Monday, March 31, 2008

Congratulations to DeAnn

on the acquisition of a new set of TIRES!!  You go, Girl!

Tip for Today

shaving legs

22.  Conditioner

Use your hair conditioner to shave your legs.  It's  cheaper than shaving cream and leaves your legs really smooth. It's also a great way to use up the conditioner you bought but didn't like when you tried it in your hair...


A Mama Trudy Story

Mama called me this evening to see we were in Las Cruces yet and to tell me that Timmy (grandson) will be in OKC Friday and Saturday.  (He travels with country artist Gary Allen as Merchandising Manager).  Mama said LaNae had called her on her birthday (LaNae's  3/27) so Mama Trudy could tell her "Happy Birthday."  Mama Trudy told LaNae this story about one of the times LaNae and Leslie were visiting Mama Trudy and Daddy Chuck:  "We had gone over to the Mahone Place to feed the cows.  It was winter and pretty cold for Central Texas.  Because the dirt road was slippery, we put hay on a flatbed trailer and hooked it to the tractor to take the hay about 3/4 mile to another pasture.  You (LaNae) about 2 1/2, Leslie, almost 4, and I were riding on the trailer with the hay when it begin to pepper down big flakes of snow.  It was so cute to watch you and Leslie try to rearrange the hay so you could get under it and out of the snow.  We had some fun times together when you girls were little."

Just had to record what she told me today.

Sad farewells & Happy rolling

Don was up a little before 6:00 and I at 6:30.  We had done a lot of the preparation yesterday to be on the road by 8:30 this morning.  I finished packing up inside while Don got everything on the outside ready.  Thanks to neighbor Chuck Carstensen who helped Don with the heavy wooden leveling blocks.  Thanks Chuck!  At 8:00, Snookie knocked her usual two raps on the door.  [big inhale] "Good morning, Snookie.  How are you?"  Here comes that lump in my throat and nagging jab in my heart.

Joe from arrived and dismantled the Internet antenna.  Of coarse, Don has the truck under the 5wheel before I'm finished inside and the few neighbors that are left around us have gathered outside:  Lyell & Kathy Weyer (Nebraska), Janet & Chuck Carstens (Minnesota), Snookie & Bob Quinn (full timers/Delaware), Lenny Dexter (everywhere USA/Ginny was still asleep).100_4914  And the water works begin as I step out of the RV at 8:15. Pictures were taken, of course, and we pulled out of site #96 through a blur of tears waving goodbye to wonderful new friends and hoping to see them again down the road somewhere. 100_4915 I will insert here that as I was lingering with these wonderful friends, Don walked around the truck and got in as he was saying, "Goodbye, LaVon" and everyone laughed.  He knows me so well; I'd probably still be there.

George and Nancy are parked close to the exit of the park because they were one of three park hosts.  We stopped for goodbye hugs and well wishes for/from them as they are hooking up today, also.  More tears (more like sobs), more pictures.100_4916   Snookie walked up as we arrived at the Reid's.   More hugs, more tears, "I'll call you!"  Rodney (& Bev/Minnesota) & Harold Pace (Karen), both with park maintenance, pulled up to say 'goodbye.'  We missed Rodney and Bev, really sweet couple, at church yesterday. Here's Don & Rod shaking hands.100_4917"We've got to have a picture of us taking a picture of each other," Snookie said.100_4919 Until we meet again, wonderful friends!100_4918

We pulled out of Quail Run RV Park at 8:23 AM ahead of our 8:30 schedule, which pleased Don.  We turned on Batagllia and went down to Toltec to get on I-10.

Yeah!!! I have my cell phone back!! So I'm busy texting Leslie and she reports that Emma (Pook) is so excited we are coming and Camden (Diesel) has grown so much and walking everywhere.  I can hardly wait.  Talked to LaNae on the phone as she was driving home from class.  It's raining and threatening storms in Norman, OK.  Shocker.  We will see them in about two weeks.  Talked to Mama and she's doing great.  Left message on Stephanie's phone that we are on the road again!  Everyone is excited we are on our way to them and we are excited to soon be seeing all of them.

We were thru Tucson in less than 10 minutes!  Traffic was no problem, thank the Lord. (this is so cool! I'm typing this as we drive down the hwy. LOVE this Windows Live Writer, Snookie!)

Just east of Tucson, we saw the sign to the Pima Space & Air Museum and Don regretted that we didn't make it down there.  Would have been a great venture with Bob and Barb Ruesch.  Bob would have loved that.

