Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wednesday Happenings

For real this time, today was our last Bible studies with the men and women.  As always, it was good.  Don and I both have had such a great group who participate in the studies.  We enjoy the studies immensely.

After Bible study, I went over to Rosemarie and Bruce's to stain the drop-down-table that Bruce made for us.  This table leaf will be attached to the end of our bar/counter with a hinge.  More pictures will follow.100_2170

This afternoon turned very windy and cloudy, so Rick and Wendy came over to pass the afternoon playing cards.  Rick also installed a new release valve on our toilet.  Thanks, Rick!!!  You are such a handy ornery stinker and we appreciate you more than you will every know.

Rick and Wendy also brought us this beautiful throw blanket.  You guys are too much!100_2179

It was during this time that I received the phone call from Thelma telling us her husband and our friend, Jim Taylor, is now home with the Lord.  My blog tribute to Jim is here, if you haven't read it.

We enjoyed pizza at the Pizza Hut with Rick and Wendy and then we called it an evening.  When we got home, we watched AI and saw Didi get voted off.

"You may go days without thinking of God, but there's never a moment He is not thinking of you." - Max Lucado.

Did you think about God today?

"The Lord bless you and keep you;
The Lord make His face shine upon you,
And be gracious to you;
The Lord lift up His countenance on you,
And give you peace." (Numbers 6:24-26)


Fly to Jesus, Jim!

Our wonderful friend, Jim Taylor, went home to be with his Lord and Savior today, about midday... just in time to sit down at the Lord's banquet table for lunch!  Jim has only been able to have liquids through a tube for over a year and he said he was going to be able to eat real heavenly food and now he can also sing and carry a tune, beautifully! 

Jim led the Men's Bible Study here at Sunscape until just about a month ago, when he simply ran out of enough air and energy to talk much.  He has preached almost all of his life and God has used him in many ways and in many lives.  We love him so much and will miss him greatly.

We rejoiced that he was able to get home to Michigan and he was able to say good-bye to his home church.  He was surrounded by his family when God brought him Home.

Thelma, because she knows where Jim is and because she knows he is no longer suffering, is holding up pretty good.  But the days ahead will be an adjustment for her.  Please pray for my buddy, Thelma, and the rest of Jim's family during this time.

Thelma and Jim Taylor

(Be sure an mute the playlist in the side bar to listen to this beautiful song that we dedicate to our friend, Jim.)

Sweet Jesus, please tell Jim how much we love him and we will see him again one day.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Praying for sweet Abby

I just don't know how much more this sweet and precious little girl can take.  Not to mention her mom and dad.  Not only is she fighting leukemia, but now she has double pneumonia and possibly cystic fibrosis.  I know Michele and Brent would appreciate any and all prayers for them.  >>>The Riggs' Family Blog<<<

Heavenly Father, my spirit groans within me for Abby and I simply cry out to you for HELP for her.  I know, because of what we have just seen you do in Don's body, that you are still performing miracles.  Abby needs a mighty miracle from you, Jehovah-rapha.

More Hello's and Good-bye's

Today, more folks are leaving.  While riding my bike, I saw Damon and Lorna Hillery out for a walk.  Don and I just visited with them last Friday afternoon and it was great to see Damon able to be out and walking around.  He deals will so much pain in his body that this is a rare occurrence.  His attitude is great, though, and we are still praying that he will feel good enough to come to church Sunday morning... that is his desire.100_2150

Ray and Millie Hendrickson, packing to leave today.  They sent us home with two bags of groceries out of their freezer and frig.  These are two of the most pleasant people in the park.  They are so sweet and this smile is the smile Ray always has on his face and the same twinkle in his eyes.100_2151

I went in search of Don and found him over at Ken and Jarolyn's and then we went next door to Bob and Darlene's as they are also leaving today.  They are also selling their beautiful park model and building a home in a resort community not far from here.

We stopped off at Glenda's to discuss a scooter for another resident.  Glenda will get the ball rolling.  She is a dynamo!

This little purple wildflower is about two inches tall.100_2153100_2154

Bob and Linda borrowed our truck today to pick up a love-seat in Mesa, so we drove their Jeep Liberty to lunch where we met Barb and Darrell Howard, friends from our Quail Run winter, at Olive Garden. (I wonder how many comas I can use in one sentence and how long I can make that sentence and still have it make sense?)  Wendy and Rick also met with us as Barb and Darrell want to see both of us on there way through this area.  Today, Rick has chosen not to cooperate with me.  Ornery stinker. 100_2163

Don, with Darrell and Barb.  It was wonderful to see them again.  We last saw them when we passed through Amarillo last May.100_2164

With Wendy's help, I at least got a profile shot of Rick.  Ornery stinker.100_2165

The temperature reached the high 80's this afternoon and we turned on the AC for a few hours.  Later this afternoon, it was so nice outside.



