Friday, April 29, 2011

Bikes everywhere

Happy  Birthday, Don!!

When Lydia and Blaine got up, I made them waffles and strawberries for breakfast.  They were both so sweet to remember that it’s Don’s birthday.

Before I knew it, it was time for me to take them home.  They have a birthday skate party to go to this afternoon.

When I returned to the Q, the bikers were coming into the park right in the park behind the Q, today, for a rally of some kind.

I walked around taking pictures, so I will just let the pictures tell the picture.100_2958 100_2959 100_2961 100_2966 100_2968100_2967100_2971 100_2970 100_2974 100_2975 100_2976 100_2977 100_2978 100_2979 100_2980 100_2981 100_2982 100_2983 100_2984 100_2985 100_2986 100_2988

The above pictures are dedicated to NoPo and LoPo!  Enjoy them!

The original in Horse Power100_2990 100_2991

Cowboy and his dog 100_2993 100_2994

Time for re-fueling 100_2995

Tonight was dinner at Interurban with Richard and Susan and a couple of games of Spades, which the Ladies allowed the Gents to win because we are so generous like that and it’s Don’s birthday!

Friday night with the Grands

We were at the house almost by the time the kids got out of school, ready to pick them up for fun at the Q with Nonna and Papa Don.

While Blaine and Papa Don walked to the lake to explore, Lydia and I went to Wally World to pick up a few things to eat.  We even had fun there!!

After dinner, we sat down to look at pictures taken yesterday and then we decided we should go to the lake and take more pictures while we still had light.100_2763

First subjects were the geese.100_2764

He was not happy at all that we were so near and kept charging toward us.  We were grateful for the fence.100_2765

Just a’swingin’…. 100_2773100B2810   100B2890100B2900100_2923

Blaine had fun with Papa Don’s binoculars.100_2930

I would give you the sun. 100_2932

Don’t ask. :-) 100_2929

Can you guess who she is here?100_2934 100B2916100_2940

I think this is my favorite picture of Lydia today.  The light of the evening setting sun was just perfect. 100_2950100B2870 100B2850 100B2860

After taking pictures and having fun outside, we enjoyed card game called “Baloney.”  We had more fun tonight and went to bed late. 

We are so blessed. 

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Grand Kid Time in Norman

We arrived at our park not far from Norman around 12:30 PM and what a nice view!Lake Purcell from the Q

I walked down to the lake and found this!crane in the lake 100_2163-1

Finally, I got too close and he flew away. 100_2164coming in for a landing  100_2166

The crane seems to be going to visit the goose. going to visit the geese.

In the park, a Benji type walked by the Q.  We later found out that her owner rescued her from a shelter in Tulsa and her name is Sandy. Benji !!

The Canadian River is much like the Arkansas River… not much water in it.100_2170

After the Grand Kids got home from school we went to see them.  Lydia had much she wanted to show us and she wanted Nonna to take pictures so she could see what needed improvement.  My gorgeous 13 year old granddaughter who is 5’8 1/2” tall!100_2172

Grand-fur-kid, Tank.100_2178

Lydia is an excellent photographer!!100_2189

She has grown up so much!  Isn’t she beautiful?!!100_2192-1

Lydia showed us her new back hand spring.100B2274

Mischievous brother, Blaine, gets in the picture.100B2311

Lydia is very excited about being an 8th grade cheerleader next year. This hurt me to watch… ouch!100B2330

More ouch!!100B2543

Tank, the mighty Yorky, loves to torture Marley and Marley is so patient.100B2480

Nonna and Rocket. 100B2400

Lydia loves playing with my camera. 100B2410

Did I mention… mischievous?100B2616

See the object in his right hand?  That’s a squirt bottle full of water!  He got all of us.  Stinker. :-)100B2680

So photogenic.100B2760

We had a great time with the Grand Kids this afternoon!  They are so much fun!