Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Jackson, MS to Waco, TX

After a wonderful night of restful sleep, we were both awake around 5:00 this morning, got ready, had breakfast and were rolling out of Jackson, Mississippi about 6:45.100_4616

Read one of my daily devotionals going down the road.100_4617

Not even 7:00 in the morning and it’s already 82 degrees!100_4619

And we were on our way to Vicksburg.100_4620

Now there goes an encourager!100_4621

A going down the road shot in the early morning long shadows.100_4623

In less than an hour, we were at the Mississippi welcome center in Vicksburg, on the Mississippi River.100_4626

I thoroughly enjoyed taking pictures here. 100_4627 100_4631100_4632100_4629 100_4630

The Welcome Center.  The back door faces the river. 100_4634

A barge on the river. 100_4638

This flag posed for a few seconds for the camera.  100_4639 100_4640 100_4642 100_4644 100_4646 100_4647 100_4648 100_4649 100_4650

It’s not even 8:00 AM and we’re already in Louisiana.100_4651

Of course, it’s humid, so it feels like it’s 100 degrees.100_4660

We’re meeting our good friends Jimmy and Lucy in Bossier City, for lunch.  We are so excited to get to see them.100_4661

Their granddaughter, Sarah, is spending the week with them, so we got to meet her!   It took a her little bit to warm up to us, but she really liked Don, imagine that, and really got into telling stories about her daddy when he was a boy.  Her facial expressions were so cute, kind of similar to her grandmother’s.  Jimmy has no clue that he’s in this picture, too. 100_4663

We thoroughly enjoyed Sarah’s stories. 100_4664

Sarah sure does favor her Mimi. 100_4665

Jimmy and Don. 100_4666

I told you Sarah likes Don.  No one told her to stand there, she just walked up and leaned on his leg as if to say, “I want my picture made with him, too.”  Cuteness.100_4668

Soon it was time to get back on the road, and put Shreveport behind us.100_4669

By 12:30 PM, we were back in Texas, but still had hours to travel before getting to Waco, our goal for the night.100_4671

When we got to Waco about 4:00 pm, we got our motel room and then met Leslie and family at Bush’s Fried Chicken.  We love Bush’s!!!  After dinner, they all came to the motel and the kids swam and Leslie pampered her sore muscles (from working out) in the hot tub.2011 Jun 28 Jackson, MS to Waco, TX-1

Praise the Lord, we had another comfortable bed and were in it before 11:00 PM.  So thankful to be safely with family once again, even for only one evening.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Trenton, GA to Jackson, MS

It’s the dreaded time to go.  I tried to enjoy every moment with mama, but about three days ago, thoughts of this morning crept into my mind and Mama having me take pictures of the clothes she wants to be buried in, did not help the way I was feeling at all… all a matter of facts to her.  I tried to focus on the humor of her picking out what she wanted to be wearing and considering what season it might be at the time… always conscious of looking good.  So, here we are, taking pictures before the hugs and the tears… my brother, Jon, beautiful Mama Trudy and I.100_4583-2I cried, Jonny cried, Mama cried.  I held her for a long time, recording the preciousness of her in my mind.  She instructed me to stop crying so I could see how to drive safely.  I tried, but the tears continued to flow miles down the road.  It just wasn’t a good morning all around.  Don started the night last night with acid reflux and woke during the night with fever, chills and a sick stomach.  I woke up this morning with a light head… objects just seemed to float.  Thankfully, it wasn’t severe while driving.  The way we felt made for a long travel day. 

Around 11:00 AM, Don decided he felt like driving, so I took a few pictures.  This bicyclist fascinates me.  If he needed to stop quickly and put his feet down, how would he do that when his feet are over the handle bars?  He’s also totally covered in clothing and, let me tell you, it’s hot! 100_4585

Here’s a close-up:  the white on his face is a beard.100E4586

We sure are enjoying seeing green as we know we won’t see it when we get back to Texas.100_4587

Around 11:30, we were in Mississippi. 100_4588

I see signs like this a lot and love them, but rarely am I prepared with camera ready.  I love everything about this sign… the background of the flag and the message, it is powerful.  It’s sad that most people who see it don’t understand it.100_4590

Finally, around 3:30 PM, we reached Jackson, Mississippi, where Don had made a reservation at a La Quinta motel, where I promptly crawled into this wonderfully comfortable bed and proceeded to sleep for two hours.100_4594Don’s mode of relaxation was the pool.

