Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Fun, Fun, Fun Flip Flops

You will need:

  1. One pair of flip flop soles
  2. Two strips of fuzzy acrylic fake fur 18”-24” long and 1 1/2” – 2” wide.
  3. Gorilla glue

This pair of very comfy DIY flip flops started with the soles of a cheap pair of red flip flops and…fake fur.... incredibly soft and comfortable

this piece of very soft and fuzzy acrylic fur.100_1262With this type of fabric, the 1 1/2” wide strips must be cut so that the strips do not stretch. It’s a good idea to take these strips outside and shake them real good to get the loose pieces of fuzz & lint off, otherwise, they will be all over you and the furniture and the floor. 

I used two strips about 18-24 inches long so I would have enough to tie knots in the ends and a slip knot on top.

Next, push the two ends through the toe hole, pulling through enough to tie in a knot.

Read instructions on the picture:100_1266

I trimmed the ends to about 3/4” width, so they were not as wide and didn’t make a huge knot on the bottom of the flip flop, because there are two strips in the one toe hole.  (Does that make sense?)

Push one end of each strip in the side holes and pull through to the size that fits your foot and then tie a tight knot in the end to hold the strips.100_1265



I used this 1/2 yard of acrylic fleece for the next two pair of flip flops.  Fleece comes in all colors and patterns and solid colors, too.100_1263

Unlike the fake fur, this fabric may be cut so the the strips are stretchy. You’ll see what I mean once you start working with the fabric.

I cut a long strip across the fabric about 1” wide.

Cut that strip into 5” pieces. (I truly do not measure. I cut the first piece and then use that piece as a guide so the pieces will be near the same length.)

Next, snip the piece twice on each end to make three strips on each end.100_1268

Now it’s time to start tying them around the strap on either side of the part that goes between the toes. 

I use just a simple double knot, stretching out the middle portion of the strip and pulling the knot very tight.

After you tie the strips slide/push them very snuggly together.

Now pull and stretch out the ends creating a curly effect on the end of some of the pieces.  All pieces will not be real curly, but that’s ok.


That’s all there is to it. Easy.

It’s up to you how “woolly” you want your flip flop.  You can cover part of the strap or….

you can cover all of the strap. 100_1250 (The acrylic fleece on this woolly flop has been washed and the strips seem to have more curl, so washing the fabric before using it may be a curl factor.  I don’t know.  It could just be the difference in fabric.)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Happy Birthday, Mama

Mama, you have been with Jesus a little over two months now.  I sure do miss you, but, yes, I know… you are not missing me.  (Insert smile here) I am so happy that you are no longer constrained by time and it probably seems like you’ve only just arrived in Heaven.  It brings me much peace and comfort to know that you continue to pray for me and all your loved ones as we pass through this stage of of life, our earthly stage.  Having you waiting for me there makes Heaven an even sweeter place to long for.

I have a bazillion favorite pictures of my Mama, but will only post a few in honor of her 94th birthday.

1920 – two years old.  1920

1935 - seventeen years old.1935 age 17

1954 – 36 years old.1954 June - Colorado River

1972 – 54 years old.1972 - Trudy Rhodes at home

1995 – 77 years old.. with me.1995 Jun 26 - Trudy (77) & LaVon (46) at Trudy's apt, Norman, OK

Summer of 2000 with great-granddaughter, Lydia.2000 Summer w Lydia

2008 with son-in-law, Mike Price, on her first Harley ride… just a two months shy of 90 years old.2008 Apr 19 Harley Mama 5

2008 – 90 years old.

2009 – a day after her 91st birthday, after cataract surgery.

2011 – her 93rd birthday.2011 birthday jun 26 16

2010 Jun 19 hands - Mama and LaVon

Sweet Jesus, I’m sure the party has already started. Please give my Mama a hug for me and tell her I love her and miss her and think of her all the time.  Please tell her to hug You for me, too.  I love You so much and I’m so happy Mama is with You.  I know you are taking good care of her. I don’t have to tell You to tell her that You are taking good care of us, also.  She already knows that.  Help me have that same trust in You that she has, for after all, we are both with You… time and space are no constraint for You either.  I know that years don’t matter anymore for Mama, but it does matter that she was born, so I sure pray her birthday is being celebrated and tell her that today, on earth, it’s June 26th and we are celebrating her. 



