Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Fun, Fun, Fun Flip Flops

You will need:

  1. One pair of flip flop soles
  2. Two strips of fuzzy acrylic fake fur 18”-24” long and 1 1/2” – 2” wide.
  3. Gorilla glue

This pair of very comfy DIY flip flops started with the soles of a cheap pair of red flip flops and…fake fur.... incredibly soft and comfortable

this piece of very soft and fuzzy acrylic fur.100_1262With this type of fabric, the 1 1/2” wide strips must be cut so that the strips do not stretch. It’s a good idea to take these strips outside and shake them real good to get the loose pieces of fuzz & lint off, otherwise, they will be all over you and the furniture and the floor. 

I used two strips about 18-24 inches long so I would have enough to tie knots in the ends and a slip knot on top.

Next, push the two ends through the toe hole, pulling through enough to tie in a knot.

Read instructions on the picture:100_1266

I trimmed the ends to about 3/4” width, so they were not as wide and didn’t make a huge knot on the bottom of the flip flop, because there are two strips in the one toe hole.  (Does that make sense?)

Push one end of each strip in the side holes and pull through to the size that fits your foot and then tie a tight knot in the end to hold the strips.100_1265



I used this 1/2 yard of acrylic fleece for the next two pair of flip flops.  Fleece comes in all colors and patterns and solid colors, too.100_1263

Unlike the fake fur, this fabric may be cut so the the strips are stretchy. You’ll see what I mean once you start working with the fabric.

I cut a long strip across the fabric about 1” wide.

Cut that strip into 5” pieces. (I truly do not measure. I cut the first piece and then use that piece as a guide so the pieces will be near the same length.)

Next, snip the piece twice on each end to make three strips on each end.100_1268

Now it’s time to start tying them around the strap on either side of the part that goes between the toes. 

I use just a simple double knot, stretching out the middle portion of the strip and pulling the knot very tight.

After you tie the strips slide/push them very snuggly together.

Now pull and stretch out the ends creating a curly effect on the end of some of the pieces.  All pieces will not be real curly, but that’s ok.


That’s all there is to it. Easy.

It’s up to you how “woolly” you want your flip flop.  You can cover part of the strap or….

you can cover all of the strap. 100_1250 (The acrylic fleece on this woolly flop has been washed and the strips seem to have more curl, so washing the fabric before using it may be a curl factor.  I don’t know.  It could just be the difference in fabric.)

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