Feeling much better after resting, we headed out to find dinner and were successful when we spotted an Outback just down the street from our bedroom.  Beau was our waiter and he was great… laid back, personable, and always there just a split second before we realized we needed something.  I regretted that I had decided to leave my camera in the car and I don’t have a fancy phone that takes good pictures.  Regarding the food, may I recommend the Norwegian grilled salmon.

True to his nature, Don decided to go see the Ross Barnett Reservoir as we were only a mile or two from it. 100_4598 100_4600 100_4601 100_4602 100_4604 100_4608 100_4611 100_4612

We enjoyed our ride and what we saw of Jackson, Mississippi and were impressed.

We ended today being very thankful for God’s protection and blessings, especially rest, feeling better and answered prayers.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Mama Trudy is 93!

For the occasion, local (Tennessee and Georgia) family gathered with one grandson and family coming from California to celebrate Mama Trudy’s 93rd birthday.

Great-granddaughter Alexann gives Mama Trudy a really good hug.100_4531

Mama Trudy opened her gifts and Sophie was so excited for her to open the walking cane painted with pink roses that she gave Mama Trudy.  Mama Trudy loved it!!100_4542

Mama Trudy admires the bouquet from Jake and Ashleigh.100_4545

Jake is trying to strike a “Thinkers” pose while standing on Uncle Sammy’s shoulder.   Mama Trudy is enjoying all of the grandchildren’s antics.100_4560

Sammy’s wife, Kim, made her delicious carrot cake for Mama Trudy’s birthday cake.  There’s a nice hunk missing because Mama’s daughter-in-law forgot about the candle lighting and started putting pieces of cake on serving plates.  Son, Jamey, late arriving, came in and picked up a plate and proceeded to enjoy the dessert.  The look on his face was priceless when he realized that he was eating birthday cake.  Hey, life’s short, eat dessert first.100_4553

Do you think Mama Trudy cares if a hunk is missing out of her cake?  Not one bit and she blew out her candles with one strong puff.100_4555


And then, there was our Pacific Northwest connection via Skype, granddaughter, Tammy, and great-granddaughter, Aly.  They were still “visiting” when we left the party to take Mama Trudy home.100_4578

And there were numerous FaceBook entries that Mama Trudy just loved and says, “Thank you!!!” to each one.

Leslie Jones Coltrain:  Wishing the happiest of days to my sweet grandmother, Mama Trudy! 93 years young today and a blessing to this world for every single day of her time here.

Shanna Silman Marshall:  Wow! Happy birthday, Mama Trudy!! :)

Robin Deaver Batema: Hugs to Mamma Trudy!!

Snookie Quinn: Happy Birthday to Mama Trudy!

Tammy Lynn Kirk: I LOVE THAT LADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Dear Mrs. Trudy, I must say... you are STILL A BEAUTIFUL woman!!!!!!  You always were and you have remained the same....Happy Birthday to you, Mrs. Trudy... I sincerely hope that I can come see you soon. I would LOVE to see you if I can....you are a BEAUTIFUL Woman/LADY...and I have learned so much from you! Blessings!!!!!from the curly headed neighbor's grandchild that hurt granny's (Opal) feelings when I wanted to run to your house when I arrived...

Wendy Fury: So glad she had a great birthday party. Love that lady. After meeting her I know why you turned out so good LaVon. Love you too. And miss you like crazy!

Don Pau:l Happy Birthday Mama Trudy!!! God Bless You and Thank you for being such a great example of God's grace and mercy flowing through a human being. Your riches in heaven are vast!!!

Rita Bigley Shaw: You all look great; "Mama Trudy" does not look her age at all....

DeAnn Hoover: beautiful family!

Shelley Diffin Wright: beautiful!!

It was a big day and we are a blessed family to have Mama Trudy.