Friday, April 30, 2010

God’s Spring creations in Texas

Don and I rode around Round Rock today, looking for wildflowers to photograph.  We found some!


Bluebonnet. 100_0495

Milkweed flower.100_0501

A mystery flower.. very tiny.100_0504

Indian or Prairie Paint Brush and Maximillian Sunflower.100_0506

More Bluebonnets.100_0508

More Indian Paint Brush.100_0510

A medley.100_0513

Maximillian Sunflower… maybe a little larger than a quarter.100_0514

Looking right down on top of an Indian Paint Brush.100_0519

Fleabane… flower the size of a pea.100_0521

When I was a kid, this was called an Indian Blanket.100_0526

Evening Primrose.100_0533

Dandelion flower.100_0543

Dandelion seeds… or per the grandkids, ‘blowy things.’ 100_0541


I could have stood here all day.100_0522

A field of bluebonnets.100_0529


Burst into song, you mountains,
you forests and all your trees,
for the LORD has redeemed Jacob,
he displays his glory in Israel.  - Isaiah 44:23

The creation is quite like a spacious and splendid house, provided and filled with the most exquisite and the most abundant furnishings. Everything in it tells us of God. - John Calvin


God brings joy to our lives in various ways: a kind word from a friend, an accomplishment at work, the gentle whisper of His Spirit. But throughout the ages, God has brought joy to us through the wonder of His creation. Feeling down? Maybe all you need is a walk in the woods.
Consider the reaction of Carl Boberg when he looked at the world God made:
When I look down
From lofty mountain grandeur
And hear the brook
And feel the gentle breeze;
Then sings my soul,
My Saviour God, to Thee,
How great Thou art!
Take time to notice and celebrate God’s greatness and gifts, and you’ll suddenly find many reasons to be joyful.

Thank You, God, for the beauty of creation. Help me to see You in the world around me today. Amen.

Don’s birthday evening

Leslie, Khalil and family treated us to dinner at Salt Grass.  One of our favorites.100_0567

While waiting for a table, Camden cheeses it up for the camera.100_0569

Daddy’s girl.100_0570

Mama’s boy.100_0572

We had a great meal and fun time with family, but Don wasn’t feel so good after dinner, so we came on back to the Q.

We are so blessed.


4 Don & LaVon

I am so glad that I’ve got you, Babe!!

I love you!!

Please pray for Kris

About two weeks ago, Don received and email from friends we met at the KOA in Branson two years ago, Carol and George Kline.  Carol sang two special songs in church for us on Sunday morning; she has a beautiful voice.  We fell in love with them.  But I digress.  The email we received told of the car wreck their daughter, Kris, had and requesting prayer for her.

This morning, we received an update on Kris’s condition:

Dear ones!

Again, many thanks for all your prayers.  It is wonderful and the strengthening is awesome.

We do have some more good news.  Since the tracheostomy, which was done very late Wednesday, Kris has been breathing on her own.  She remains in a coma, but the breathing on her own is wonderful and must be a step in the right direction.  When I spoke to the ICU nurse earlier yesterday (Thursday), she said the trachea tube is now implanted, it has a little cover over it, and it's held at her neck with a neck band.  Should Kris experience a need for oxygen or assistance in breathing in any way, the ventilator is right there all the time.  It can be easily attached to the trachea opening now and she is likely resting more comfortably.  No more wires and tubes and stuff down her throat.  Also, the feeding tube was inserted into through her abdomen directly into the stomach at the same time on Wednesday, and that is working perfectly as well.

All good news as far as we're concerned!  Thank you all.  Kris's list of prayerful warriors is growing, so I've had to quickly do an inclusive mailing list.  It will be easier to send out updates and keep in touch.  We are so moved by all of your emails and your love.  God is so very good and we are certain Kris will come out of the coma and do very well.  She is quite the little fighter!  I've attached a photo of Kris, her husband, Russ, Joshua and Andrea, from the ceremony when she became a major in May two years ago.  Yep, that's our little Air Force nurse!

Blessings and great big hugs,

Carol and George

We are inviting you to join us in prayer for Kris and her family.  It is a privilege to pray for this lady and her family.  May Jesus touch her and give her a complete recovery soon.Kris - George n Carol Kline daughter 2008

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Travel post – Day 3

It is amazing what can be accomplished when you GET UP! (insert me laughing).

100_0274 100_0276

8:26 AM – We are pulling on to I-10!!  And we’ve had breakfast already!  The Roadrunner Cafe at the Fort Stockton RV Park make wonderful homemade flaky melt in your mouth biscuits and gravy served with scrambled eggs and a large sausage patty, OJ and coffee.  Total, tax and all = $10.24!

Caution: Show Chickens on Board  -- I must Google “show chickens.”100_0279

Bright yellow flowers all along the highway and I cant get my driver to stop. Rollin’, rollin’, rollin’.   I’m in Texas, my native state, and I can’t believe I don’t know what these yellow flowers are. Could be buttercups, but they don’t quite look big enough.  Maybe they are mini-buttercups. :-)100_0281

What a beautiful morning.  Clear skies right now and, still, a slight tailwind.  Yeah, Father!!

I will sing of the mercies of the Lord forever, I will sing!

What? 8:45 AM – Picnic area, no restrooms.  He’s STOPPING?!!! Just for me to take pictures of the yellow flowers!  My wonderful hubs got a kiss of that!100_0285

It’s the windmill ranch!2010 Apr 29 Travel day 3-1

Windmills,100_0306 oil wells,100_0302 a home here and there,100_0305power station…100_0304 there’s a lot going on out here in the middle of nowhere!

