Brer Fox.

If the water is a moving stream, they automatically and unconsciously paddle with their feet to keep themselves afloat and in the same spot, and to save themselves from being carried near the shore. This is a sort of self-protective instinct that they possess. Strange and wonderful, isn't it?
There may be a chance for you to do a good turn in the winter time. Sometimes ducks go to sleep in the middle of the pond, and the pond freezes over, and then Brer Fox may come on the scene and try to reach the birds. So break the ice near the edge, if you are there in time, and save the ducks.

from Catcher in the Rye:
--Holden repeatedly wonders where the ducks go when the pond freezes over. Could this be because he wonders where students go when they flunk out of school?

More answers.

Personally, I think they simply walk on the ice.

Tuesday, Jan. 29

We were awaken by the telephone this morning with the announcement that the ambulance was headed to Elaine Neese's house. Elaine is in the Ladies Bibles Study and she and Joe live just a few streets over. I jumped out of bed and dressed quicker than I have in a long time. When I got to Elaine's 5th wheel, there was a big red fire truck, a smaller fire dept. truck, two police cars and the ambulance. The paramedics were working with Elaine who was sitting in a patio chair and was alarmingly pale. I heard someone say she had fallen and after they secured her neck and placed her on the gurney, I was able to get to Joe and tell him that we would be praying for her. Joe then explained how they were headed out to walk the dogs, Elaine going out the door first with one of the dogs in her arms. Her foot slipped on the dew moistened step and she landed on her tail-bone and back bouncing on each step of 3 steps all the way to the patio. Joe was so concerned that she had broken a bone or more. Immediately after the fall, Elaine could not get her breath and her back was in tremendous pain. Thank God that Darrell Howard was outside and heard Elaine fall and called 911 for Joe when he couldn't get his phone to work. Don't you know that it seemed like forever for the ambulance to arrive, especially since he was holding Elaine up with both knees bent for about 20 minutes. I left after the ambulance and came home. Don and I immediately prayed for Elaine, that no bones would be broken. After Ladies Bible Study at 11:00, we went to the hosptial in Casa Grande to check on her. We found her in the ER room #11, sitting on the side of the bed getting ready to go home!! Praise the Lord. No bones were broke. Her tailbone and back are very bruised and she will be "out of commission" for a few days. If anyone has had experience with a messed up tailbone, you know that it takes quite a while to heal completely. We prayed with she and Joe again, asking for a speedy recovery for her and an expedited dismissal from the hospital. That ER was crowded with people.

After Don & I made a stop at the grocery store we came home. Elaine & Joe were already home. Second prayer answered. I put all the Beth Moore tapes that we have seen thus far and took them to her so she can catch up. Also, for Joe, as he is going through the workbook with her. Please pray for Elaine and for Joe as he takes care of her. They are so cute and have such a wonderful relationship.... married for 52 years. I'll get a picture soon for the blog.

Bible study was tremendous again today. There were more new faces. What a blessing. We all enjoyed the lesson today and are learning new insights into the life of Paul and the example he left for all believers. The focus today was on building a history with God through daily Bible study and learning His will and plan for our lives so that we grow to know and love Him so much that if we were ever required to lay down our life for our faith, we would not bat an eye, the same way Paul did. As Beth Moore pointed out, we, in this generation have not been required to died for Christ, but what He wants for us is to live for Him. No life is more liberating than the life lived for Jesus Christ. Here the ladies are watch the video. Yes, Dave and Don got the memo, but Dave forgot his name badge. It was so funny, Darlene, Snookie and I all ran into our RV's to get our cameras to take a picture of Dave and Don in their pale yellow shirts. "OK, suck it in, gents. You look so handsome!" Afterwards, we all encouraged Don to go next door to let DeeDee give him a neck & shoulder massage. DeeDee is really good and she uses the warm stones to massage with. She showed me how to massage his neck to help with the tension and headaches. The massage really help, but the tightness & pain seems to come back when he stands and eases somewhat when he sits.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Monday, Jan. 28

Cleaned a little in the RV this morning.

After Men's Bible Study, Don took one of the propane tanks to be filled. Propane has gone up in price. Shocker.

We are praising the Lord for the encouraging things folks are saying and telling us here in the park. We know why we are here.

Got some encouraging news regarding the "unspoken" prayer request. God is working, as I knew He would. Please continue to agree with us in prayer.

