Wednesday, September 30, 2009

"Wonderful" Wednesday

Short post about today.  I feel like .....  well, I feel like I've got some kind of flu, without fever.  Achy, coughing, runny nose... oh, geez, I sound like a commercial for a cold medication.

Don went for his daily walk in the park.  I love my man.  He's such a people person.

Wendy and Rick were out this morning.  Sleeze bags went out to breakfast without us.  So they stopped by, afterward.  I did ride my bike this morning, up to the gate to open it for them.  Rick helped Don get the golf cart going, and cleaned it, you know, desert dust. 

Jim and Ellie behind us were getting their park model washed today, so Don asked the washers if they would wash the Q... lots of highway bugs on the front... yuk.

I love my man.  He's also pampering me.  Fixed me lunch and dinner in the crock pot.  I would tell you what was in it, but I don't know, completely... pinto beans, carrots, celery, pork chops, cream of potato soup.  Yummmm-eeeee. 

I spent the afternoon in bed.  When I woke up, we're having a dust storm.  That should make my sinuses feel soooo much better.

Even so, we are so blessed.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Terrific Tuesday

Uh oh... it was after 6:00 before I got up this morning.  But I did get in a good bike ride before it got hot. 

As I rode by Mike and Madeline's house, Mike was outside transferring stuff from their motorhome to the park model, so I stopped and visited with them for a while.  Love the Moore's!!  Can't wait to spend more time with them.  Having left the house without my camera (what what I thinking???), I missed a golden photo opp as Madeline came out on the porch in her robe.  Would I have taken her picture?   Naw. ;-)  She was beautiful, regardless of what she says.

When I got back to the Q, Don was ready and went for his morning walk.  He was full of news from folks he had talked to:  Linda (Virgil had gall bladder surgery in August/with complications, but is back at work now), Mike & Madeline(had a great summer with kids and grandkids and he found out from them that I did more visiting this morning than riding my bike..[who, me?]), Dorie (recovering well from knee replacement surgery).  Everyone was asking him if we're having church Sunday.... of course we are!  We feel like we're home.

Talked to Leslie and Mama Trudy this morning.  Both doing good.  Mama Trudy said she felt better today than yesterday and Sunday and eye sight seems to be clearing more since the doctor gave her the eye drops.  She has the sweetest neighbor, Pat, who checks on her regularly and takes her to the grocery store or picks up groceries for her, as she did yesterday, since mama wasn't feeling well.  God bless Pat.  We are so thankful for her.

Don drove down the road to the veggie stand on the corner to see what they had to offer, but drove on by and went into CG to the grocery store because we needed other things.

I'm so proud of him for calling son-in-law, Rick, and affirming him as the spiritual leader in his home.  Rick was overflowing with testimony regarding being obedient and how God has blessed him as a result.  After seeing the video of Rick participating in the baptism of his son, Logan, and his wife, Stephanie, Don just felt like he needed to call him and encourage him.  Rick understands more each day that the greatest legacy he can leave for his family is to serve the Lord and be obedient to His Word.  Please, say a prayer for Rick's grandmother (his grandparents were great spiritual role models for him) as she seems to be very near to going Home to be with her Lord.

We also ask prayer for the CRM chaplains as they start this season.  Especially for John and Judy Long who are serving as chaplains for the first time and their assign-ment is being our replacements in Coffeyville, Kansas to the workampers there.  Also, there will be a new chaplain at Quail Run starting the first of November.  We all need your prayers and encouragement.

LaVon is a little frustrated with wi-fi.  Our aircard is still with ATT because we would have to pay them $175 to get out of our contract to go with Verizon.  Even hooked up to the Wilson antennae today, there is no signal.  Maybe it's just too hot.  It worked Saturday and Sunday evening and I was even able to post the blog, with pictures.

"There are just some things that make life important, like people  we know who are special...and so, we keep them close!"  (from an email I received from one of our special people)

We are so blessed.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Marvelous Monday

Marvelous and sunny..... and hot.

