Monday, June 30, 2008

Mama Trudy update - 6-30-08

Would you believe, we left Steph's house and I still haven't seen her.  She had to take hubby Rick to work while I was getting ready and we needed to get on the road... they had activities planned for the morning, so, hey, we'll catch them on the flip side. Don drank coffee with Rick and visited with them for a few minutes before they had to leave.  He also got a hug from Taylor, the only one who was up.  Thanks for the good night's sleep, Stephanie!  And thanks to Kristina for giving up her room on such short notice. I took this picture just for you, Stephanie.100_7134   Bill, this picture is for you.  Notice the sticker on the tailgate, top left corner.  OK, so you need a magnifying glass.100_7131

There, does that help?100_7131  We arrived at the hospital around noon.  I had been texting LaNae, who was with Mama all morning.  Before we arrived we knew that Mama was being released from the hospital to go home.  The MRI revealed that at some time, Mama had a mini stroke.  Has I said in another post, her symptoms the last few days were not those of someone who had a stroke, so the mini stroke could have occurred at another, earlier time.  The MRI also revealed 75% blockage in one carotid artery instead of 85%.  Doctor says stent surgery is too risky at her age and he also says the carotid artery on the other side of her neck is only 10% blocked and enough blood/oxygen is flowing through it to her brain as long as her blood pressure is slightly elevated.  If oxygen levels drop, dizziness occurs.  When dizziness occurs, sick stomach and fast, irregular heart rate begins.   The doctor released her to family (us) and home health care twice a week.  He does not want her to be alone and we all want to see how she responds to therapy, which we/I will do along with home health.  He also prescribed a walking cane for her, which she has no problem using in case she needs it for stability while walking. (that's pretty much what a cane is for, isn't it?  hmmm.  ok, just work with me here)  She was pretty tired this afternoon, more than usual because of the meds for dizziness... they cause drowsiness.  She has not been dizzy for two days now.  After a nap  she got up and joined us at the table for dinner and then was ready for a couple of games of "shoot the moon" dominoes.  She went to bed a little after 8:00, so happy to be in her own comfortable bed.  She's sore through her neck and back and shoulders.  I'll give her a good massage tomorrow, if she can stand it.  She also had a headache, which she never has, also a side effect of the medication for dizziness.

LaNae said Mama Trudy had charmed everyone that cared for her while she was in the hospital.  Didn't I tell you Mama Trudy would tell someone about Jesus before she left.  Well, there was a Chinese lady from the lab and Mama asked her if she was a U.S. citizen and she said she had a green card and her son is a student at OU.  She wasn't sure if she would stay in the U.S. after he graduates.  Mama asked her if she was a Christian and she stammered and hem-hawed and finally said, "well, no."  Mama asked her if she wanted learn how to be a Christian and she said quite earnestly that she did want to learn how to become a Christian.  Mama, noticing that the lady wanted to talk to her, but also was distracted because she had already been talking to Mama for quite some time.  Also, their culture has great respect (in some cases to the point of worship) for the elderly, silver-haired people and she did not want to be rude to mother.  Mama told her it was very simple and easy to become a Christian and invited her to church, giving her directions.  She said she knew where mama's church is located and would go.  We pray that she will.

Here's the balloons that great grandson, Blaine, gave her for her birthday last Thursday.  They are huge!!


OK, just in case you're wondering where Don & I are sleeping in this one bedroom apartment (well, there's two bedrooms, but one is Mama's 'work' room and Coleman Queen Double High air bed mattress & 120 V pumpthere's only a the little couch you see in the above picture).  Don went to Wal-Mart and bought us a Coleman queen size air mattress. It's in the living room, under the ceiling fan.  If you're familiar with older folks, they don't require as much air conditioning as us who are ..... well, much as us, so we're grateful to be under the ceiling fan.  The air mattress will be deflated and placed behind the recliner in the corner each morning.  It must be comfortable, Don's over there on it right now snoring.  (He's gonna love me for that one. :-})

And the next phase has begun.

Mike brought my grand kids, Lydia and Blaine, over to see us tonight.  They are so tan from swimming all day long every day.  Lydia was at Christian camp all last week and had a wonderful time.  Got awesome hugs from both of them.  They are growing up so fast.  Blaine was so cute.  Every time he wanted to say something he would raise his hand way up and wait, very patiently, for someone to acknowledge him.

The air mattress is calling my name.  Good night and God bless everyone.

Sunday, 6-29-08-babies and young'uns and blessings

Today, at the Oak Grove service, we had a treat.  Yvonne & Wendell's daughter Robin and her three daughters, Emily and twins Kylah and Katee, professionally known as The Truth or Consequence Bluegrass Band, led our worship time and also sang a special.  They had to get their instruments tuned up before church started. 100_7118 They were very good and we were blessed tremendously by their talent and the beauty of their music.  That's mom Robin on the right.100_7121 Grandmother Yvonne is very proud of all of her grandchildren and visits with Emily here before church started.100_7116 We are very proud of this picture with The Truth or Consequence Bluegrass Band and apologize for the blurriness... Grandpa Wendell wasn't used to my camera.100_7122 There was a nice turn out for worship service at Oak Grove and the offering was also good so we were able to bless the girls with over half of the offering.  What a blessing that was for us.

