Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sunday in the "Park"

It's Sunday again in Walter Johnson Park.  When we got up this morning, it was .... COLD!  We even saw a few flecks of snow.  But the weather did not stop these wonderful folks from coming together to worship our Heavenly Father.

Bob & Mary were the first to arrive.

Bob & Mary Lukkes Joel, Linda, Don and Tom.Joel & Linda Floto, Don, Tom Burge Anita came all bundled up.Anita Bligh Jorine braves the cold wind.Jorine Robinson Isn't this a great looking bunch of folks!?!CRM church service @ Walter Johnson RV Park, Coffeyville, KS (same bunch from the other corner of the room :-)CRM church service @ Walter Johnson RV Park, Coffeyville, KS The word from the Lord this morning was found in James 5:7-11 and Don titled it "Patient Endurance."  Now, Don was quick to let them know that this sermon was more for himself than probably anyone else in the room... he thinks he's not very patient.Don, preaching

Verse 7: "Therefore be patient, brethren, until the coming of the Lord.  The farmer waits for the precious produce of the soil, being patient about it, until it gets the early and late rains.

Verse 8:  You too be patient; strengthen your hearts, for the coming of the Lord is near.

Verse 9:  Do not complain, brethren, against one another, so that you yourselves may not be judged; behold, the Judge is standing right at the door."


We live in a microwave mentality society, so what's the reward for patience?  1) Spiritual maturity and 2) strength to endure the growing, maturing process.  For an example Don used different plants to illustrate how we gain strength.  The oak tree has roots that grow very deep, stabilizing the tree.  On the other hand, the huge redwood trees have very shallow roots systems, but they grow in a forest and the roots of all the trees grow and intertwine together giving stability to the tall trees.  They need each other.Don, preaching

What is our motivation for patience?  Example:  What is the motivation for working a job?  1) payday and 2) the last day or retirement.  As we patiently wait for the return of Jesus (v.8) our hearts are strengthened by the hope we have in His return.  There will be a payday (rewards) and there will be a last day on this earth (His return) when pain, dying, good-byes, sin and temptation are no longer something we will have to endure.  That's motivation to be patient!  Absent from this world and all it's problems, present with the Lord Jesus Christ.  We can only have that hope of His return if we have opened the "door of our hearts" when He knocks; "strengthen your heart"(v.8) by opening the door of your heart to Him.

In verse 9 we find the spirit of patience is peace.  Peace reigns among believers when we love one another and get along, when we are patient with each other.

[This is from my notes.  Maybe, I should use Don's notes. :-)]

OK, I have to tell you... when your sitting in the room where we have church, you don't really notice THOSE WALLS!  But they sure do GLOW in these pictures.

I'm compelled to brag on this group of workampers.  Don found a couple of ladies in town who were doing an "Adopt a Grandparent for Christmas" project so he called and asked if our "church" could participate.  They were delighted and surprised that strangers from outside there town would want to be a part of bringing a little happiness to those in nursing homes.  Really?  We want to give something back to the communities we are in as well as gain something.  Anyway, our group was very generous and tomorrow we will give $460 to the two ladies to purchase soothing hand lotion and energizing foot cream to give to the nursing home residents here in Coffeyville.adopt-a-grandparent The project coordinators will purchase, wrap and deliver these gifts and anyone who wants may go with them to deliver the gifts.  I have made name tags so the recipients will know who their gift is from and where we are staying & working. 

God is so good and provides for all our needs.  This life of faith is so exciting.  How do you describe watching things happen and you KNOW that it's only God at work on your behalf?  Awesome! Wonderful! Humbling. Exciting. And He does it again and again.  Wow!  I love this life.  I love this ministry.  I love being a partner with Don in this ministry.

