Thursday, July 31, 2008

Catching up...

Tuesday morning, six of us went over to the Moon River Theater to watch The Entertainer's show.  Dennis and Sally were watching the coy in the fish pond when we (Jimmy, Lucy, Don and I) got there.100_7475Lucy's so shy.  She recruited a stranger to take our picture.100_7478Even though there were not very many people at the show, we sat far enough back to prevent me from getting any really good pictures.  This guy sure was good playing the fiddle.100_7479After the show, we (minus Dennis and Sally) had lunch at Cantina Laredo at Branson Landing.100_7484The cantina is behind me.100_7485From lunch we went over to the Hollister Lowe's to purchase a new chair for Barry since he broke his old chair yesterday and this coming Thursday is his birthday, in case we needed an excuse to be nice to him.  The chair was a hit!100_7488This has been a good week for free shows.  Today, we had breakfast at the Grand Country breakfast buffet and then, thanks to Johnny Magic, went to the Amazing Pets Show starring Sean-Paul.  We highly recommend it for the family.  Sean-Paul does a wonderful job getting the kids in the audience involved in his show.  Meet Lynette. 100_7496Sean-Paul is very colorful.100_7498 Sean & his 'son,' Freddy.100_7499 Sean & Corbin, who was too cute.100_7502And this little girl was a giggler, which made everyone else laugh.  I kid you not, the first thing she did when she got on stage was pick her nose.100_7507And six year old Jett was so brave and funny.100_7509We spent the afternoon in the air conditioned indoors and came out this evening for birthday cake with Barry.  Yes, that's chocolate cake in a glass of milk.100_7510Don said, "I'll just have mine on a plate, thank you."100_7512

And then it was back home to cool off again.  Did I mention that it's very hot and humid here in Branson?        

Don's report from Branson...

Don sent out Sunday IS Coming this morning after he received an email from Lenny and Ginny Dexter, good friends from Quail Run.  It's really good.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Antivirus 2009 -- arrrgh!

I spent the better part of today ridding our desk top computer of the fake antivirus virus scam by using Malwarebytes' Anti-malware.  So far, it's worked.  If you've been plagued, try this free download.  Always beware of a spyware that scans your files and then tells you there are infected files and then says they can remove the bugs and viruses if you buy their program.  NEVER give them your credit card information.... it's a scam!  Antivirus 2009 disguises itself as a Windows program... looks very authentic.  I downloaded the 'file scan checker' and they were IN.  Then I realized it was phony but I couldn't get rid of it... pop-ups every few minutes... so annoying.  So.. hope this helps if you are having problems with av2009.exc.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Praise...

Don's mom is a happy camper.DSC02217 Don's sister, Debbie and her hubby, Steve, have purchased a 27' Coachmen travel trailer for their mother and moved it onto their property.Grandma BakerThey are in the process of getting the site ready so she will be able to move in before the fall.  She's very excited.  Don said, "Mom's 78 years old and this is the first new house she's ever lived in."  Yes, she's very excited.  When they are finished, the trailer will be under a covering and will have a porch and ramp.

We are praising the Lord for His blessings and provisions for Mom. DSC02206 DSC02208DSC02211

Floor plan and pictures from the website.NV61405_2 Living & kitchen area.NV61405_5Bedroom with queen size bed.NV61405_3

Prayer is needed

Sad news from Branson:  a six year old girl drowned in the motel pool where one of our park residents works.  This child's family needs much prayer especially the 8 year old who was with the six year old.

Also, Barry has a friend in Louisiana who's son, age 47, was cutting a tree down when it fell back on him, breaking his back, some ribs, punctured his lung and damaged nasal passages.  Please pray for this man's recovery.

Please pray that these circumstances will draw all involved closer to the Lord.

Monday, July 28, 2008

You haven't missed it...

Show 'n Shine is scheduled for August 7 - 9 with over 500 hot rods expected to take part in the show and parade down Hwy 76 (the Strip in Branson).

Logan... Papa Don beat me today 9 yellow cars to 6.  He also beat me in dominoes, two out of three... no wait, he won the first two games, so we only played two games.  I think I'm depressed. ;-)

We found a public fishing pier today... Cooper's Creek on Lake Taneycomo.100_7460It is very pretty here.100_7462Don, Jimmy & Glen will probably be fishing here soon.100_7464This came into the park today and no, it is not a VW bus.100_7472A 1962 Ford Falcon bus??? I never heard of such.  How rare is this, Rick? [update:  owner says very few of these were made each year for a few years. One web site said they were made '61 - '67]100_7473We met a resident of the park today... Robert Sturgeon.  He's from Arkansas and working here.  His wife joins him on the weekends or he goes home.  We're looking forward to meeting her because Robert is a really nice guy she's from Oklahoma.  Well, ok, even if he's from Arkansas, he's a really nice guy.  Just kidding, Robert.100_7474

Have I said lately how hot and humid it is here?  Stifling.

Count it all joy.frogbook

Thank you ...

My sweet mama wants to say a very sincere "Thank You" to all who have prayed for her and for future prayers.  She's feeling pretty good for about four days now... heart beat is regular and strong, which makes her feel good.

