Thursday, June 21, 2012

Woolly Flops are born!

100_5673It is amazing what can be done with a yard of acrylic fleece.

This is my first pair of DIY flip flops that I blogged about earlier this month.100_5669

This is the second pair of flips flops I made.  Actually, these are sandals as the strap goes around the heel.  The fleece is stretchy, so they just slip over the heel and stay in place perfectly.  Again, so comfy.100_0016100_0018100_0020

And the third pair of flip flops!  The Woolly Flops!  Leslie said, “I should put those on and dust my base boards!”100_1252

Woolly Flops consist of strips of fleece tied around the existing part of the flip flop. Nothing was cut off the original flip flop to make the Woolly Flop.  One direction of the piece of fleece is stretchy than the other direction and I think it’s cross the material, but check it by pulling on it slightly to see which way stretches more.  The more it stretches the better the ends curl and the cuter the Woolly Flop.  Make sense?100_5693

Emma loved my Woolly Flops so much that she wanted a pair.  So off to the dollar store we went today, for a pair of $1 flip flops in her size.  I spent this afternoon cutting strips of fleece, tying them to her flip flops with a simple double knot and stretching the strips to make them curly q’s.



She loves her Woolly Flops!! Nonna is happy!!100_5692

Stay tuned.  I have another idea twirling around in my head… I still have fleece remaining. Open-mouthed smile

[Again, for a tutorial from the beginning, check out this website… Flip Flop Refashion]

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The flip flops look like winners. I think you should start manufacturing them!