Friday, October 30, 2009

G'bye to friends

When I walked outside this morning to go down to tell Nancy and George goodbye, the sky was full of activity... to the west....100_3725... there goes one!....air activity .... and to the east.east air activity - 8:30 AM

Nancy helps George connect the Clydesdale to the fifth-wheel.  They are heading out this morning and we are so sad to see them go.  We love them so.

Nancy helps George hook upYes, it's this cool this morning.  Right before she ducked her head, Sherrie Walker said, "Do you not go anywhere without your camera?"  But Ray doesn't mind as he flash a great smile for the lens.  I don't know what Sherrie's problem is, she always looks picture perfect.  I know, it's a woman thing.  She probably doesn't have her make-up on yet, but trust me, she's beautiful without it.
Sherri and  & Ray WalkerYeah!!! Jack and Kathy Gordon are back... friends across the street and down a few sites!  They had to travel through the snow to get here.Jack and Kathy Gordon are back!

Choir practice this morning went good and we and a few more join us.  We're growing.

Wendy and Rick came over for a panini and hot soup supper.  Afterwards, we played three games of Spades.  I'll just say... "Yeah Girls!!"  It was fun and as always, we laughed a lot.

We are so blessed.


Lord, may our lives be set apart
And useful in Your hands,
Pursuing righteousness and faith
As we fulfill Your plans. —Sper

A Christian’s greatest joy is to be used by God.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Woo the Hoo!... girlfriend time!

("Woo the Hoo" is a phrase I borrowed from sweet Stacie, who just started her blog, My Journey to Becoming a RockStar, because it's fun and I just love it.)

Our eight mile bike ride was postponed until 10:00 this morning because it was about 40 degrees this morning at 8:30. (It was 34 when Don got up.)  I rode over and trimmed the back of T's hair and then we rode. 

At a little after eleven, Nancy and I went to Casa Grande to meet Snookie, Donna and Ginny for lunch at the Creative Cafe, a new experience for Ginny and Snookie. 

Here's Nancy while we are waiting for the other three to arrive.  They kind of, sort of got lost but got to the cafe before noon.  I was experimenting without using the flash inside the cafe.

sweet Nancy ReidSnookie taking a picture of Ginny with a lemon on her fork.  "Are you going to eat that lemon, Ginny?"  (sorry about the back light)darn backlightNancy and Donna.Donna and NancyMy Triple Berry Salad w/ grilled chicken.  Which was delicious with raspberries, blackberries and strawberries and white cheddar cheese.  I also had a cup of hot Veggie Pesto soup that was equally yummy.Triple Berry Salad with Raspberry Vinagrette dressing (mine and Nancy)

Ginny's gyro and Greek salad.Ginny's gyro and greek salad

Donna's and I don't remember what kind of sandwich it was... turkey something and broccoli salad.Donna's

Our very attentive waiter, Anthony....our waiter, Anthonywho was happy to take our picture with all of our cameras.  Thanks Anthony!!QR girls: Donna O'Neil, Nancy Reid, Ginny Dexter, me, Snookie Quinn at Creative Cafe, Casa Grande, AZI just could not leave without getting a picture of Jimmy, famous for the saying on his t-shirt.  Jimmy remembered me (not by name) and even asked how my husband was today.  Such a sweetheart.The famous James at Creative Cafe.We had a great time and apologize to the ladies at the table next to us for being a little loud.  All five of us are full-time RV'ers, which means that we have no real estate back "home" to go home to.  Our home is where we park it, wheel estate.  Snookie and Bob are the only ones who also have a park model at a resort here in Arizona where they spend the winter, but they travel in the summer with their fifth-wheel.  Woo the hoo!!

Thanks to my niece, Tammy, I will be able to watch this week's Biggest Loser show.  It's not posted yet, but it should be soon.  Here's the link if you missed it:

I will tell you that Abby goes home this week, at her own insistence, and my Leslie told me that it is an incredible episode... BL really did right by Abby and she is on the road to complete health and as Leslie said, "HOTNESS!"

You go Abby!!  Because of your inspiration, I'm exercising and Stacie is exercising and so many others across this nation.  I know that you are going to be in demand as a motivational speaker.  I am so proud of you!

On a sadder note, our little wandering man, Art, passed away late yesterday.  It's sad, but it's also a blessing that he didn't linger on this earth very long after his body and mind stopped functioning.  Thank you for your prayers for his family.

While Don was walking and visiting this morning, he was told that Roy, a gentleman who sang in the choir with us last winter, died during surgery this week.  We are shocked and saddened.  Please pray for Roy's family, also.