I did it!  I was up early again today!  After our devotion and prayer time, I got the laundry ready and headed over to the laundry room and was finished by 10:15... that includes folded and put away and the bed made with clean sheets.  Ready for a new week.

Don had a visitor while I was doing laundry.  Jeff, the computer guy stopped by to see if we needed anything or any help with anything.  So nice.  Made our day.  We are hoping to have Jeff build us a desk top this season, without all the added stuff that you get when you purchase a PC at the store, and never use, but it takes up space.

Before noon, Don received a phone call from Linnea Bolm, the choir director here.  She wanted to come over, but because it was already very hot, we told her we would drive over to her house to visit.  And off we go. 

First, I had to take a picture of her bougainvillea.  There not many flowers left in the park, still a few oleander blooming.Linnea Bolm's beaugainvillea Linnea opened the door and greeted us with her beautiful smile, a sight for sore eyes.Oh, how good it is to see Linnea!Inside, we got all caught up and learned that her hubby, Fran, is doing better since his treatments and is regaining his strength.  He is the financial director of the park and stays busy working quite a bit.  Linnea and Fran stay in the park year round and she said it has been one of the hottest summers here this year.  

Linnea also prepares the Sunday service bulletin for printing and she gave us a copy.  She's waiting for a sermon title from Don, which he will give her in a day or two.

You know me, I had to get another picture of Linnea.  See you at choir practice Friday, Sweetie!!beautiful Linnea Bolm, our music director at Sunscape

Don took our truck into CG to get it washed and detailed, which it has needed for many weeks.  He said it said, "Thank you!" when he got back in it.  Don feels much better now that he has a clean truck.

Rick and Wendy invited us over to their place at Quail Run, for fried fish that Rick had caught while they were in Ohio.  Oh my, was it ever delicious.  Wendy did a great job cooking the fish and side dishes.  After immensely enjoying the dinner, we played Spades and ... Yeah Girls!! It's so good be near them again!  Thank God for good friends.

Don had recorded the Cowboy game, so we watch for a while.  Didn't make it to the end of the game before the sand man came.

More friends are arriving so we're happy that we are here and will get to see them as they arrive.

We are so blessed.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Happy Birthday, Tammy! and First day at Sunscape

First, Happy Birthday to my favorite niece, Tammy!! (Who was born when I was a senior in high school.)  Tammy is the beautiful lady between her two oldest children, Emily and Ben.  (Sorry, Aly. You must be the photographer.)A pictureThis is a favorite shot of Tammy and her grandmother, Mama Trudy... two peas in a pod and loving it. Mama and Tammy

~~     ~~     ~~     ~~

Two hour time difference from two days ago and my body still thinks it's in Texas.  I woke up at 4:00 AM, after a great night of rest, got out of bed at 5:00 AM, was showered and dressed by 5:45 AM.  I may just maintain this schedule and shock the whole world.

I know you don't believe that I beat the sun up, so here's proof. 100_3514

Don and I took a walk before the heat arrived and boy did it arrive later on today... 108 degrees, a record breaker for this day. (Love you, Babe!)100_3518

I was thrilled to find color in the cactus garden after our walk.  From a distance, this bush looks like it's on fire!100_3526

Pomegranates and the birds are having a feast.100_3528

I heard Don talking to someone outside, so being the curious nosy person that I am, I went outside to see our landlord, Jim!  We just love he and Ellie.  Ellie is away at a girls' weekend, but will be home tonight.

Since Don's first Sunday to preach here will be next Sunday, we called Rick and Wendy, who are over at Quail Run, and invited them to meet us at Trinity Baptist in Casa Grande for church. 

On the way into town, I started looking for my favorite dead tree in this area.  Where is it?  OH NO!  my favorite dead tree in the area!  oh no!

After church, we joined them for lunch, of course.  Don, Wendy and Rick Rick and Wendy have had a very rough two months with the passing of his dad and we are glad to be near them again.