On the KOA for the 11:00 service there.  We had another good group even though the park is not very full. Pat & Bobbe Tomme's grandson and family are visiting and their youngest great grandson, Gavin, is just a doll... very quick with the smile and he's also learned he has a tongue and it's gets a good laugh from everyone.100_7123 Great grand-daughter Charity joins them.  She was all personality, too, asking for prayer for her family as they travel and look for a home.100_7125 See what I mean about the tongue?  Too cute. And how about his Sunday-go-to-meetin' t-shirt?  Don wants one like it.100_7124 Got this good picture of KOA owner's mother, Fern, and daughter-in-law Kim, also owner. Fern is a sweetie.  We love Kim and Ralph and are so blessed by them.  They truly love having us as chaplain and we're delighted to have them worship with us.100_7126 Another treat this morning at KOA was friends from Oklahoma, Ron & Mary Hassler and their three grandkids, James, Annie and Bryan.  At one time, Ron and Mary were Don's neighbors and Don was blessed to be able to lead them to the Lord.100_7129 Little Annie was just adorable and I loved her freckles.  I told her what I always told my girls, "Your freckles are where the angels kissed you."  Annie was kissed a lot.100_7128After church, things kind of went "down hill."  We got a call from LaNae at the hospital with Mama and determined that it is now time for us to be in Norman... decisions had to be made.  We packed suitcases and loaded up the truck, had prayer with Lucy and Jimmy and said goodbye, leaving our friends, our beautiful 5'er (and king-size bed) behind for an undetermined amount of time.  Pulled out of Branson about 4:15 and arrived in Tulsa at daughter Stephanie's about 7:00 pm.  Steph and family had previous engagements so they weren't home before we went to bed, exhausted. 

Here is a great place for me to add that I am married to the sweetest, most compassionate man and I am so blessed and thankful to God for him. When I asked him, "what are we going to do?"  His immediate reply was, "we're going to do whatever you want to do." For those of you who have ever had an ailing, aged parent, you know why I'm so grateful to have the support and love of my soulmate, my best friend, my husband.   I love you, Don.

Thank you so much for your prayers for all of us.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Laughter is the best medicine

(Mama Trudy update 3 before she saw the doctor and learned of the blockage.)

And speaking of funny.  My Mama cracks me up!  When I talked to her this morning, she said a mid-east Indian lady, probably a cardiologist, came in to check her this morning and asked a lot of questions about her heart.  She had her little bag with her,etc.  She asked mama to describe her chest pains to her and mama said, "What chest pains?  I've never had chest pains."  Well, being hard of hearing and the lady having an accent of sorts, mama had to ask her to repeat several of the questions and things she was saying. However, she kept saying how good mama looked and how healthy her skin was and "you look 20 years younger than you are."  Mama said to me, "I heard every word of that."  Didn't need her to repeat it! And then mama just laughed and, of course, I was rolling.  Then later in their conversation, the 'lady doctor' was talking about something else and mama said she didn't understand what she said and I said, "Of course not, she wasn't talking about how pretty you are!"  Laughing, mama said, "No, I wasn't paying very close attention to what she was saying then." 

The cardiologist also told mama not to get in a hurry to go home, that they were going to be very thorough and find out what is causing her dizziness.

It's wonderful to hear her being herself again. She's making a list of things for LaNae to bring her from home, including her Bible.  I'm quite sure someone there will hear about Jesus, with such grace and love, before she's sent home.

Mama Trudy update - 3:15 PM

Just talked to Mama Trudy.  Doctor just left her with the results of the ultra-sound that was done late yesterday.  The U-S showed that her carotid artery on one side is 85% blocked.  He said that if the U-S is correct, she is not showing normal symptoms... mini to major strokes.  So he ordered an MRI and she has had that done and waiting for the results.  MRI is of her brain, carotid arteries and something else she didn't understand what he said, but my guess is her inner ears.  The MRI should show more.

Papa Pillow (mama's dad) had blockage in his arteries and also had dizziness with it.

She was tired and her voice wasn't as strong as it was this morning. Hopefully, she will be able to rest this afternoon.

That's all for now.  Thank you all so much for your prayers for Mama Trudy.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Sunday's Coming

Side View Of A Taxi Cab Clipart Image

Don sent out his Sunday's Coming this morning and now it is posted on Count It All Joy. Get your tissue.

Also, if you have not yet read the Audrey Caroline Smith Story, I recommend, urge, invite, encourage and beg you to do so. No other human story will inspire you like this one, except the story of Jesus Christ as He walked on earth.

Don't know what this is, but it's interesting and pretty.

100_7092 In the confusion of all that's been going on with my mom, and everything else around here, I forgot to tell about the surprise email we got this week. Cathy and Jack Montgomery are bringing their granddaughter to Branson next week and they are coming to see us Monday and then we'll go out to dinner together. We are so excited to get to see them again. We miss all of our Quail Run friends so much.... this will be a treat!