Tried to call Darlene as we neared Benson, AZ, but didn't reach her. 100_4930 She then called and left a message that they were headed to Tombstone 100_4929 today and will get the trailer wheel fixed tomorrow.  They are parked in Benson for a few days to see that area. Send pics, D's, and I will post them for you so our QR buddies can enjoy what you are enjoying!!

I'm playing with the camera now, trying to entertain myself.  Don/sepia (concentrating on keeping it between the lines.) 100_4924Me/sepia (looking like a librarian)100_4926 

Around Benson, Don had to slow down to about 55 mph to battle the crosswinds.

There are so many pecan & walnut orchards here in southeast Arizona, on both sides of the road.  Also, vineyards. And a dead tree! beside an orchard.100_4935 Right along here were some beautiful rock formations, with some rocks looking like a good gust of wind could blow them down.  It was odd to see these red rocks in the middle of the white ones.100_4932

We stopped at exit 191 for gas: $3.49/gal (9.5 MPG).  It was right off the interstate and very easy on and off.  (What? No picture?) There was a DQ attached, but we resisted the temptation for a Blizzard.  That would have been the best... a Heath Blizzard with a little chocolate syrup added for breakfast!  What were we thinking????

It's a beautiful day.  The wind has picked up a little since we left.  It's now 11:55 a.m.  We have seen several large dust devils which reminds me that LaNae said a small tornado touched down in an addition in Edmond, Oklahoma this morning.

Don just said, "Yeah! a Rest Area in 4 miles".... he's hungry, after all, we didn't eat anything this morning.  Love having our kitchen and restroom right behind us.  Savannah is pulling really good and we're clipping along at about 65 mph.

Really nice rest area, easy off, pull-thrus, easy on, our last meal in Arizona as we were only about a mile from the NM border.100_4936 Had yummy turkey "fold" sandwich with cheese, maters, lettuce, pickles.  And I made some fresh guacamole with the avocados we bought in California last week... delicioso with corn chips.100_4937 Welcome to New Mexico!100_4939

ETA at Siesta RV Park, Las Cruces, NM: 3:56 PM (we lost and hour) not considering gas stops and crosswinds, which has eased up a bit.. now just a sway instead of a battle.  And no dust storms so far.

Oooooo, there's gas for $3.19/gal.and we are in the middle of nowhere, New Mexico.  Maybe the price will keep dropping. 

Pew-Weeee.  Smell black and white wildlife.  Didn't know there were skunks in the desert.  Learned something today.  Don's dad used to say, "Son, you should learn something new everyday."  Sure wish I had known him

Between NM mile marker 28 & 27, there are a couple of really old, rusty car bodies inside the fence on the south side of the hwy.  If they could talk, the tale might be really interesting.

There's another dust devil... too far away to photograph.

[really, LaVon???  pssst Don, tell her to close the laptop.] [but this is fun and it makes the time pass faster] [play solitaire, take pictures, or something] [ok, for just a little while, but there's nothing out here to take a picture of... not even a dead tree!]

Continental Divide @ MM 42. [uh, Solitaire?] 100_4941 Well, that was exciting. [not] MM 52 - Elevation 4,585 feet (looks level), and climbing. Temperature: 72. Not a cloud to be seen anywhere.

This is forgettable.  Where are the antelope? 100_4943 Nothing on the radio but Country and Mexican... wanna Salsa or two-step? [SOLITAIRE!]

2:42 PM and we just ran over a big ole tumble weed.  These Yucca type trees are getting thicker.  I really think they are Joshua trees.  Am I correct?


Fire warning:  too late.  Hey, dude, make sure that butte is out.  100_4948 Fire sure got close to Butterfield Station, which sure has changed since centuries past. 100_4949

[did you forget your game?] [I tried to play, so hey, feel welcome to stop reading... I'm having fun.]

Traffic's not bad at all, either.  Just a few trucks now and then..... oh! a dead tree!!! 100_4950   Don and I are reminiscing that when we were kids and drove thru NMjackrabbit with parents, the jackrabbits were everywhere.  Are they an endangered species now?  We've seen a few as road kill.   THIS is desert, HIGH desert. 75 degrees.100_4957

3:00 pm - outside Deming,  Dust storm local south of highway.  57 miles to Las Cruces. ETA - 4:00 pm.

  Isolated scene. Horses & green grass in the distance.100_4953

[who told LaVon about Windows Live Writer??? oh yes, it was Snookie, well, thank you SO much] [I appreciate it... I know, I'm easily entertained.]


Random radio: Hubert Humphrey said:  "The right to be heard does not necessarily mean the right to be taken seriously."