I just can't believe my favorite dead tree is gone.  Where will that hawk go?where will the hawk go?

This afternoon?  Naps and staying in out of this record breaking heat.  Got the blog up to date and watched a little football, in between naps.  Spent a little time on Facebook. 

Don talked to daughter, Stephanie and we are rejoicing that she and grandson, Logan, were both baptized today... by her husband, Rick, which made it even more special.Logan and Steph We sure would Logan 2009 Football tackle2have loved to have been there, more than going to any football game Logan will ever play in.





We also had a visit of one of the ladies here.  It's just so good to see folks again.  More and more people will be arriving starting next week.

We are so blessed.  Wish you were here!

Longing for His Return

from the messages of Adrian Rogers

1 Thessalonians 4:17 - "...we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air."
Is your heart longing for Jesus to return? Are you looking for Him? I am. The coming of Jesus is really the only hope for this world. And when will that be? I don’t know. It may be at morning when the clouds break open with sunlight and shadows of night recede from the sky. It may be at noon when the world is hustling and bustling. It may be at dusk when the birds are singing their evening song. Or at midnight, when the stars will dim by the blaze of glory when He descends from the heavenlies. What joy fills my heart! Does it fill yours as well to think of that moment? Are you ready?
Look up into the skies today and think about His return. Can you imagine the sound of the trumpets and the voice of the angels announcing His return?

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Vado, NM to Sunscape RV Resort, AZ

Ready to roll again.  Got on the road around 9:30.getting ready to leave Western Sky RV park, Vado, NM

Just past Las Cruces, we crossed the Rio Grande River!  I almost missed it!there it is! the RIO GRANDE RIVER

There is just not much to see all across New Mexico I-10 except trains and we saw a train about every twenty miles.just one of MANY trains we saw today

Suddenly, we were in the mountains again and the area where the rocks are balanced on top of each other in the weirdest formations.  100_3484


We stopped on the north side of Tucson at Wendy's to stretch our legs and enjoy a Frosty.  Got this picture there.  These are so pretty and they are everywhere here.  It's like a tree/bush. 100_3490

This picture doesn't look like much, but a few of you will recognize the peak way in the distance.  This is our first view of Picacho Peak, an easily recognized landmark near our destination.first view of Picacho PeakA better view.a better view of Picacho Peak

Gee whiz, there sure were a lot of "dust devil" twisters.  See the dust?a dust devil

We are arrive early enough this year to see the cotton in the fields, ready for harvesting.  And there is a lot of it!cotton is ready to be picked

Also, much hay.  This is one of two sheds side by side, full of hay.  This is about two miles from our destination.full of hay!

Not a very exciting day for pictures, but an exciting day, as we are looking forward to being at our "assignment" for the Fall and Winter.  Excited to see old friends and meet new friends.  Excited to see how God will use us this season.

Well, we got parked, but it wasn't easy.  Then the jacks wouldn't come down, then there were problems with the water hook up, then there was a hole in the sewer line... all in 104 degrees.  Before Don got done, I was following him around with an umbrella to get the burning sun off of him.  We were both drenched with sweat.  Lovely thought, huh?  This is an exciting indication that Satan doesn't want us to be here and we are in for a great season of service to the folks here.

We are so blessed.

Friday, September 25, 2009

85 degrees and snow?

Today, we drove over to Ruisdoso, NM to visit my cousin and see a few pine trees.

On the way, this is what we encountered.

White Sands National Monument

At least, they had plowed for us, but the road still looked slick. 100_3382100_3383

Flowers?  Growing in the snow?  Never saw that before.100_3376

And lizards!  In the snow?White Sands National MonumentWhite Sands National MonumentDid you know that a lizard's eyes are stationery. They can't move their eyes around like we can, so they do "push ups" to enable them to see further.