Lucy and I went to a local laundromat today and got that chore done for another week. Then tonight the four of us went to the Hard Luck Diner. Our waiter was Gordy Wensel who sang "I Can Only Imagine" upon our request. He was a hoot and we really enjoyed our hour and a half there. 100_7096 We ate slow and had dessert so we could hear all of the waiters and waitresses sing. Jason Yeager was not there tonight. He's also hosting the American Finalists Show at the Grand Palace here. American Idol finalists from the last 7 seasons will be performing here all summer... a different group of eight every four weeks.100_7099Lucy just HAD to take the guys to the BIG rocking chair.100_7103Is this a hoot or what?!!100_7107 100_7108

6-26-08 Thursday

Breakfast at 8:30 at Bob Evans where we met Sally & Dennis and G.H. & Pat Sublett.  If you remember, G.H. is the gentleman that sang and played the accordion for us last Sunday.100_7084 Back at the park, Bubba is getting a Lucy #2 haircut. It was fun to watch.100_7087 Hey, Dave and Darlene, do you remember that dirt road we took from Kearney to Florence, Arizona?  Well, this is Jeff and Jessica from Kearney, AZ.  We met them here in the park tonight.  Really cute and friendly couple.  They're both school teachers, so they're off for the summer and vacationing with their three children.100_7088

Just things that happened today in between phone calls to Mama, and the rest of the family.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

June 26, 1918 - 90 years ago today...

my precious Mama was born.  As the card LaNae gave  her said, "There were these angels skipping across the heavens and one of them tripped and fell and....

angel girlhere YOU are." with LydiaMama Trudy  & Emma 110506 220070526_0480 100_6087 mama trudy emma & camden


10:10 pm

Mama Trudy has had a happy birthday and a not so happy birthday.  She's had phone calls and cards from family and friends.  Flowers & cards & a meal from her granddaughter who lives in Norman.  A Big Day.  After LaNae & fam left tonight, my brother called his mama from Georgia to wish her a happy birthday and she was already in bed with another dizzy spell ...  she's been having them for three days.  She felt bad enough to tell him to hang up and call LaNae to come back over to her house.  LaNae went back and called 911.  Mama's heart rate was very erratic.... she has had arrhythmia probably all her life.  Unbeknownst to me, mama has been off her arrhythmia medication for months.  I feel like that's the problem and now I am going to find out why.  Just got a text message from LaNae.  Mama is now at the ER and they are doing all the tests, xrays, etc.

Thank you so much for your prayers for the birthday angel.

LaNae & Leslie have planned a 90th birthday party for Mama Trudy for Friday, July 4th.  Don and I will be traveling to Norman on the 3rd, if not sooner.  We need your prayers.

Don's mother also had a dizzy spell this morning.  Geez.  She went to the doctor and the doctor cleaned out her ears and gave her antibiotic for ear infection and that seemed to do the trick for her.

Again, thank you for your prayers.


OPEC sells oil for $128.00 a barrel.

OPEC nations buy U.S. grain at $7.00 a bushel.

Solution: Sell grain for $128.00 a bushel.

Can't buy it? Tough! Eat your oil!

Then, maybe, oil prices will come down.

"Most of us will not go forward until the pain of staying where we are is unbearable."

Wednesday evening at the lake

After dinner tonight, Don and I drove out to Table Rock Lake to walk the lakeside trail and enjoy the lake breeze.  There were a lot of other people that had the same idea.100_7058 There were plenty of ski-doos on the lake and this one "parked." 100_7059 This bench is occupied, we'll just have to find another one.100_7060 Across the way is the marina.100_7061The trail is really nice and the view so pretty with the lake beyond the curve.100_7062 Well, looky there!  A dead tree.  Ok, this is the Ozarks.  A really pretty dead tree is hard to find.  I think this one washed up from somewhere else on the lake.100_7063 I was so busy looking at the dead tree that I didn't even notice the huge house boat just beyond it.100_7064 Sometimes, life is just rough.100_7065Just past the houseboat, the trail was closed because...100_7070 there's been so much rainfall here and the lake has been so high that it wash out the dirt under the trail in several places close to the boat ramp.100_7071 So we just sat on a bench and listened to the water as it sang praises to the Lord against the shore.100_7068 There goes another house boat in to the marina.  Looks like this one "parked" here is set up for the night.100_7069 We saw plenty of ski boats and there's a sailboat way out there.100_7072It's just so peaceful sitting here.100_7074 I was nice and waiting until this couple turned around and headed the other direction before I took their picture. Just wanted to give you an idea about how the folks around here enjoy the lake trail.100_7075 Over by the boat ramp are two piers where a lot of kids were playing and waiting for their turn on the innertube.  Sorry this picture is taken into the sun and you can't see the big black dog at the end of the first pier.  He had just cooled himself off in the lake. 100_7077There are still plenty of wildflowers to admire.100_7078 100_7081Another group playing in the water and having a picnic.100_7082The water is perfect. 100_7083We enjoyed our walk and even though it was a nice evening... not very hot, the humidity is very high and it doesn't take much exertion to result in good ole sweat.