Well, tomorrow Nancy and George leave this park headed to Peoria, AZ to work on a SOWERS (Servants On Wheels Ever Ready) project there.  We have so enjoyed having them here and are sad to see them leave, but we pray the best for them, always.SOWERS

We are so blessed. 

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Ta-Dah... the dust is gone!

Tell me.  Do you see a motor on this old bike anywhere???100_3676 There's my "conscience"... right on schedule.  Why does she have a jacket on this morning? 100_3677 Because it's 54 degrees with a strong breeze this morning, but thank the Lord, there's no dust blowing.  There were a few clouds to the south.100_3678Eight thirty this morning.southeast  8:30 AMToward the north, only blue skies.going north... no cloudsThe skydivers were enjoying the beautiful morning.the skydivers where out early this morning

Sunscape RV Resort is preparing their float for the Veteran's Day parade.Sunscape RV Resort is getting ready for  the Veteran's Day parade 100_3683100_3684

This is me on my bike this morning.100_3686

I sure need to get these steps painted.  Oh, look! there's my motor-less bicycle!100_3687

Don and I learned that one of our local friends is in the hospital with colon problems, so we went to Casa Grande to visit her this morning.  She's better, but still not sure what treatment she will be receiving.  Please say a prayer for Elaine.

Tonight, we walked up to the Community Center with George and Nancy to watch the "jammers" pick and grin.  Sing it, GH!

sing it, GH!

Bob and Naomi are celebrating 59 years of marriage this week and are still dancing.  Here's a silhouette of them.

silhouette of Bob and Naomi - 59 years together and still dancing

Don Tomes.Don Tomes

Dennis Harvey, the very talented harmonica player.Dennis Harvey

Don.Don Livingston



Marie and her squeeze box.Marie Ganske 

We are so blessed.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


The bougainvillea has a flower in a flower.100_3644I'm very bummed that I missed Biggest Loser tonight... and forgot to record it. Abby is gone and I missed one of the best shows.  She is such an inspiration and I can't believe I missed this episode!

Yes, Thelma came at 8:30 this morning and we rode our bikes eight miles.

George and Don started working on a project... steps for the Q that are a little safer for the older folks who come to visit us.  Over in a common area, there are several sets of steps available for anyone who needs them, so they picked out the best set and brought them back here to work on them.  A handrail was needed.  100_3642 So George went to work attaching a hand rail. 100_3646Now, all I need to do is paint the new steps.  Thanks, George.  Your help is greatly appreciated.100_3645

Around noon, the wind has already picked up and the dust is beginning to blow.

This afternoon, Nancy, George, Don and I went over to Quail Run to share a pot luck dinner with Rick, Wendy, Bob and Snookie.  By the time we left, the dust was so thick, the sun was barely visible.dust stormFrom the road, the wind tunnel can still be seen through the dust.  There are no sky divers this afternoon.the wind tunnel in the dust stormThe sun is almost completely blocked by the dust much dust we could hardly see the sunThe view over Interstate 10.Interstate10 in the dust stormIt's almost a brown-out.  This is what a desert dust storm looks like.almost a brown outHere's Snookie arriving at the pot-luck with her wonderful potato salad and green bean salad.Snookie arriving at our QR mini reunion Wendy said the pool was drained today for repairs.  Notice how the palms trees are blowing.notice the palm trees blowing in the windThe blessing for the meal has been prayed and it time to eat!  Wendy, Snookie, Nancy, George.Wendy, Snookie, Nancy, George ReidAfter a wonderful meal, we thoroughly enjoyed sitting around telling stories... I think we told about eight stories and we laughed a lot.around the table with stories... eight100_3666100_3667

Bob Quinn telling about riding his bike around Quail Run... 7 1/2 miles.   Bob QuinnSnookie listening to Wendy.SnookieWendy said, "I'm getting really sick of hearing about you riding your bike EIGHT miles EVERYDAY!"100_3672Rick FuryRick.

Donna O'Neil arrives......Donna O'Neil arrivesjust in time to take a group picture.  How funny... there's EIGHT of us!!!!How funny... there's EIGHT of usGeorge and Nancy Reid, Don and me, Snookie and Bob Quinn, Rick and Wendy Fury.  

We had a great time together.  We just love these friends from our first winter in Arizona here at Quail Run, even if they teased me unmercifully tonight.  It seemed that every subject discussed containing a number... well, that number was changed to eight.  You know, I'm beginning to think they don't believe I ride my bike EIGHT miles everyday.  Bob even wanted to know what kind of motor I have on my bike!!! 

We are all so blessed!


>>What is your birth verse?<< Mine is:

2 Corinthians 5:20 NIV
We are therefore Christ's ambassadors, as though God were making his appeal through us. We implore you on Christ's behalf: Be reconciled to God.