Monday, April 22, 2013

Travel Day

[Sunscape RV Resort, Casa Grande, AZ to Van Horn, Texas]

The day has arrived for us to hook up to the Q and roll down the highway… destination: Oklahoma.

NoPo and LoPo came over to see us off as we left Sunscape RV Resort around 8:30 this morning.Saying goodbye to NoPo and LoPo aka Norm & Lori Post @ Sunscape RV Resort, Casa Grande, AZ.

A special shout-out to Perry and Janice Brown for letting us park on their site for this month.  Thank you!!

As usual, I entertained myself by taking pictures as we roll down the road.

A final picture of Picacho Peak.Picacho Peak

Past Tucson, the highway was lined with these pretty white wildflowers.2013-4-22 Sunscape to Van Horn, TX

We are fascinated by the area along Interstate 10 where the rocks just seem to be balanced.P1020189-001

Does anyone know what this white stuff is? At 90 degrees, we’re pretty sure it isn’t snow. Rolling on the floor laughingP1020195


Our first stop for fuel was Willcox, AZ.P1020200

New Mexico, already?! We made good time at 65 miles per hour.Welcom to NM

The Land of Enchantment? I can’t even find windmill to take a picture of!Land of Enchantment? New MexicoNew Mexico - time to play solitaire

I found one!!! And it was working, too.found a windmill in NM


Moving right along.P1020208

I almost missed getting this picture. (hold your cursor over this picture to read)The Rio Grande River in New Mexico. Traveling east, I-10 crosses the Rio Grande and then the interestate turns more south as it heads to the border at Anthony, Texas.

El Paso/Mexico


We “crawled” through El Paso.El Paso parking lot

Even though we made good time, with the time changes, it was 6:30 PM by the time we reached Van Horn, Texas and Don was tired.

The owners/managers at this park are super nice.  Because we were just spending the night and didn’t want to unhook from the Q, they picked us up and took us to a local steakhouse of our choice for dinner. An above and beyond service, wouldn’t you agree?

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