What's this?White Sands National Monument

Dunes?  White sand dunes?  Wow!  Could have fooled me.  Sure enough, we were in the White Sands National Monument.  (We used Don's Eagle Pass again and got in free.)  The white dunes are beautiful and just amazing.  We thoroughly enjoyed seeing this place in New Mexico.

White Sands National MonumentWhite Sands National MonumentThe roots of this plant is what makes this mound.  As the wind moves the dunes around, the roots hold the sand in place and creates this strange looking "clump."White Sands National Monument

As I mentioned, we were headed to Ruisdoso, first because I have never been there and second, because while talking to Mama, she told me that I have a first cousin who lives there!  Let's see, I haven't seen Carolyn in about 56 or 57 years!  Carolyn is the baby daughter of my mama's oldest sister, cousin Carolyn and Ken Oliver Ken and Carolyn OliverTheir doggy, Baby.  Soooo sweet.BabyTheir cat, Cat.  Too mean to deserve a name, according to Ken.CatThey were wonderful, preparing a delicious lunch for us and also taking us to see a little of the Ruisdoso area.  This is Benito Lake not far from their home.Bonito Lake Ken stopped the truck for me to take this picture.  Carolyn completely understood my fascination with dead trees:  "they have character."  We ARE related!Bonito LakeThere are deer everywhere and they are not afraid of people. Sierra Blanca, as seen from Carolyn's back yard.Sierra Blanca from Carolyn's house in Alto. NM The beautiful home they built and have retired here.  Love the huge porch that wraps 3/4 around the house.  No AC is needed here and one wood-burning stove heats the whole house, for the most part.  Thanks, Carolyn and Kenny, for a wonderful afternoon.  It was amazing to see y'all!

On the way back to the Q, we stopped at a pistachio ranch in Tularosa.  Now that's one big nut.giant pistachio

Hey, this was DATE DAY and it was a great day.  Thanks to my wonderful husband for the idea to go to Ruidoso.

We are so blessed.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Balmorhea, TX to Vado, NM

For those who don't know where these places are:  Balmorhea is about thirty-five miles west of Fort Stockton, Texas and Vado, NM is just east of Las Cruces, NM.

We got on the road about 9:30 this morning. (This sleepy head couldn't wake up and get out of bed.) But we didn't have far to go, so it was okay.

The tops of the Davis Mountains were hidden by the low ceiling of clouds between us and the mountains.  With the sun shining on the mountains beyond the clouds, it looked weird.100_3267

A few going-down- I-10 pictures.100_3268



Let me explain the next picture.  This is a close up of a section of a mountain in the distance; this section has not trees or anything growing.  It just looked strange to me.100_3276

A dwelling, not typical.100_3278

Almost to El Paso, the Rio Grande River "bottom land."100_3279

Entering El Paso.El Paso

I sure hope this is in the Mexico part of El Paso.  I have never noticed this flag this IN Mexico?

El Paso

El Paso

On a mountain top beyond El Paso.   El Paso

YES!!El Paso


In just a few minutes, we were at the Western Sky RV Park, a PPA park.  It's ok.  Lots of RV's here that probably stay here year round.  Little children across the street from our site.  Not real easy access, but it's okay for two nights.

We got unhooked and set up and drove into Las Cruces for late lunch.

The Dona Ana County Courthouse.Las Cruces, NM

After a lunch of Mexican food, we drove back toward Vado and tried to see if we could find the Rio Grande River by the directions the young man in the office had given us.

There are "gobs" of horse farms here.100_3299

Ok, to continue with the search for the Rio Grande.... we followed his directions and sure enough, we soon crossed a river, smaller than the Canadian River that "flows" through Norman, OK, but there was no sign that identified it so we were sure this wasn't the Rio Grande.  We drove and drove and went down dirt roads but no river, so we decided to give up our search.  Returning a different route, we crossed another bridge, with a sign: RIO GRANDE RIVER.  We had found it and didn't even realize it.  It's my guess that the Rio Grande isn't as big in New Mexico as it is in Texas.