Thursday, June 21, 2012

Marzie & Donna scootering

Don’s Navy buddy, Marzie and wife, Donna, are a hoot!  They have recently purchased scooters and both love them.  Marzie rides his back and forth to work and Donna rides hers all the time, too.  In a week, she’s put over 150 miles on her three-wheel scooter, that she has got up to 60 MPH on the highway.  Go Donna!!

This evening, they came to visit us, riding their scooters.100_5694

Uh oh, my Don sat down on Marzie’s scooter. In love100_5695

We asked them if they knew what the trailer hitch is for.  They do, but Donna is looking at upgrading her scooter soon.100_5696

They came inside where it is cooler and we caught up for about an hour.  Marzie has a new job as credit union manager and Donna still works part time at the church office where they go to church.100_5697

Donna is just too cute on her three wheeler.100_5698


And they ride off into the sunset horizon.100_5700

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