To those of you who are supporting us on a regular basis, we are so grateful for you and we thank you.  May God continue to bless you more than you could ever imagine.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Saturday with family in Parsons

Early this morning, our resident squirrel (we have many) was perched in the pecan tree behind us.  The only shot I had at him was at an angle through the window screen.  I think it turned out pretty good considering.  He's busy having breakfast. I see a fat, fluffy tailed creature that entertains me.  Don sees a big pot of stew!  Yuk!our resident squirrel I know you haven't seen Clifford in a long time, but he's excited today because we're on our way to see Emma over at Aunt Sherrie's in Parsons, KS... about 30 miles.Clifford looking at Altamont, KS We traveled the back roads and cut off about five miles.  Road wasn't the best, though, but the scenery was nice.back roads to Parsons  SE KS country When we arrived, Emma was reading a book and Papa Doppy had to check it out with her.Don and Emma Camden was so cute... when he saw me, he started dancing in place, clapping his hands, saying, "Nonna! Nonna!"  And then he presented his famous "cheese" face complete with squinted eyes.100_0158 Isn't this just too funny?  If he sees you with the camera pointed at him, this is most likely the results you will get.100_0162 They just gravitate to Papa Doppy. Papa Doppy playing with Camden & Emma Aunt Sherrie had prepared a Soup & Sandwich Supper.  It's capitalized on purpose.  This was not your everyday grilled cheese and Campbell's tomato soup supper.  Oh, no!  Homemade everything:  Chili, Chicken Vegetable, Potato, and Turkey Rice... gourmet all.  Wonderful breads (she saved time and purchased a variety of fresh loaves which she sliced... with Khalil's help.  And there was dessert:  pecan oatmeal pie (a different but delightful twist) and Pumpkin Cranberry Cake.  And let me not forget the cheese loaf covered with jalapeno jelly and the cheese ball covered in roasted pecans as appetizers.  Oh, my!  So yum-dilly-ish-ous!Aunt Sherrie & Khalil Ooops, he saw me.  The only reason he is this still:  time-out for turning off the TV.  He's recovered from his remorse.100_0171_thumb Emma has found a pretty favorite spot.  Smart girl.  I like it there, too.Papa Doppy & Emma playing

But alas, Papa Doppy was replaced when baby Autumn Elizabeth arrived.Emma and Autumn Grammie (Khalil's mom) gets in the floor with the girls. Camden is taken a nap.Grammy, Emma & Autumn Grammie is teaching Emma a dance move.Emma, dancing lesson Isn't this just too precious?:  Emma and her Grammie (Khalil's mom).Grammy and EmmaKhalil & Scott, Autumn's daddy.Scott and Khalil My Leslie.Leslie Well, happy boy didn't get his nap out and it took a few minutes for him to wake up.  And where did this other baby come from???100_0202 Dinner and an orange made everything all better. Camden loves oranges Camden and Autumn ate together.Autumn loves food Khalil cornered Don after dinner.  I'm sure they are cooking something and solving the world's problems.Don & Khalil Emma, engrossed with something.Emma Autumn and her grandpa, Khalil's Uncle Bill.Autumn & Grandpa Bill Camden loves to be read to.... Camden loves to readfor about thirty seconds. 100_0212 Camden also loves to see his picture immediately after it's taken. Don't you just love the digital cameras. Remember when you sometimes didn't see a developed picture for months after it was taken.100_0217 There is one way that Leslie is just like her mama:  she loves watching her babies.  Love, marriage and motherhood sure looks good on my girl.  Thank you, God.100_0219 1 Is this all boy or what?  Always on the move.  I love the candid shots but most of the ones of Camden are blurry.100_0220 Autumn with mommy, Khalil's cousin.100_0221 Camden hugs Grammie's doggie, Boozer, a miniature Australian Shepherd.100_0225

Autumn likes this view of the world.  100_0226100_0228 

Emma had so much fun with Aunt Sherrie:  face painting...100_0237 wig... who is this glamour girl?100_0240 100_0243 And all the while, Camden is making the loop through the house, making a vocal entrance into the living room each time.100_0246 Khalil:  "There's a reason this look stayed in high school (the '90).100_0250 100_0252 Camden looking a mommy (is that my daddy???) and oh yeah! Grammy's in the floor.. giddy-up!100_0253"One more famous pose for the road, Nonna."100_0160What fun to see and spend time with family.  We can hardly wait until we see the rest of our family in a few weeks.

Must say at this point that Don is quite pleased with our Oklahoma Sooners!  It was a really good game.  We got home in time to finish watching the second half.  Must say we were surprised that OU was picked to play in the Big 12 championship against Missouri, but when all things were considered, they tipped the scale.  Condolences to our Red Raider and Longhorn friends.  Have to say that the Baylor Bears looked really good IN Lubbock.... scared the boots off the Raiders.  Happy that the Bears are once again becoming a competitive threat in the Big 12.