Saturday, July 31, 2010

How you like my new do???

No, not the Sand Hill crane’s do.100_1291
These brown cranes are really quite tall and I was very excited to get the chance to get a good picture of a couple of them this morning on our way to Lori and Norm’s.  Don actually stopped and turned around so I could get pictures.  Thanks, Hon!!100_1292
YES!  My new do!  Lori gave me a much needed haircut this morning.  How do you like me now?  OK, there’s a story.  I received an email from granddaughter, Lydia with pictures of grandson, Blaine, attached.  You guessed it, my do is fashioned after his.  Wish I could post a picture of him, but can’t get it ‘unzipped!’ UPDATE!! Yes!! With the help of LoPo's computer, I got this picture of Blaine in goofy glasses downloaded.  Do you think we favor??? 100_1297
Don also got a trim this morning.100_1299
And she still had time to fix lunch for us.100_1303
Ahhh HAAA!  An almost really good picture of a little hummer.100_1307
My for-real new do.  Feels so good.100_1310
Tonight, we feasted on a chicken pasta salad Lori created, served with fresh cucumber cold soup and steamed squash from Elaine and Larry’s garden.   100_1312
Love this picture of NoPo and LoPo.         100_1311-1
They are spoiling us in a manner that we seem to becoming accustom to.
Sunday is coming and we are looking forward to going to church with Norm and Lori.

Friday, July 30, 2010

LeRoy to Grass Lake

We’ve had an amazing time and appreciate the hospitality of the Gordon’s so much.  It was really hard to say, “see you later.”  Jack and Kathy sent us down the road with fresh tomatoes and corn and a fresh rhubarb cake (yummmm).  Elaine and Larry gave us fresh purple/green beans and cucumbers.2010 July 30 Leroy to Grass Lake, MI-1

It must be a good day for moving100_1246

In about an hour, we were in Grass Lake and very excited to see Norm and Lori Post aka NoPo and LoPo.  The park where we are is very appropriately named, but very nice.100_1251

They are serious about the speed limit in this park.100_1252

Lots of beautiful flowers.100_1254

Don checking in.  That’s Duane, the manager.  Nice guy and quite a cut-up.  I like him.  (shocker)100_1255

Don got the Q parked really quickly and we were ready to rest for just a minute and then we went over to Norm and Lori’s.100_1258

Soon, Norm was home from work. Work? We need to have a serious talk with NoPo regarding the definition of  “retirement.”100_1262

Oh my, it is so good to be here with them!!  How did we get to be so blessed to  have so many wonderful friends?  If you have ever seriously prayed the prayer of Jabez, look out!! (So you won’t misunderstand that statement, I am posting >a really good explanation< of the Prayer of Jabez so you will understand what I mean when I say, “we seriously prayed the prayer of Jabez.)

LoPo & NoPo have hummer feeders in the front and the back and I was determined to get a good picture.  Today, I had to settle with a so-so picture.100_1266 100_1270

Their home is beautiful and really a lot larger on the inside than it looks because of the finished basement.100_1275

Before we drove over to the Hungry Wolf for dinner, I spotted this dragonfly on the end of a blue spruce branch.  Now if I could just do this well with the hummers.  In my defense, the dragonfly was sitting still.100_1276100_1277

Love this Michigan farm shot.100_1278-1We saw some unusual barns on the way to the Hungry Wolf.  This is the only green barn we’ve seen.100_1280

And this barn is really unusual. It’s “L” shaped and the corner is built on a curve including the roof.  It’s hard to see it in this picture.100_1286

We talked and talked and talked and laughed and enjoyed our time tonight with the Norm and Lori.  Looking forward to more time with them tomorrow!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Mackinaw to LeRoy

Our final stop on our way back to LeRoy:  The Hartwick Pines State Park.100_1113100_1115

A few of the birds we observed outside the museum.2010 July 29 Mackinaw to LeRoy-1

A point of interest at this state park is a logging mill camp from the past. The bunk house, buildings and history of that era were very interesting but I was more interested in the Chapel in the Pines.  Finding the nice trail, I took the quarter mile stroll through the 125 year old pines.100_1175100_1177

Even the shadows dancing on the walkway fascinated me.  I know, I’m easily entertained. 100_1183

The Chapel in the Pines.100_1185100_1186100_1188100_1191-1100_1192100_1198100_1200

Finally, the rest of the group caught up with me.100_1204

Kathy noticed that the smaller tree to the right of the tree in the center, grew up, leaning toward the bigger tree and wrapping around further up, as you can see in this picture. 100_1207

Stopping to rest on a park bench on our way back to the vehicle.156_3635

Larry and Don discussing the logging equipment inside.  Their pose struck me as funny, but I’m refraining from writing anything humorous. (I must have a fever.)100_1217

As we got closer to the Gingrich’s Farm, I took a few pictures that caught my eye.  This looked like a hay-stonehenge.100_1221

Stonehenge on the English countryside.

The rolling hills covered with green crops is really pretty here.100_1230100_1233

We love the church buildings out in the country in the rural communities.100_1232

We arrived at Larry and Elaine’s home about 3:30 PM…100_1239

… got their stuff unloaded, hugged, thanked God we are still all friends :-) and said our “see you later’s.”  100_1238

What an incredible four days we have had with Jack and Kathy Gordon and Larry and Elaine Gingrich.  They should get a check from the State of Michigan for being such good ambassadors of tourism!  We can not thank you enough.