Sunday, June 3, 2012

“Have You Prayed About It”

God, in His infinite wisdom, led us to Oakhills Church this morning.100_0972The story of this church and how they came to acquire this location is amazing.  It’s a perfect location and was built by a family for family reunions and meetings.  Oakhills Fredericksburg is a satellite campus of Oakhills Church in San Antonio where Max Lucado is the pastor.

I will post about Max Lucado’s sermon, “Have You Prayed About It?” in a separate post.  Don and I walked out of church with a fresh fire, so encouraged about prayer and our call to it.

While visiting with the Oakhills pastor, we learned of their vision to incorporate work campers in their community projects as leaders, workers and mentors.  The church is prepared with ten full hook-up sites on the campus and the work campers will be able to park for free while working.  We were thrilled to hear about this churches vision for developing relationships with RV’ers!

Before going to the afternoon show at the Rock Box, we had an OPA sausage and kraut sandwich at Altdorf.100_0981


The doors open at 1:30 PM at the…100_0987for the 2:00 PM show.

This lady could belt out Areatha Franklin.  WoW!100_1004

There was a band and six singers that performed for two hours and were really good.  We thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon.

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Joel and Linda said...

Sounds like a great day!!