Tuesday, May 31, 2011


This morning, Don asked if I would like to drive over to Fredericksburg for lunch and, of course, I said yes!  I had noticed on my walk this morning that it was cloudy and here you can see the clouds, but we got no rain.100_3947

At a motorcycle shop in Ingram, my eye caught this classic looking motorcycle, so I got a picture just for my motorcycle friends.  You know who you are. :-) 100_3950

While we were just getting started across to Fredericksburg, I got a call from Nancy Beilke in Nebraska.  It was so good to hear her voice and that she and John are doing well.  However, she and Don have shared the misery of a broken rib this spring.

Don loves taking a new route which took us past this old house.  We went past and I just got a glimpse but knew that I wanted a picture of it.  My sweet man made a U-turn and stopped so I could get some good shots.  If this house could talk.100_3953

On the other side of the highway, we were being watched very closely by the Axis buck.100_3956

Don noticed this small cafe on the main street of Fredericksburg, so we parked and went in. 100_3964

None of the walls in this transformed house had been completely removed, giving each room it’s own dining spaces. 100_3959

The woodwork is warm and beautiful. 100_3960

This group of ladies was having a good time in the next room.  The room we were in had four tables.100_3961

We both ordered the grilled Chicken Poblano and it was delicious, with the sautéed squash, rice and pico.  Yes, that is sliced avocado under that melted cheese.  And the poblano sauce is… poblano peppers, garlic, heavy cream and white wine.  Really yummy, however, I only tasted it, but did not eat it.  The cheese was enough dairy for my meal.Grilled chicken pablano at Kelly's

A couple from Austin came in and sat at the table next to us.  How odd that we would strike up a conversation with them, recommended what we had just eaten and they tried it and loved it, too.

Now, the waitress came with the dessert suggestions and Don chose the peach & blueberry cobbler with a dip of vanilla ice cream.  She brought it to the table, hot, with two spoons.  I tasted a small bite of peach and a small bite of blueberries, but no cake or ice cream.  Mr. Skinny ate the whole thing and when the waitress asked him if he liked it, he asked, “Is my mama in the kitchen?”

OK, Kelly’s Cafe was a hit.

On the way back to the truck, I took a few pictures. …. 100_3968 100_3963 100_3966 100_3967 100_3969

Our next stop was a veggie stand on the highway where we purchased fresh tomatoes and fresh peaches.  Locally, they’re between peach crops, so the peaches we bought were from east Texas.

On the Opa’s!  Can’t go to Fredericksburg without getting Opa’s Smoked sausage.  Today, Don chose a package of Southwest and one of cheese.100_3973

Taking yet another route back to the Q, Don spotted this old house and barn.  Looks like the windmill has seen it’s better days.100_3974

It’s difficult to see, but this is a vegetable truck farm where something is being harvested today.100_3977

Back at the Q, I prepared some of the tomatoes for salsa.  Notice what is written on the box.  The tomatoes had a couple of flaws, but nothing major and they do taste good.  We finally found fresh tomatoes that taste like the ones my mama used to have in her garden.  Now… if I could just find some fresh black-eyed peas.  Anyway, the salsa was made using the Ninja Food Processor that Stephanie gave Don for his birthday.  Wow!  It’s great!  And the salsa is so good.100_3981

Have a wonderful day wherever you are and we will do the same here in the Texas Hill Country, for... “This is the day that the Lord has made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.”

(Thanks LoPo!)

Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day 2011



to all who have served and all those who have loved those who have served.

Memorial Day Female Salute

We remember you, not just today, but everyday.

  Memorial Day Male Salute

God bless you and God bless your family.

Troop Smiley 1and Ms. Soldier, too!


Sunday, May 29, 2011

Deer questions

I’ve been asked about the white spotted grown deer here.  I had the same question:  why are these deer still spotted as adults and why are the bucks’ horns shaped differently, high and further apart?  The owner of the park explained to me that they were brought here from India in the 1930’s and they are called….


 Axis deer.  They are not native to the Texas Hill Country like the White Tail deer.

Memorial Day message.

I took a few pictures from inside the chapel while waiting for the chapel to cool down and for folks to get there.100_3918




Don’s message this morning was about remembering.

Remembering our soldiers and military personnel who have sacrificed for our freedom.

We mourn for them, we remember them, we are grateful to them.  They gave their lives so we could live in freedom.

We, also, remember Jesus Christ and the sacrifice He made for us.  He gave His life so we could live truly free, victorious over sin.  He gave His life so we could live forever with Him.


I Corinthians 11:24-29

Every pew had someone in it this morning!  I didn’t count, but I think I can picture 21 worshippers this morning.  We also had a musician!  Dr. Bruce played his harmonica for us as we sang and you should have heard us singing!  I’m sure that dad and his son, fishing at the creek, enjoyed  it.

A special Thank You to Dr. Bruce.

And a special Thank You to Mr. Ken for helping serve communion.

After church, we went to church again in Kerrville. We also returned the communion service.  Pastor Chris is preaching through the Gospel of John and doing a great job.  We thoroughly enjoy going.

