Friday, November 28, 2008

Pay day Friday

Using the excuse of getting used to a new camera, I got the best pictures of a few of the workampers today. 

Right on schedule, they started knocking on the door at 9:00 AM sharp.  Marvin was one of the first.  The routine is:  print your name and then sign your name to get your paycheck for the week.Marvin Colbeth signing for his pay check I didn't get a good picture of Joel yesterday when they picked us up for lunch, so I got a good one today.  Joel and Linda have become very special to us here.  Joel helps me lead worship every Sunday morning.Joel Floto

Larry was activities director at Quail Run a few years ago.  He and Frank Maguire were good friends.Larry Wagner

Carol is a hard worker with a great attitude.Carol Petty

Mary and Bootsie came to get hubby, Bill's check.  Mary gets a smooch from Bootsie.Bootsie & Mary Enriques Yes, it was this cold today, plus Mary walked from the other side of the park.Bootsie & Mary Enriques I really enjoy seeing everyone on Friday's... besides Sunday morning, it's the highlight of our week.ready to pass out checks Don took this picture because he wanted to document how tiny Karen is. I promise she is not 5' tall and could not possibly weigh 100 pounds.  Just as sweet as she can be.  Her poor hubby, Charlie, broke his nose at work, so they've spent a lot of time at the doctor's office.Karen Greene, she's sooo tiny. Remember the story about Carter?  Well, here's Grandma Pat... so lovable...Pat Carter ... loves the Lord and loves life!Pat Carter We even have Little Red Riding Hood (oops, her hood is white) on an I-Zip that Don was eyeing seriously.Tracy Foor And Tracy is off!!There she goes!  Tracy Foor Christie doesn't work, but she came to pick up Albert's check.  Did I mention, it was this cold today?Christie Maxine Smith Good to see that Jerry is ok as he missed church Sunday.  He went to his daughter's for early Thanksgiving get-together.Jerry Potter Don helps out by answering the door.  It seems that today was a day for "counseling" with several folks.  Don is great at listening and then offering words of wisdom.Don answering the door Well, it's close to 6:00 PM and Natalie is the last workamper to pick up her check. Natalie and fur-kid John & Judy Long came over this evening and we enjoyed a couple of games of Mexican Train dominoes and pumpkin pie!

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