9:10 AM – wind has shifted to the south/southwest.

Now, that’s a different kind of yellow flower.100_0321

Sniff, sniff.  I smell money.  Smells very similar to oil.100_0313

9:14 AM - Another rest area.  We’re stopping!  This time, it’s for him, but I still get to take pictures of the other yellow wildflowers.  They look like tiny daisies, about the size of a quarter. He loves me, he loves me not…. oh, yes, he loves me.100_0327

Nice clean restrooms.  Still can’t figure out why Arizona closed their rest areas.  What?  They don’t want tourists?100_0331

And a rose outside the restrooms!  (Are you actually surprised that I carried my camera into the restroom?)100_0333

A yucca blooming at the rest stop across the interstate.100_0334

Did I mention that it’s cold all of a sudden.  65 degrees and the wind has changed directions.  I think it’s a Northern!  We now have a blowing cloud cover. 

9:25 AM – back on the highway.100_0335100_0339 100_0349

GASP!  I see red Indian paint brushes!!  (insert sideways glance at my sweet husband.)

What area of Texas are we in?  The Big Bend area, approaching the Texas Hill Country.100_0354

9:41 AM – Entering Crockett County.  Wind has calmed, but Don says he can still feel it.

We are loving all the green we see! 100_0384

10:00 AM – Sun shining again and the yellow flowers are everywhere. 100_0368100_0377

Anyone else experience the optical illusion of going downhill, but the RPM’s tell you you are going up hill?100_0358100_0359

10:14 AM – First BLUEBONNET sighting!! 100_0375

10:25 AM – time to re-fuel in Ozona.  8 MPG confirms we’ve been bucking a headwind.100_0373

12:30 PM – exit I-10 to Texas 290.100_0410

WE have seen every color of flower on the road: yellow, orange, red, blue, various shades of purple, white.  So pretty.

12:45 PM – Harper, Texas100_0417

Deer sighting!

This is goat, sheep and donkey country.  And deer country

1:07 PM – Fredericksburg, Texas… a very busy tourist town. 100_0434

It’s too early to stop for the day.  We’re headed to Grand Kids!!!  Don has decided he doesn’t want to be pulling the Q on the road on his birthday, tomorrow.  And, it is supposed to be even more windy tomorrow.

100_0442 I’ve stopped trying to take pictures of the wildflowers along the road.  They are so pretty and so many.  It’s making me a little sick because I can’t just walk and take pictures.  This is a wonderful time of year to be in the Hill Country.  It’s so green and the wildflowers are so pretty. (sigh)

1:15 PM – Camel sighting.

1:31 PM – Buffalo herd sighting.

Creeks every few miles, with water running in them.

1:33 PM – Beautiful paint horse sighting.

1:45 PM – stopped for a burger at the DQ in Johnson City.

Don decided to to take I-35 through Austin for the last leg of our trip.100_0450100_0451

The Frost Bank Tower is a skyscraper in Downtown Austin, Texas.  Standing 515 feet tall and containing 33 floors, it is the third tallest building in Austin.  It was developed by Cousins Properties from November 2001 to December 2003. It was the first high-rise building to be constructed in the U.S. after the 9/11 attacks. The Frost Bank Tower was designed by Duda/Paine Architects, LLP and HKS, Inc.   The silvery blue color glass facade was first used on the Reuters Building in New York City. Cousins sold the building in 2006 to Equity Office Properties Trust for $188 million. Equity Office Properties then later sold the building to Thomas Properties. 100_0454

Top of the Texas Capitol Building.100_0455

The University of Texas Frank Irwin Center… where, in 1992, youngest daughter LaNae played basketball for Kaufman High School in the state tournament.  They didn’t win state, but it was a big thing for Kaufman to make it to the state final four for the first time in school history.  LaNae did set a state tournament record for blocked shots in a game, girls or boys, and she was chosen for the all-tournament team.  Fun times for us.  That was eighteen years ago!! Wow. (Thanks for allowing me that trip down memory lane.)100_0457

3:30 PM – Arrived at Round Rock~!  Leslie was still at work, but she clued us in to the fact that Camden and Lydia were over at the play area at the baseball park, so we surprised them.100_0462100_0465100_0470100_0475100_0477100_0479

Manchia Pizza was our chose for dinner, mainly because the kids love the play foosball, even though Camden can barely see over the side.100_0482

If you think it bothers him that he can barely see over the side, you would be wrong.100_0486

Emma is concentrating on her pizza.100_0489

“Nonni, could you put that camera down and eat your pizza?”  Ok, big brown eyes, just for you.100_0488

Now that the day is done, I must report a praise:  When we parked this afternoon, as I was putting down the board for Don to pull the Q onto for leveling purposes, I noticed cracks/splits on the side of the back tire of the left side.  (I will take a picture tomorrow)  So we began to check all the Q tires and each one is damaged, just not to the extent of the first one.  When I went inside, I could smell the result of over heated rubber tires.  Now I begin to think back about an hour, when we were on top of a single lane mix master, who knows how many feet in the air, in the wind.  (white knuckles)  Oh, thank You, Jesus, that we did not have a blow out!  Another praise: tires are covered by warranty!  We’re certainly wondering what could have caused the splitting of the tire rubber.  It wasn’t caused by the heat in Arizona, because it was only hot for a little while last October while we were parked.  And they have only been in freezing weather once or twice.  Well, I did a little research and look what I found >>>>>> tire damage <<<<<<<<.

Sing to the Lord a new song,

and His praise from the ends of the earth.

Isaiah 42:10