We got our mail from forwarding service, but Don's meds were not in the mail we received. So, he had to go call them to see what the problems is. They apologized and said they'd send his meds overnight. Of course, that's an extra expense we didn't expect. Oh, well... count it all joy.

Dennis called with a report regarding dear, sweet Barbara Rhoads in Branson, after the loss of her husband, Don. Barb is doing really good and we know this is due to her faith and the prayers of others. We all know that Don is in heaven and that brings the most comfort. The folks in Romania where they were headed, called and told Barb to take 6 months and then they wanted her to come over for a visit. That means so much to her. Another praise... the airline refunded all their money since they won't be going as a couple now.

This afternoon, I drove over to Dollar General (that's where we go to park and talk on the cell phone). My oldest had called with some disturbing news so I drove to DG and called her back. Her mom-in-law has a malinoma on her back that will be removed surgically soon. The doctor told her it was in early stage, so we are praying they can get it all with surgery. She will have a full body skin scan in February also. Prayers for Billie will be greatly appreciated by all of us.

Tonight, Don cooked, in the rotisserie, the halibut that Robin and Neil gave us. He coated it with the orange e.v.o.o. and it was delicious. Thanks guys!!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Finally a warm day

It's still very cool in the mornings. Don got up around his normal time. LaVon slept until 10:30 a.m..... because she didn't go to bed until after 1:00 a.m. last night. Don still has a headache... off and on for days now. When I finally got up, I fixed breakfast for lunch... guess that would be brunch.

Don is wonderful. He keeps encouraging me and letting me beat him in Farkle to keep my mind occupied.

We watched the Baylor-OU basketball game, which the Bears almost pulled out a win at the end. It was a really good game. Don is always neutral when the Sooners and Bears play each other, even though it drives Larry Weaver crazy. Today, I was all for the Bears. They are ranked for the first since 1969. That's a long time. Would really like to see them get to the national tournament and do well. And it doesn't hurt that my oldest and her hubby both work for Baylor University. He's the head trainer for the team we watched on TV today. Got to see him a few times.

Don put a whole chicken in the rotisserie and we smelled it cooking for 2 hours. O my. Thank you again, Cheri, for this fabulous gift. Dinner was better than any we could have eaten out. We will think of Cheri every time we cook something on our Baby George Foreman Rotisserie.
After dinner we went to the Carnaval Room for the Dave & Daphne Show. The room was full and Dave Salyer and Daphne Anderson put on a really good show. They had "request time" and I asked for a Patsy Cline song and Daphne did a great job singing "Crazy." O my goodness, it's Minnie Pearl. I got a picture of her leaving the stage and headed to her "dressing room."

Friday, January 25

After meeting Darlene & Dave for lunch at Duffer's, .....the day took a nose dive. Major, major, major (can't say it enough) prayer is requested for an "unspoken" need.

We went to the Carnaval around 6:00 for a fish fry. Tried to be sociable. God forgive me, it was a feeble attempt. We came home. Here's good friends Tom & Sharon Peterson from Oregon.

Thursday, January 24, 2008


Oatmeal, devotions, prayer, walk (Don), new internet connection (yeah!), on the road with Dave & Darlene.

We pile in the truck and take off for a place called Oracle, AZ, where Biosphere 2 is located. On the walk to the actual Biosphere 2 location, we passed many building like this which is called the Student Village where everyone from Columbia Univ. stayed when CU owned the property a few years ago.It's quite a futuristic looking place. These domes that look like big golf balls cut in half are called the south and west lungs. The lung that we toured was quite awesome. This is the tunnel we had to go through to get to the Lung. Darlene was a bit nervous about being "locked" in this big glass building. It was rather daunting if you thought about it.... I didn't.

Inside there was a frankincense tree growing. I didn't realize frankincense was a tree. There were also several of the Boojam trees like the one I saw in Casa Grande and was so fascinated by. These were growing the the arrid desert area of the Biosphere 2.

The original Biosphere 2 experiment failed, but a lot of really interesting things have happened because of it, like MILLION$ OF DOLLAR$ have been $pent. The experiment was flawed in that BioSphere2 could not produce enough oxygen to sustain life. It was an amazing experiment and place, but who really thinks what God has created can be duplicated successfully? I mean, really.

Leaving the Biosphere 2, we turned right toward a different route back to Arizona City. There was a beautiful, vivid rainbow in the sky which these pictures do no to justice to.

