Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Happy Birthday, Mama

Mama, you have been with Jesus a little over two months now.  I sure do miss you, but, yes, I know… you are not missing me.  (Insert smile here) I am so happy that you are no longer constrained by time and it probably seems like you’ve only just arrived in Heaven.  It brings me much peace and comfort to know that you continue to pray for me and all your loved ones as we pass through this stage of of life, our earthly stage.  Having you waiting for me there makes Heaven an even sweeter place to long for.

I have a bazillion favorite pictures of my Mama, but will only post a few in honor of her 94th birthday.

1920 – two years old.  1920

1935 - seventeen years old.1935 age 17

1954 – 36 years old.1954 June - Colorado River

1972 – 54 years old.1972 - Trudy Rhodes at home

1995 – 77 years old.. with me.1995 Jun 26 - Trudy (77) & LaVon (46) at Trudy's apt, Norman, OK

Summer of 2000 with great-granddaughter, Lydia.2000 Summer w Lydia

2008 with son-in-law, Mike Price, on her first Harley ride… just a two months shy of 90 years old.2008 Apr 19 Harley Mama 5

2008 – 90 years old.

2009 – a day after her 91st birthday, after cataract surgery.

2011 – her 93rd birthday.2011 birthday jun 26 16

2010 Jun 19 hands - Mama and LaVon

Sweet Jesus, I’m sure the party has already started. Please give my Mama a hug for me and tell her I love her and miss her and think of her all the time.  Please tell her to hug You for me, too.  I love You so much and I’m so happy Mama is with You.  I know you are taking good care of her. I don’t have to tell You to tell her that You are taking good care of us, also.  She already knows that.  Help me have that same trust in You that she has, for after all, we are both with You… time and space are no constraint for You either.  I know that years don’t matter anymore for Mama, but it does matter that she was born, so I sure pray her birthday is being celebrated and tell her that today, on earth, it’s June 26th and we are celebrating her. 



I Love You,

Your daughter,

Trudy LaVon.

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Norm and Lori said...

Happy Birthday Mama Trudy. NoPo is celebrating his Birthday today too. LaVon, what a lovely tribute to your Mama on her Birthday. I am sure she is smiling down upon you today, as she does every day. Love you, LoPo