I keep fighting the urge to call Snookie... I just left her, for Pete's sake.  I'll call you when we get to Texas, Snook.

3:45 pm - thru the ground haze, the mountains around Las Cruces are in view. 100_4963

3:55 pm - stopped for gas.  It's really windy again. Granny, you made the Internet! 100_4968$3.199/gal. 10+/MPG.

And then down the mountain to Las Cruces, Mesilla Valley, Dona Ana County, New Mexico; Organ Mountain range in the background. 100_4973   Will be to our Siesta RV Park in a few minutes. 4:10 pm: arrived.  Thank you, Lord.  Don has gone in to register.   I hear a dove cooing... reminds me of QR.  Looks like a nice little park, and it's just off I-10.  I see a WiFi antenna on top of the office building... let's see.... "windows cannot find any networks."  hmmmm.  Oh, Yeah! We have connection!! Look at the little camper trailer, the modern equivalent of a 'tear drop.'  Cute.100_49764:18 pm.. all registered.. took 8 minutes.  Fellow Okie from Owasso, bought this park about 8 years ago.  Who knew?  We're all set up for the night!  Don only hooked up water & electricity.  We'll be fine until we get to Waco.

100_4978 After a stroll around the park, we had cereal for supper... something light for a change.  Played Farkel.  He beat me 3 games out of 5. :-( 

Got an email from Sharon Peterson and they had just arrived at home in Oregon last night.  It was nine degrees there this morning... brrrrr.  They had a perfect trip home, stopping for a visit with her sister in California and then on home.  Her horses we very happy to see her.  LOVE hearing from our QR buddies!

Dave & Darlene wrote:  Have a repairman coming right to our site tue. morn and they will repack all 4 wheels and put new seals in for $185.00. I 'm happy with that price and feel its fair. Heading to Tombstone in a few minutes. Have a safe trip you all.   D&D.

And from DeAnn:  She's been really busy and plans to post today on her blog, so check it out. (She's not going to get the VW or Volvo convertible) Thank you for the sweet and encouraging words, DeAnn, and right back to you, girlfriend.  ALWAYS fantastic to hear from you, too.

Now I'm ready to post all this randomness (it could be a word/Windows didn't freak out).

Good night and God Bless!

God answers prayer

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Tip for Today

24. Get Rid of Ants ants 1

ant & olive Put small piles of cornmeal where you see ants. They eat it, take it "home," can't digest it so it kills them. It may take a week or so, especially if it rains, but it works & you don't have to worry about pets or small children being harmed!

After further research, it seems that borates or boric acid is an effective and safe remedy to ants & insects in the house.

  • Boric Acid is a fine powder with low toxicity to humans, yet it is a stomach poison to insects. It is formulated into domestic pest control products for ants and other household pests. Apply it where children and pets cannot reach it because it could be harmful if they eat enough of it.
  • Diatomaceous Earth (often listed as silicon dioxide) is a non-toxic, white powder made from ground up shells of diatoms mined from ancient marine deposits. It kills insects by causing them to dehydrate. Use plain diatomaceous earth or products formulated with pyrethrins.
  • Pyrethrins are fast-acting, short-lived compounds extracted from pyrethrum daisies. They have a quick knock-down effect on many insects and are ideal for driving insects out of crack and crevices.
  • Silica Gel is a non-toxic dust made from the silica in sand. It works like diatomaceous earth, causing insects to dehydrate. Products are usually formulated with pyrethrins; they are not yet widely available.ant & cake
  • Last Sunday at Quail Run

    Today dawned beautiful and cloudless.  As we were getting ready for church, Rick Fury called to tell us that poor Wendy had been sick all night and neither of them got much rest.  Looks like she got what's been going around.  Rick was planning to help lead the singing this morning, but it looked like I would have to solo it.  We prayed for you, Wendy, so expect to get better really fast. Well, we have really appreciated Rick's willingness to lead in singing and praying during worship and I was looking forward to them being in church this morning.. this being the last Sunday. (Really not trying to make you feel bad, Rick, just trying to let you know how much I appreciate you).  Don and I went up to the Carnaval Room early and while I was practicing with the "canned" music I got from iTunes, who walks in???? None other than Frank and Helen Maguire. 100_4851 I squealed with delight because I knew God had sent Frank to rescue me and I was soooo grateful!  Helen is such a sweetheart... she kept asking if we were sure we couldn't come back next winter.100_4852 I had already picked out the songs so all Frank had to do was sit down at the piano and play them, which was no problems for him.