Lucy, the Sutton's GPS, suggested the fastest, shortest route would be the Florence-Kelvin Highway, so we took it. You guessed it, the pavement ended in less than a mile and we drove over 20 miles on this over the mountains. It was awesome!! We saw wild pigs, a big roadrunner, and cows on the open range. Want to buy a ranch way out in the Arizona mountains?.... ...where the sunsets are breathtaking. Had Taco Bell for dinner in Coolidge. First burrito supreme I've had in months. Yummmm.

God Bless America

Our good friend and neighbor, Dave Sutton, sent us this website. It's very awesome and shows that patriotism is not dead in all of our schools. Enjoy. The link is also in the menu on the right under "i love music" ... God Bless America.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Meet the Vaughans

That's right... that beautiful blonde in the black sweater is Don's daughter, Stephanie, who he affectionately calls "Steve." On the phone a few days back, she said maybe they will come out for a visit during Spring Break. Back row: Madison, Dillon & Kristina. Middle row: Taylor, Rick & Stephanie. And owning a row all by himself is Logan Vaughan. Remember that name, he's destined for athletic stardom. Well, be honest, how many 5 year olds do you know who can catch a football over their shoulder while running and continue running, with only victory on his mind... more than once???? Stephanie reported that now basketball season has started for him. His team won with a total score of 12... 8 of them were his. They did, however, have to explain to him that tackling is not permitted in basketball. Yes, he's very competitive.

Sunday's Coming

Check out Don's Sunday's Coming.

It's cloudy today

Very little sunshine today.

I have not mentioned that we both had a little high blood pressure scare while we were at Cheri & Tom's last week. Cheri took both our blood pressures and the instrument registered high for both of us. Of course, Don took it all in stride, but I have never had high blood pressure in my life and I was a little alarmed, even though I had no symptoms of someone with high blood pressure. Cheri said her pb monitor might not be right. I am now eating organic rolled oats for breakfast every morning. Yesterday, we had our blood pressure checked again we were both in our normal range. Praise the Lord.

Don made the rounds this morning, visiting and getting a little exercise. God always places someone in his path to encourage or just fellowship with.

Before Don & I had finished our devotional time, CRM director Dennis Maloney called with very sad news. A wonderful friend in Branson, Don Rhoads, had collapsed last night and is now on life support, waiting for his children to arrive. Don and Barbara were so excited about getting to go to Bucharest, Romania on a 6 months mission trip. They were scheduled to leave in just a few days. Don went home to be with his Lord & Savior about 9:00 pm cst. Thank you for prayers for the Rhoads family during this time. We will miss him and are so thankful for the honor of knowing Don and Barbara.

In a few minutes we got a phone call that Richard Franklin from here in the park, is in the hospital with a broken leg from a 4-wheeling accident. He was care-flighted to Phoenix yesterday. The report is that he messed up his leg pretty bad. We are praying for a quick recovery for him.

At 10:00, I walked over to Linda & Ray Poyer's for a haircut, but it was just too cold to sit outside with a wet head so we rescheduled for 4:00 this afternoon. Linda and Ray are from Boston, by way of Nashville for about 18 years, but they have never lost their Boston accent. Can you imagine being in Tennessee for 18 years and not pick up that accent?After lunch, a game of Farkle (I won!) and doing the laundry, I went back to Linda's for a haircut... much needed. Linda did a great job. Thanks, Linda!

And thanks to Cheri Hulgan for the gift of the George Foreman rotisserie! For dinner, Don marinaded two chicken breast in Queen Creek Blood Orange EVOO and herbs & spices and then cooked it in the rotisserie for about 50 minutes. Oh my... they - were - per-fec-tion.

After dinner, JoAnne Miller, Audra Robb, Rick & Wendy Fury, Harold & Susan and myself met to practice music for Sunday morning. We had a glorious time and could have sang for hours more, but called it quits after about 1 1/2 hours. We pray that all will be blessed by the music and that God will be glorified.

Found this picture of daughter #1 and wonderful hubby while checking her Pook & Diesel plog site tonight. Khalil (pronounced Kay-lee) also works for Baylor University as the head trainer for the men's basketball team. If you watch Baylor on TV and one of their players gets hurt on the court, you will see Khalil getting a little air time. He also teaches a class at Baylor and a class at Hill County Community college in Hillsboro, Texas. Leslie is such a good e-scrapbooker. We are so proud of them both.