Out of the blue, a lady at church told us about a friend who had just restored a Shasta camper trailer.  When she said, “Shasta,” Don’s ears perked up.  His first job away from home when he graduated was at the Shasta trailer manufacturer.  He worked in every department of that place and ended up being manager of quality control.  Until Uncle Sam said, “You’re going to Viet Nam, son.” 

But, I digress.  So, anyway, before we left church, Ruth and hubby, Jack, called the Shasta camper owner, and arranged for us to go over to his home to see his newly completed project.  Don could hardly wait to see it.100_3933

This is a 1957 Shasta trailer that Dan purchased in Iowa and drug it back to Kerrville to restore for his niece.  He gave $300 for it and has put about $5000 into it, but isn’t it beautiful.  Where once there were staples, Dan replace them with screws.100_3935

Dan completely gutted the original and restored it from the frame up. I’m sorry that this is the only picture I took of the interior.  Those are the original gas light fixtures that Dan converted to electricity.  Dan’s niece is making the curtains and bringing them with her when she picks up the trailer.100_3936

The only thing that Dan didn’t do himself was the exterior paint.  If you ever saw a Shasta trailer with the wing on the sides at the rear, that trailer was made in 1958 and after. 100_3937

Dan is a master craftsman and he loves to have a project going, but he will only do one project at a time and never repeats a project, i.e., he will probably never restore another Shasta trailer.100_3940

Both Dan and Don were thrilled to meet each other and Dan could not believe that right when he completed this Shasta restore, he meets someone who worked for Shasta Trailer Co.  This trailer was manufactured in Van Nuys, CA, but Don worked at the plant in Grapevine, Texas.  Guess where Dan’s niece lives?  Grapevine, Texas!

Dan was so gracious and delighted to show us his Shasta restoration.  Also, what we have here are two Navy veterans.  100_3939

We are hoping we get to be present when Dan’s niece sees this work of art for the first time.

This is a view of Kerrville from Dan’s property.100_3941

Dan lives up on a hill.  Can you tell?100_3943

Sunday lunch was at Mamacita’s.  Wish I had taken my camera inside.  This was quite an interesting place.100_3945

Well, just let me tell you that it is hot here.  102 for the high.  Humidity is up to about 41% so it feels a few degrees hotter than the 102.

This is another long post, so I’m closing it even though our day isn’t over.  If something blog worthy happens later, I’ll post it.

Thank You to any and all veterans and veteran families who may read this post.  We are so grateful to you for the freedom we enjoy today.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Walk this way

On this beautiful Saturday morning, I thought I would give you a glimpse of Johnson Creek RV Park from the route I walk.  As I walk to the end of our driveway/site, I turn right and walk to the turnaround.100_3894

From the turnaround, I walk by past the Q …100_3895

going past the office and…100_3878

the clubhouse which is located behind the office.100_3897

When I got to the main road, I turned around and took a picture back toward the office and the clubhouse. 100_3881

Turning around, I head down the road toward the entrance, past the…. 100_3883

donkeys.   100_3884

As you can see, the road has this S curve.100_3885

A morning shot of the flags at the entrance.100_3887 100_3888

Now it’s time to turn around and head back.  This is a view of the park from the entrance area. 100_3889

I turn up the first street and walk, enjoying looking at all the rigs and ….100_3890

some very nice trucks.100_3891

There’s a rally in the park this week which brought a lot of really big motorhomes.100_3892

This is where I have just walked. 100_3893

Turning right I head back up the next street to do it all over again.100_3896

I walked back to the entrance, and on my way back, look who I met!!  My sweetie!  So I walked with him back to the entrance and..100_3901

this time we walked between the office and the clubhouse….100_3902

and another nice truck…..100_3903

and finding ourselves at the creek.  Imagine that. :-)  100_3904

We held hands and prayed on that shady knoll to the far right.100_3905

These wildflowers are called Mexican Hats, which I always thought was a sombrero. 100_3906

We had breakfast/lunch brunch at Denny’s mid-morning, then we rode around Kerrville and back to the Q.  It was very hot today, so we spent most of the day inside.  Don got a call from a local pastor who is loaning us a communion set for in the morning, so Don went to pick it up.  Then we found a table cloth in the clubhouse for our small table.

Late this afternoon, we took another walk and decided on the road behind the park.100_3908

I love new photo material and you know how I love old barns.100_3909

These are real geese.  I was a little concerned that we might be chased.100_3910

Live oak trees make a striking figure of contrast when they are dead among live trees, with the glow of the setting sun.100_3911

Metal artist dreamed of shooting a 12-point buck!!100_3912

The road we walked came out to the highway, so we just kept walking as we knew we would wind up at the park entrance.100_3913


Back in the park we could hear live music from the gazebo behind the clubhouse.  Sounded like the rally group were have a good time.

We stopped to visit Monte and Vicki at their rig.  They were sitting out by the road with their two doggies.  We sure enjoyed getting to know them and could have visited longer, but the flies were biting our legs, so we called it a night.

Do know what this is?100_3916That is the interesting design our solar lamp makes on the ground and concrete.

That’s our Saturday in pictures, mostly.  Hope you enjoyed.  “See” you in church in the morning!