Tuesday, April 23, 2013

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Posted: 22 Apr 2013 09:00 PM PDT

“In the day of my disaster…the Lord was my support.” 2Sa 22:19 NIV

A phone call in the wee hours, a malignant tumor, a police cruiser at your door, a child addicted to drugs—if you live long enough you’ll be confronted with “the day of… disaster.” And it’s the strength of your relationship with God that will dictate your response. C. S. Lewis said that we can either acquire the wisdom assigned to a trial, or keep repeating it until we “get it.” One author points out that God’s “disaster-preparedness kit is found in Psalm 31:24 NIV: Be strong. Why? Because God is fighting for you. You must know God, know your convictions, and know how to tap into God’s unlimited power. You are not who you, or anyone else thinks…God says you are strong. Believe Him! Take heart. Don’t let your pain shut you down. Take the broken pieces and offer them to God…choose to live with love. A closed heart isn’t worth fighting for. You’ve worked too hard to get this far, so work with Him to see your healing all the way through. Hope in the Lord. Put no stock in emotion, circumstances, or chitchat…Place your hopes and dreams at the altar… God makes all things new and possible. Any other counterfeit will fail…No matter how long I’ve spent in God’s workshop my progress is proven only in the moment of peril. We prepare in advance so our responses are involuntary…There isn’t a situation, a temptation, or a question where Ephesians 6:10 doesn’t apply: ‘Be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power’ (NIV). On multiple-choice tests it’s the answer…God isn’t telling you to be tough on your own…rely on His strength and let Him do for you what He knows is best.”

from Word For You Today -- Online Devotionals

Monday, April 22, 2013

Kris Update: The Third Article

Dear Ones...

As always I’m excited and eager to share good news about Kris.  First let me say the third in a series of articles was in the paper yesterday, which is significant because April 21 marks three years since her accident in 2010.  I am so grateful to Dr. Richard Teff (pictured with Kris in the article) who was the neurosurgeon in the OR that fateful night, and for his consent to be a part of this article as well as the pending book.  Access the latest in the series by clicking onto the link below:


For those of you who have recently been added to our daughter’s update list, the above link will explain somewhat, but previous articles can also be viewed by visiting our website at www.carolkline.net then access the page,  “Home Of the Brave.”

Now for the very latest about Kris.  She will have another appointment this week to receive more Botox injections to help straighten her neck.  The more erect and upright her head and body trunk, the better her ability to walk and keep her balance.  It’s working!  She still walks as much and as often as she can, and has done as much as 50 feet or more with someone just walking beside her.  In addition, we’re hoping she will have another appointment soon with the urologist to help her work through some of those problems which continue to plague her.

Beyond that, a conference call/care plan meeting last week with all her therapy represented gave glowing reports of Kris’s continued improvement.  Use of the motorized wheelchair isn’t her favorite thing.  She doesn’t want to use it, they said, because she wants to walk everywhere.  She actually improved, however, when the therapist put a sock over all the buttons and controls except the control stick.  The control tiller was accessible and she motored all over during a session that proved without error or incident.  Hooray!  She is comfortable with the idea now it’s for “backup” travel and not to use all the time.

Her OT therapist informed everyone during the meeting that Kris is doing very well with the arm brace, although it’s not her favorite thing either.  However, because of the right arm now being strengthened and her hand a bit more flexible, Kris has tied her shoes!  There was a little helping at the elbow a bit, but she tied her shoes and THAT, dear ones, is another milestone!!  He ADLs (activities of daily living) are much improved as well, and the therapist said Kris has “shooed” her out of the shower room; Kris wants to “do it herself!”  Of course, the therapist is close by but it is remarkable how far Kris has come in taking charge of her life.  We are so very grateful for answered prayers!

The other evening as we Skyped, Kris’s DCS (direct care staff) laughed as she shared that Kris had “whomped” her during a serious Chess game just prior to our Skype.  The DCS said Kris was in the activities room watching another pair of Chess players intently.  When that game was over, Kris started setting up the pieces again and the DCS with her said, “Do you know how to play Chess?”  She said Kris shook her head “no” and they commenced to playing.  The joke was on the DCS, I’m afraid.  Kris had played before with her husband and her son, but I’m afraid she “sucker-punched” the unsuspecting DCS!!!!  I can just see her little grin now!!!!

As an aside, George and I are counting the days until we head for Texas the first week of May.  With a bout of sinus infections behind both of us, we’re trying hard not to get sick again.  During a week or so down, however, I was able to finish a project I’ve been hankering to do for some time: write a children’s book.  It’s done.  It is at a publishing concern and should be available online with Amazon.com in future weeks.  It’s entitled, “An Unlikely Pair,” a story book in rhyme about a gnat and a gnu named Pat and Stu respectively.  Kris has been privy to the entire book and seems to be delighted.  The whole thing started as limericks I would say to her to make her smile.  I’ll let you know when it’s available.  We think it’s really cute!!!

In the meantime, your prayers, your cards, your love continues to carry us through.  This year, 2013, is proving to be even more exciting than we could imagine.  When God works, you just have to hang on!!!

Blessings and deepest appreciation,

Carol and George

Travel Day

[Sunscape RV Resort, Casa Grande, AZ to Van Horn, Texas]

The day has arrived for us to hook up to the Q and roll down the highway… destination: Oklahoma.

NoPo and LoPo came over to see us off as we left Sunscape RV Resort around 8:30 this morning.Saying goodbye to NoPo and LoPo aka Norm & Lori Post @ Sunscape RV Resort, Casa Grande, AZ.

A special shout-out to Perry and Janice Brown for letting us park on their site for this month.  Thank you!!

As usual, I entertained myself by taking pictures as we roll down the road.

A final picture of Picacho Peak.Picacho Peak

Past Tucson, the highway was lined with these pretty white wildflowers.2013-4-22 Sunscape to Van Horn, TX

We are fascinated by the area along Interstate 10 where the rocks just seem to be balanced.P1020189-001

Does anyone know what this white stuff is? At 90 degrees, we’re pretty sure it isn’t snow. Rolling on the floor laughingP1020195


Our first stop for fuel was Willcox, AZ.P1020200

New Mexico, already?! We made good time at 65 miles per hour.Welcom to NM

The Land of Enchantment? I can’t even find windmill to take a picture of!Land of Enchantment? New MexicoNew Mexico - time to play solitaire

I found one!!! And it was working, too.found a windmill in NM


Moving right along.P1020208

I almost missed getting this picture. (hold your cursor over this picture to read)The Rio Grande River in New Mexico. Traveling east, I-10 crosses the Rio Grande and then the interestate turns more south as it heads to the border at Anthony, Texas.

El Paso/Mexico


We “crawled” through El Paso.El Paso parking lot

Even though we made good time, with the time changes, it was 6:30 PM by the time we reached Van Horn, Texas and Don was tired.

The owners/managers at this park are super nice.  Because we were just spending the night and didn’t want to unhook from the Q, they picked us up and took us to a local steakhouse of our choice for dinner. An above and beyond service, wouldn’t you agree?