Earlier this morning, I was reflecting on the sub-title of this blog: "leaving no one, following Christ" and so many thoughts ran through my mind. Remembering all the scriptures that speak of following Jesus, I also remembered making the decision to surrender to what I knew was God's calling on my life to marry Don Baker, a very committed-to-the-ministry pastor and be all the support and help to him that God would help me be. I knew that could mean anything, even moving away from family. I now understand a little better, I believe, what Jesus meant when he said in Luke 9:23 "If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me" and in Mark 1:20 "Without delay He called them, and they left their father Zebedee in the boat with the hired men and followed Him." There are so many books written and sermons and rich teaching in these verses, one being that Jesus did not tell his followers to forget those they left, but to follow Him as a child follows his daddy, trusting completely. When Don and I "followed" the call to this ministry we did not leave our family and friends emotionally. We think of them, miss them, pray for them, love them, long to see them and hear their voices daily, and with joy look forward to visits with them. So, in short, "leaving no one, following Christ" just means that the desire of our hearts is to follow where He wants us to go and serve Him. He never said that obedience would not come without sacrifice.

Father, thank You for holding Barbara in your arms tonight.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Moon halo

Last night, Don said he was going to "sleep in" this morning, but I didn't believe him. I should have. We woke up at 8:07 this morning. I promise... that is sleepin' in for Don. We are very grateful for the rest.

Before I knew it, it was time for me to go over to the Oasis for Ladies Bible Study. We had a good time of fellowship, prayer and Bible study. I look forward to this time every week. We were having such a good time together that our time went longer than and hour.

Don had gone over to the Cartwright's to deliver a couple of bags of fresh oranges for Margie to take to the orphanage in Mexico tomorrow and was waiting for me to get home so we could go eat lunch.

Being hungry for Mexican food, we went right straight to Macayo's, our favorite, simply because it's good Mexican food.

Before we got home, we washed the dust off the pick-up and motor. Driving back down Battaglia Road, as we passed the houses and fields, I realized I have not posted any pictures of the Arizona City area. Arizona City is a sizable community with new houses being built and new additions being added, but it's not all pretty. Pinal County is considered one of the "poorest" counties in Arizona and the houses along the road reflect that fact. There are some really beautiful homes here on green golf courses, but everyone lives there. This is most likely a farm workers home along Battaglia Road. New green crops are popping up along the road, right where we the saw the fields being irrigated a few weeks ago. A few feet down the road, a new field is being plowed and prepared for planting. Now those are some clean, pretty rows. Must be the "boss's" house. When we got back to the park, Bob & Snookie were out. We visited with them for a while. As it was getting later in the afternoon and cooler, we all went inside our respective "wheel" estates.(borrowed from Snookie).

Around 8:45, just as Don and I started watching "Roots, the Next Generation," there was a pounding at the door. There was Snookie saying, "Get your camera and come outside to see this!!" Up in the heavens, a beautiful full moon with a very large halo around it. Of course, taking it's picture was an effort in futality, so after we admired the sight for a while, I came in and Googled "halo around the moon." So, I learned something tonight. Confirmation that only an intelligent, living God could create a universe like the one we live in. Thank you, Snookie, for sharing this experience with us.

Monday, January 21, 2008

It's Monday again... January is flying by

Don was scheduled to have the Men's Bible Study at 8:30 in the Oasis, but it was cancelled because the room they were meeting in was needed for some kind of emergency meeting. So... Don was back home around 8:45.

We took a walk around the park and visited with whoever was out.

Arlen was out at his work table, painting Pegs & Jokers boards. We visited with him and he told us about some really interesting places to visit in Nebraska. In particular, a very large working ranch that was settled over 100 years ago where they still do all the work on horseback. I did some research and believe that it is the 1+1 Ranch.

After our walk, we went to Casa Grande for a bite to eat at Golden Corral. Did a little more walking around Target and then back home.

Don developed a migraine on the way home, so he landed in his recliner to try to sleep it off. Praise the Lord, when he awoke, the migraine was gone and he only had a sore head, which is common.

Daughter, LaNae, called. Newsflash: granddaughter, Lydia, 10, is now 5' tall. She's taller than her 6'4" mama was at the same age. And she likes basketball and volleyball and golf and softball. I love it. School is still going good for LaNae, but we're going to need help praying her through chemistry.

We had a brief phone call from CRM general director, Dennis Maloney. Lots going on with CRM.