I Love You,

Your daughter,

Trudy LaVon.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

TastyKakes are yummm-eeeee

For about a week now… ever since Snookie (of Quinn’s Awesome Journey blog fame) called me asking for our mailing address, I have been waiting excitedly for a box.  It finally arrived at Leslie’s yesterday and we picked it up today after church.  (We would have picked it up earlier, but were out of town visiting my cousin.)100_1255

TASTYKAKE!! Four different flavors!! Finally, the treat that we have heard so much about!  Of course, I had to open the box at Leslie’s and share with the Grands.

100_1256Don and I tried a chocolate/peanut butter Kandy Kake immediately… Tasty!!Thumbs up

When we got back to the Q, we just had to have a butterscotch flavor Krimpet.  Don bit into his so fast, I wasn’t ready with the camera so the picture is a little blurry, but you get the idea.100_1257

Mouth is full, waiting to take next bite.Thumbs up100_1258

Butterscotch Krimpets are very tasty! Thumbs upThumbs up100_1260

Weight loss efforts???100_1261


Thanks, Snookie!!!  So far, we love Tastykakes.  In the morning, we’ll have the crème filled Koffee Kakes with our coffee…. if we can wait that long.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Visit with cousin Patsy

We drove an hour east today to visit my cousin, Patsy.  This was the first time I have ever been to her house.  We saw her back in March when she came to visit Mama Trudy.

Patsy and Ralph are in the middle of remodeling and adding decks to their house, so we stopped and picked up Subway sandwiches for them and their friend, Brent, the electrician, who was there installing a light fixture and fan on the back deck.100_1253

We love what they are doing with their home and I am wondering what in the world I took my camera for if I was only going to take one picture.

This sixty plus acres out in the country in Navarro County, Texas, is the place that Patsy’s husband, Ralph, was born on and he has lived here all his life.  For someone who moves every few months, I can’t imagine living in one place all my life, but I guess it has it’s advantages. In love

It was so good to visit with Patsy and Ralph.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Marzie & Donna scootering

Don’s Navy buddy, Marzie and wife, Donna, are a hoot!  They have recently purchased scooters and both love them.  Marzie rides his back and forth to work and Donna rides hers all the time, too.  In a week, she’s put over 150 miles on her three-wheel scooter, that she has got up to 60 MPH on the highway.  Go Donna!!

This evening, they came to visit us, riding their scooters.100_5694

Uh oh, my Don sat down on Marzie’s scooter. In love100_5695

We asked them if they knew what the trailer hitch is for.  They do, but Donna is looking at upgrading her scooter soon.100_5696

They came inside where it is cooler and we caught up for about an hour.  Marzie has a new job as credit union manager and Donna still works part time at the church office where they go to church.100_5697

Donna is just too cute on her three wheeler.100_5698


And they ride off into the sunset horizon.100_5700

Woolly Flops are born!

100_5673It is amazing what can be done with a yard of acrylic fleece.

This is my first pair of DIY flip flops that I blogged about earlier this month.100_5669

This is the second pair of flips flops I made.  Actually, these are sandals as the strap goes around the heel.  The fleece is stretchy, so they just slip over the heel and stay in place perfectly.  Again, so comfy.100_0016100_0018100_0020

And the third pair of flip flops!  The Woolly Flops!  Leslie said, “I should put those on and dust my base boards!”100_1252

Woolly Flops consist of strips of fleece tied around the existing part of the flip flop. Nothing was cut off the original flip flop to make the Woolly Flop.  One direction of the piece of fleece is stretchy than the other direction and I think it’s cross the material, but check it by pulling on it slightly to see which way stretches more.  The more it stretches the better the ends curl and the cuter the Woolly Flop.  Make sense?100_5693

Emma loved my Woolly Flops so much that she wanted a pair.  So off to the dollar store we went today, for a pair of $1 flip flops in her size.  I spent this afternoon cutting strips of fleece, tying them to her flip flops with a simple double knot and stretching the strips to make them curly q’s.



She loves her Woolly Flops!! Nonna is happy!!100_5692

Stay tuned.  I have another idea twirling around in my head… I still have fleece remaining. Open-mouthed smile

[Again, for a tutorial from the beginning, check out this website… Flip Flop Refashion]