Bob and Linda were also enjoying the cactus garden this evening.000_0017000_0018

Got a call from John and Judy Long tonight.  There plans have changed as Judy's doctor has contacted them and said they do not need to go back to Houston before going to their next project in Oklahoma.  This is good news, except for the fact that we will not see them on their way to Houston.  Instead they will head east Friday, provided the weather will allow it.

Congratulations to two Big 12 women's teams for making it to the Final Four, Oklahoma and Baylor.   

Monday, March 29, 2010

Busy Monday

Monday, usually kind of a take-it-easy-and-rest-day after Sunday for Don, but not so much today.  He's feeling so much better that it was hard for him to sit around today.  He went on his walk this morning; emptied a tank (RV'ers will understand); went to visit Bob and Rose Marsh who have missed church lately; and we carried the empty propane tank up to get it filled.  I cleaned out and rearranged my closet.  And that was all before he got hungry around 10:00.  So he put our empty water bottles in the truck and we went for brunch at Mimi's.

I have also made a list of things we need to get done before we leave.  We got a couple of them checked off today.

Finally, this afternoon, he sat down in his recliner and I did a little computer work.  Got a map software loaded, getting ready for traveling the end of April.

We're excited about another couple we met three years ago, coming tomorrow.  Can't wait to see Barb and Darrell!!

Tonight, Jack and Kathy Gordon invited us to dinner along with Larry and Elaine Gingrich.000_0002  Chef Jack made his wonderful pizza, lettuce and banana salad (you read right and it is delicious) and his famous rhubarb/strawberry cake.  Oh, yes, I almost forgot... blueberry bread.000_0001

Jack wore another hat tonight....000_0004

but Kathy wore it after dinner, when the table was cleared for a couple of games of Nil.  Does this group of girls look like losers to you?  I'll give you a hint:  No Way!!  Gals-3; Guys-2.  We had crazy fun.2010 Mar 29

Monday has been another wonderful day.

The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the communion of the Holy Spirit be with you all. Amen (2 Corinthians 13:14).

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Friends visit

Bob and Linda Olson are in the park!!  They have been here about a week and came to church today and now they have decided that they want to stay until after Easter so they can come to church with us again.  We met Bob and Linda in Coffeyville, Kansas (Fall 2008) while they were workamping for and we were serving as chaplain there.  It is so good to see them again and such a blessing to see folks that we met somewhere else, coming to worship with us here at Sunscape.100_2149

As today was Palm Sunday, Don's sermon was "It Is Finished" from John 19:17-30, Bob and Linda want to stay for Don's Easter sermon from the Lord.

Saturday [part 2]

I got a text message from Lori!! That's exciting for two reasons: 1.  It's always good to hear when our friends have reached a destination (they made it to Benton for the night) and 2. Lori doesn't text!

We share a meal here with Rick and Wendy this evening.  Wendy brought a delicious pork loin and we made mashed potatoes, cole slaw and green beans.  For dessert, Don had purchased a delicious chocolate cream pie at the restaurant where we had breakfast this morning. 

After dinner, we all took a walk down to Jean's cactus garden so Rick could take some pictures.100_2120

The gambrel quail were out and moving in abundance.100_2125

Feeding as they moved.100_2126

This beautiful male was calling at the top of his lungs.  100_2132

A few of the prickly pears are popping their roses.100_2138

This quail was calling his mate so loudly and I could barely make him out in the lowering sunshine, but my trusty Kodak found him.100_2139

Pretty pinks and yellows showing off.100_2142

Wendy and I drove over in the golf cart so she could get a picture of this.100_2143

Back at the Q, we enjoyed an evening of cards.  (Don't ask, but the girls were not singing "we are the champions" at the end of the night.)

It has been a jam packed Saturday, and I didn't even mention that I did the laundry this afternoon.

I think I'm tired.  As our friend, Rick Fury says, "Even my tired is tired."  But it's a good tired.

See you in church in the morning!!  God bless you all.

PS.  On a very sad note: I received a text message from my niece, Tammy, tonight, requesting prayer for the family of her son's teammate.  The full story is here in Tammy's blog.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

(Sad) Saturday [part 1], departures and Happy Birthday, LaNae!