Workamper Joyce Cooley came by for a visit. Joyce's 98 year old mother lives and travels with her. Amazing. Joyce told us she will be at the same RV park as our friends Yvonne & Dan Rominger for the month of April. We hope they will meet and the chances are good... both Yvonne and Joyce will be working in the office. Joyce was asking us to be praying for her 15 year old granddaughter who is being awaken in the middle of the night with migraine headaches and the specialists can't seem to figure out why. They did a test on her that reported she had not been asleep when indeed she had. Don and I appreciate your prayers for her.

Don and I agreed we would eat a sandwich for dinner after our lunch out.

Then it was over to Dave & Darlene's for an evening of spades. The guys beat us again... 3 games!

PS. Last night, we started watch the rerun of "Roots" which aired as a mini series in 1977. We recorded "Roots, The Next Generation" and will watch it when it's rainy or we've nothing to do. Neither one of us remember much about some of what we watched last night.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Weekend - Jan 19-20

Not much going on in the park Saturday. We had a "block" dinner in the Cantina at 5:00 pm. Jo Becker made homemade lasagna and each couple brought something to compliment the lasagna. It was soooo good. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the meal and the fellowship after the meal. We sat around the table and talked and laughed for quite awhile. Of course, there are folks around the table from all over and a favorite topic was the different accents. We love Linda & Ray from Boston, Mass. who drop the "r's" in almost every "r" word... you know, car is pronounce "caah," park is pronounced "paak." (Linda graciously cuts Don's hair for free)

As always, the Texas accent got it's share of attention. Out here everywhere you go is "up." Up to Phoenix, up to Tucson, up to Flagstaff... no matter where you're located. Maybe because of the higher elevation of these places. What I remember in Texas growing up was going "over" to Mammaw's, going "over" to the pasture or if we traveled west, we went "out" to Lubbock. If we traveled east, we went "over" to Athens. The local shopping area was 10 miles away and we just said, "we're going to Corsicana" or let's go to Dallas, which was north, but I don't remember saying "up" to Dallas. Now I have been guilty of saying "over yonder." Don says growing up in Oklahoma, they always went "up" to somewhere north, "down" to somewhere south, or "over."

Needless to say, there were lots of fun stories.

Later, almost everyone in the park attended a "survivor" party hosted by Darlene, a cancer survivor. We were quite tired, so did not attend. The girls did a great job decorating the Carnaval room in pink streamers, balloons and mylars.

We had another good service this morning. We are so excited about special music next Sunday. During the singing this morning we noticed a very strong, beautiful male voice in the crowd and we were delighted when he offered to sing and play the guitar next Sunday. We are so encouraged when folks just step forward and volunteer cheerfully. We look forward to a blessing.

This afternoon, The Higginbottoms', Elizabeth & Bob, gave a surprise birthday party for Barbara Howard. Darrell said she has never had a surprise birthday party before and she was surprised. Here she is in the yellow, with hubby Darrell, and friends Rita & Jim in from Amarillo for a visit. Here's Barb with Joyce Cooley and party hostess, Elizabeth Higginbottom from New Hampshire. The afternoon was beautiful... warm in the sun, cool in the shade. We sat around and visited, ate and watched Barbara open her b/d cards. We got her one of those fun musical cards. Of course, she wanted to line dance to it.... "walk-ing on sun-shine" Next, Jeannie Budd and I "let" the Birthday Girl and Rita beat us in a game of Baggo.;-) Now, there's a fun game. On our walk home, we notice that Mel & Vi were home from their fast trip to Texas to see their friends. Before they got there, they got the called that she had gone home to be with the Lord. The husband was also in the hospital, but the doctors sent home to hospice. Pray for him as he does not yet know that his sweet wife is gone and pray for Mel & Vi as they mourn for this dear friend who they loved so much.
Don has now had his pre-bedtime nap and is watching the Packers/Giants f/ball game. A prayer for Don would be appreciated as he's been having quite a few headaches... not migraines, but painful just the same and draining.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