    Barb & Darrell Howard had planned to stay for church and then pull out, but decided they should get on the road and maybe stay ahead of the strong wind that has been forecasted.  Neil and Robin also surprised us by driving back to be with us this morning, our last Sunday.  (Robin's sister, Terri, is going through chemo and would appreciate any and all prayers.)  Here's Darrell & Barb Howard, Neil & Robin Umatum, and Liz and Bob Higginbottom as we all say "Happy Trails" to Barb & Darrell.100_4854 We sure do love them and will miss them, but Barb has started their blog so we will be able to stay up with their adventures.  I'm thrilled!

    Also, leaving immediately after church is Ray & Linda Poyer.100_4857Linda is the beautiful and generous lady who has been cutting our hair this winter. It's been great just to walk around the corner to get our hair trimmed.  (I really wish all readers could meet all these wonderful people and experience them as we have... fun personalities, generous, loving... I could go on and on, but my words just don't do any of them justice.)  Ray recently learned that he has an artery that is 100% blocked.  Docs prescribed meds and sent him home with the "heart healthy" diet.  Bless him.  Surgery may be in Ray's future, but not immediately.  In the meantime, pray that he learns to love FISH! 

    Well, worship was so good this morning.  Frank pretended he didn't know one of the songs I had chosen, so he asked me to get up and sing with him.  I must admit, it was fun and I love singing, with someone, especially Frank.  The text for the sermon was Proverbs 3:5-6--

    5  Trust in the LORD with all your heart
       And do not lean on your own understanding.
    6  In all your ways acknowledge Him,
       And He will make your paths straight.

      Just the message we needed as we all start out on new trails. God's really smart like that.  He must know what we need. DUH!

    Nell Archer got up and told us all about Young Life and the difference it has made in her grandchildren's lives, encouraging us all that there is a positive, Christian organization that accepts kids as they are and points them toward Jesus Christ and a life that is worth living.  Thank you, Nell, we certainly enjoyed your presentation.100_4859After church, no one seemed to want to leave. We stood around talking, hugging and taking a few pictures.  And then Ginny & Lenny Dexter and Snookie came in with a birthday balloon & card for Nancy Reid and we all sang "Happy Birthday" to her.  Her big day is Tuesday.100_4856   Here's Neil and Don:100_4860and his cute wife, Robin with Don.  You really should feel sorry for Don... no one loves him.100_4861 And myself, thanking Frank for showing up today.  I know it's only visible to me, but he's wearing shining armor and his steed is tethered out front.100_4863 After saying "so long, see you down the trail" to everyone, we walked over to say a final "adios" to Ray, Linda, Rudy (the shy 40 pound sheltie who thinks he should ride the whole way in Linda's lap... the semi trucks scare him.)100_4868 and Shelby (the very vocal female who's not afraid of anyone or anything).100_4867 I love their rig.  That's a Mobile Suites behind the truck.100_4864We had lunch at a local Mexican food restaurant and arrived there at the same time as Carol and Morris Pruit, the Pinal County Cowboy Church pastor.  We sat with them and enjoyed visiting with them.  Morris is just about as cowboy as they come and talks rather slow.  They told us that when their three children were small, they spent several years in West Africa as missionaries.  Of course, they had to go to French language school before going.  Don and I both got a big kick out of imagining Morris communicating in French with his delightful Texas drawl.  Morris and Carol are perfect examples of someone following Jesus and trusting God every step of the way.

    When we got back to the "house" I had every intention of taking a nap, when I remembered that Snookie had told me about a cactus in the park that was blooming... the kind that blooms once for one day only.  So beautiful.100_4873 As I continued walking and taking pictures, I found another cactus in bloom, so I went to get Snookie so she could get a picture of it as well.100_4886There was also another near that looks like it will bloom tomorrow or soon.100_4882On the other side of the park, we found this beauty in full bloom. 100_4891 So pretty.100_4892 Here's an interesting tree.  Owner, Barb Truby, said it is an Arizona Yellow Bird of Paradise tree.100_4899and a close up of the flowers. (click for larger view) 100_4898 We've had a busy and emotional day.  Oh yes, I got an email from DeeDee and they made it safe and sound to Aztec, Colorado.  And Darlene emailed that they were in Benson, Arizona safely, but with a possible wheel bearing leak that they will check out professionally tomorrow. (correct me if I didn't get that right, Dave).  It was great to hear from both of them. 

    DeAnn, I hope you have enjoyed this little bit of desert blooms that you've missed.  (There's more on my Facebook page) 

    I'll close with a favorite shot of mine that I took today100_4913God bless everyone!