Up early and after our Bible reading (I Cor. 15) and prayer, we headed over to see Lori and Norm.  As I walked sidewalk to their site, we were taking pictures of each other.  Norm is busy getting things packed up so they can leave.100_2065

About that time she started walking toward me and hugged me, sobbing.  This morning was tough for all of us.  We have so enjoyed Norm and Lori being here with us and have grown to love them so much.  She's like my younger sister and we laugh and giggle and talk and cry together.  We're actually, as Don would say, two peas in a pod.  It's kind of scary, but oh so fun.  As Don and I meet more and more wonderful people, our family just grows and grows.  (Doesn't my hair look good?  LoPo cut it for me yesterday!  Thanks again, Sweetie!)100_2066

There's a picture that goes here of Don and Lori where Lori was crying and trying to smile at the same time, so I opted to post that one, even though it is too precious to me, and will post this one instead.  Don is talking in every picture I took of him because he is trying so hard to keep the mood light and happy.100_2069

The four of us walked a few sites down the street to Margie and Larry Quick's site to also say our farewells to them and pray for both couples and their safety as they will be traveling together back to Michigan.100_2070

The Quick's will be towing their jeep which is loaded with gifts for their grandchildren.100_2071

Walking back to Norm and Lori's site so they can hook up to their bike trailer, we met Shari and Garth Hall coming to bid all so long until they get home to Michigan later in April.  Gee, there are a lot of folks from Michigan in this park!  We may just have to visit Michigan one of these days.... we've made so many friends from that state.100_2073

About this time, my phone rang and it was my baby girl, LaNae, who is 36 today.  She called me so I could wish her a Happy Birthday.  Actually, she had to work today and she called me on her lunch break.  LaNae is the tall one second from the right with three members of her high school basketball team at a reunion back in October.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LaNae!!kaufman hall of fame 09

Norm, Don and Garth.100_2075

Lori on the 'big girl bike' as she helps get their bikes ready to load onto the tow trailer.100_2077

This is actually LoPo's smaller Honda which she will probably sell when they get home and buy a Harley.  (Anyone want to buy a good Honda?)100_2076

Not saying our final farewells yet, Don and I walk back to the Q, except I stopped off to visit with Marilyn and Keith for a few minutes and to take a picture of this mama dove sitting on her nest in the shrubs just outside their window.  She allowed me to get really close to her and never left her nest.100_2081

As I walked back to the Q, I took a long range picture of Norm and Lori securing their bikes on the tow trailer, two blocks away.  This park sure is getting empty of RV's.100_2085

Don't you just know that the folks in this park will be so glad when I am gone... taking 'that infernal camera with her.'100_2087

Don visits with Toma and another gentleman on the way up to the front gate to say good-bye to Lori, Norm, Margie and Larry.100_2088

They are almost ready to go.  :-(100_2089

The complete Post outfit.  All aboard!100_2091

Lori and Margie make sure they have each others contact info for their trip.  This is just the greatest life.  Would you believe that these two couples did not know each other until they got to Sunscape and now they are traveling together?!  100_2095

OK, this is it.  I refuse to watch them drive away, so we say our "see you later's" and walk back inside the park.100_2096

I distracted myself and the emotions I'm dealing with by taking pictures of the little Saguaro cactus by the front gate which Jim and Toma transplanted to the area by the new wall that hides the new solar heating system for the pool.2010 Mar 27 nopolopo

These bottle brush flowers are fascinating.  It looks like a bottle brush.100_2099

Don had already seen the "show" at the Moore's site, and he wanted me see it and take a picture.  These trichocereus flowers are every bit of twelve to fifteen inches across.  100_2102

I have my camera in my hand (shocker!) so I might as well take a picture of Marcy Grimes coming down the street to chat with us.100_2103

Marcy's hubby, Jim, was already with us.   Jim and Marcy are just the sweetest couple ever.  We sure do love them.  LOVE your hat, Jim! 100_2106

Next, Herb Ganske joins the party that has congregated outside the Moore residence. Herb is another favorite of ours.  We have a LONG list of favorites here.100_2109

Finally. Madeline graces us with her presence.  LOOK! She is out of her morning robe and dressed in day clothes!  Madeline, you better be careful pointing that thing... it might go off!100_2111

Beautiful Madeline.  Inside and out, even in her robe.100_2113

Across-the-street-neighbors, Marcy and Madeline.100_2114

We finally make our way back to the Q and have "worked" up an appetite, so we drive into Casa Grande for a late breakfast.  Can you believe that all of this has taken place before 10:30 AM?

Stay tuned for Part 2 of our Saturday.