Don and I also want to thank you all for praying for Mama Trudy and for praying with us regarding future living arrangements for her.  We have several options and we need wisdom to know what will be the best for her and what she will be the most comfortable with.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Saturday and Sunday

We heard somewhere (can't find confirmation on the web) that the new Branson Wal-Mart Supercenter is the largest in the U.S. and that the old Wal-Mart on the strip in Branson brings in the most money of any U.S.Wal-Mart.  If all that is true, I guess Branson is a good place for Wal-Mart and might explain why they would be the largest supercenter here. This picture is taken from the backside of the parking lot and I couldn't get all of the store in the picture. There's almost as much on the other side of the Wal-Mart sign as is seen on this side of the sign. 100_7442100_7444The departments are seen on the outside where that department is located.  Hmmmm, we bought the best cantaloupe we've eaten in a long time in the Outdoor Living area.100_7443 Barry and Anna had a cookout on Saturday night.  Barry prayed for cooler weather and God answered his prayer.  Just before we all began to gather at Barry's, the skies became overcast and the temperature dropped to a temperature that everyone could tolerate.  Praise Jesus, there was even a breeze.100_7446 Just yesterday, Barry bought a little motorcycle for his grandsons and Lucy decided it was just her size.100_7449She was right~~ so she took a spin around the park.100_7450And then she gave it back to Devon.100_7451We had another good time of fellowship, food, and fun.100_7452  We ask you to join us in prayer for Barry as he is suffering tremendously with his back as he goes through therapy and is trying to decide about surgery.  That's Barry sitting on the other side of Yvonne, without the cap.100_7455It started to lightning a little, so we all decided to go to our houses before the rain started.  Barry's trumpet lilies were just beginning to open.100_7456The Rod Parade was talked about at our cookout, but not one of us old fogies stayed up long enough to see it.  One 'rod' was parked in our park, however, so I took a few pictures of it this morning.  Don said it's a 1956 Ford Crown Victoria.100_7457 Let's see.... I was in the first grade in 1956 when this car came out.100_7458This turquoise color was very popular in 1956.  I remember that my brother had a Mercury about the same color.  It also had a 'moon' roof that was tinted the same color.  Very groovey.  These folks came a long way... license plate says Alaska.100_7459

Saturday, July 26, 2008

36 years ago today

At 7:52 this morning, thirty-six years ago, two weeks pasts her expected arrival date (she was quite comfortable where she was, but I was miserable), my Leslie made her appearance into this world, but more importantly, into my world.  What a beautiful baby she was!  She was such a happy baby.  By the time this picture was taken, she had rubbed all the hair off the sides of her head (destined to come out, I'm sure) and this 'mohawk' remained.Leslie 3 monthsYeah! Her hair grew back. This precious smile would greet me every morning when I walked into her room to get her out of her crib. Leslie Summer 1973  Bless her heart, she had fever in this picture which developed into the chicken pox.Leslie_May 3 1973 Leslie was a joy throughout her entire childhood.

Mama Trudy crocheted this dress for her.Leslie - Mar 1974  Leslie was a petite little thing all the way through Jr. High.LeslieYou can't see them in this picture, but she had the sweetest little pale freckles across her cheeks and nose.  I always told her that's where the angels kissed her.  I LOVE this picture.Leslie 1983She indulged me... who am I kidding, she loved having her picture made and my favorite hobby was taking pictures of my girls. Leslie - pic by LaVonLaNae & Leslie - pics by LaVonIn jr. hi., Leslie was a cheerleader and found herself at the top of most of the pyramids, to my anx.  She loved gymnastics, cheering, volleyball and basketball and I loved watching her in all. 

She was also a very bright student (God blessed her with a photographic memory) and one day she came home from school and announced to me that she thought she would graduate Valedictorian.  Something about their National Honor Society meeting that day had inspired her.  I told her, "Go for it!  You can do it."

One of my favorite pictures of Leslie taken when she was a junior in h.s.  She was dating a certain school mate and they broke up so she went to the beauty shop where a good friend was the beautician and she said, "Timmi, make me a new woman."Leslie - HS JrAnd Timmi did!  I loved her new do!Leslie - Sr 90 

Leslie took a growing spurt in high school and was 5'9" tall when she finished growing, which came in really handy for volleyball and basketball. Leslie 1990 And by the way, she DID graduate as Valedictorian of her senior class at Kaufman High School, Kaufman, Texas!  Leslie - Sr 1990 Another favorite picture of mine.... so beautiful (inside and out).Leslie 1991Leslie received an academic and athletic scholarship to Weatherford Community College in Weatherford, Texas, for two years and then the same to East Texas State University in Commerce, Texas.  Leslie @ ETSU Graduating with an Education BS degree in English, Leslie began her teaching and coaching (volleyball) career in Rockdale, Texas, which she ended several years later in Lorena, Texas by way of Fort Worth (Paschal High) and Gatesville, Texas.  I loved visiting her at every school she taught and coached at and I loved how her students loved her.  She was an excellent teacher. 

Leslie met Khalil Coltrain at a Baylor baseball game. (Khalil was their trainer)Leslie & Khalil - summer 2001and it was love at first sight.  They were married on November 24, 2001.  I was so honored when she asked me to walk her down the aisle.Leslie & Khalil Wedding Nov 24 2001Yes sir, Khalil, you did good! (you did good, too, Leslie)Leslie & Khalil- June 2001Of all, Leslie's accomplishments, and there are many, she will be the first to tell that Pook and Diesel are her finest.Leslie & EmmaCamden & Leslie 01 2007 2 I am so proud of my daughter... so thankful for her many talents... so grateful that she's using her God-given singing talent to praise Him... and to make a long story short, I am so blessed that God blessed me with Leslie 36 years ago today.

Happy Birthday, Leslie, and may God continue to bless you as you have blessed me and many others.