We're back

Our time with Cheri & Tom was great. After visiting Tom in the hospital, we all left to give him a chance to rest. At the house, Tom's son, Jeff, stopped by to oil a turban on the roof that had kept Cheri awake the night before. Here's Cheri with Jeff. We couldn't decide whether Minnie took to Don or if she just adopted him because he was sitting in her daddy's chair. Cheri said she has been looking everywhere for Tom. At any rate, she followed Don every step he took. Aren't they cute? Friday morning, as soon as Cheri opened her bedroom door, Minnie went right straight to the den and jumped up in Don's lap and made herself at home. We got a big kick out of how she took to Don.Cheri cooked a delicious breakfast and then she and Minnie took off to get daddy at the hospital. Next visit, I will get a picture of Tom. He's doing good, but he has about 6 weeks recovery time so pray he does well and mends quickly. Before we left, got some pics of her beautiful roses. After a phone call to Barry & Anna, we found out that we were only about 3-4 minutes from where they were staying with her aunt, so off we went to see them. Barry is the friend at our park in Branson who was so helpful to Don. Anytime Don needed something done, Barry was right there to help or do it. He even put wainscoating in our RV for us. Barry was all pumped about getting to go to the Barrett-Jackson auction the day before.We sat outside on the patio and visited and watched the hummingbirds feed. We heard a noise that I recognized as a chain saw and could not imagine what someone would be using a chain saw on here. After investigating, I found this tree trimmer up a palm tree trimming dead limbs. Don received a call from the park that someone had been taken to the hospital via ambulance, so we headed back to Arizona City. In fact, when we got home we found out that two people had gone to the hospital. One was having back spasms and the other is back home tonight.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Sunday's Coming

Don sent out his Sunday's Coming this morning.

While we were in Casa Grande today, I talked to my youngest, LaNae, on the phone. She has started school taking basic classes getting ready for nursing school. She's studying to be a surgical nurse. Classes are good so far. She loves her pyschology prof and her chemistry prof. We would appreciate your prayers for her as she has felt for a long time that this is what she is supposed to be doing as her profession.
Got a call from our friend, Cheri Hulgan, this morning. Tom had open heart surgery Monday, to repair a damaged heart valve. Cheri said he is doing really well and she wants us to come see them. We will go up tomorrow to visit Tom in the hospital and then spend the night. Hopefully, we will be able to visit with Barry & Anna Douglas, another Branson couple, while we are in that area.
Tonight, we had a Pot Luck dinner in the Carnaval Room. Lots of wonderful, homemade dishes to choose from. Don made a Crock Pot Apple Cobbler. Smelled delicious while cooking in the RV. Tasted delicious, too. Don says the blessing for the meal we have gathered to enjoy. ... especially this homemade from scratch coconut cream pie, his favorite. Time to chow down, right, Kathy & DeAnn? Today, quite a few from the park went to Scottsdale to the Barrett-Jackson auction. All that went, really enjoyed it, but the drive home was a nightmare. Traffic in the Phoenix area is something to avoid if at all possible.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

terrific Tuesday

Sometime, Maxine just says it better. :-)
Well, I even made it to line dancing class. Kathy made it, too, for her first class. We had a lot of "babies" this morning. I adopted Sylvia (pic) from BC. Actually, Lorraine kind of drafted me to be Sylvia's "mama," but Marlene came in and rescued me. Here's Lorraine Frank, instructing. By George, Barbara's got it! On my way over to Women's Bible Study, I took this pic of some gents tossing 'shoes. Such a nice day for it. Still a smidgeon of chill in the air.After Bible study, I'm getting hungry, so I head toward the house, strolling down our street. I arrived at site #96. Notice the nice rock I painted with our site number.Don is making tuna salad. Lunch being not quite ready, he sent me to deliver plate & cake cover back to Vi. We have thoroughly enjoyed the spice cake with coconut icing she made. I found Mel & Vi in the floor... repairing their water filter. Here it is .... Mel (big TarHeel & Vols fan) working at home, documented. After the delicious lunch Don prepared, we played Farkle. I am reluctant to report that he took me to Farkle school.... FOUR times. Enough torture. I suggested we go check on George. We visited with George & Josephine for a while. Remember, they are from my home county in Texas, so we had a good time talking about things we have in common. From there we passed Robin, Neil and Bruno's place. Neil was out washing the car so we stopped and visited with them. I'll take Bruno's picture next time... really cute pugle (pug-beagle). Barbara came out and we all had a good visit. Neil paid Don a really nice compliment which he really appreciated. Thank you, Neil. Robin gave us some lemons fresh off her daddy's tree and fresh halibut from Alaska. Neil works 2 weeks on/2 off in Alaska. Notice how big these lemons are. Thanks Robin!On the walk back home, we found Dave polishing is 5th wheel. Bill Greene came out and visited with Don.. they're leaving in the morning.
We watched the OU/KU basketball game last night. The Sooners and I have something in common today. We know what it feels like to LOSE.
Tonight we watched Baylor beat OSU. Yeah! Bears! They are now 2-0 in conference play.