Sunday, November 9, 2008

It's Sunday-part 3-Little House

Our last stop was quite a treat, especially if you are a Little House on the Prairie fan.  Note: we don't know the lady in the cabin door, but she's short.  You'll see what I mean a few pictures down.don't know her - Little House on the Prairie

I'll let the next few pictures explain themselves.Little House on the PrairieThe way I understand this sign:  The cabin here is not actually the cabin the Ingalls lived in, but similar to it.  However, this is the place where they lived. 

Little House on the PrairieMy apologies, this sign is difficult to read.  Little House on the Prairie I just noticed that no part of this buckboard is touching the ground.  I see the springs, but where's the seat?Little House on the Prairie The post office at Wayside, KS.  Little House on the PrairieOne of the first things Don thought about when we got here was "how did the Ingalls get here?"Little House on the PrairieDon said, "What's the ague?" I remember reading about it in the book, but can't remember.  I think it's a plague that happened and a lot of their neighbors died, though.  Give us the facts, Holly. Little House on the Prairie Here's Don going to school at the Sunny Side, KS school house. :-)Little House on the Prairie school house Inside the school house.  No really.  Those are school desks. Four rows, small, intermediate, medium and large.... all in one room.  One room:  a great teaching tool for discipline, unity and respect. Little House on the Prairie

  I'm not sure they were the desks that Laura & Mary Ingalls used, but they're old, regardless.Little House on the Prairie See what I mean?  Don and I both had to duck to walk in the door.  It was a very small door.Ingalls cabin, Little House on the Prairie Inside the cabin:inside the cabin, Little House on the Prairie This fireplace would have no problem heating this small room.  (Guess they brought the buckboard seat inside to prevent weather damage.) inside the cabin, Little House on the Prairie  The good ole days?inside the cabin, Little House on the Prairie The fireplace mantle. fireplace mantle, Little House on the Prairie Back outside, the hand-dug well. Little House on the Prairie There was the Prairie Store inside this farm house, but we didn't go in.  (Don's recliner was calling his name.) What a neat little farm house... my imagination goes wild. I'm glad the tornadoes in this area have missed this house, Little House on the Prairie Another view of the cabin... about 10' x 12', maybe.Little House on the Prairie And the post office and school house.Little House on the Prairie Now this picture is probably only of interest to me.  I'm holding a piece of fruit from the Bois d' Arc(pronounced in Texas: bow-dark) tree in the background.  This fruit we called, in Texas, a horse apple and our horses loved to eat them.this is a horse apple, fruit of the Bois d'arc tree The wood of the Bois d' arc tree is very, very hard.  This row of trees reminds me of the Bois d' Arc trees on the fence rows back home, because they were too hard to cut down.  Barbed wire would be tied to the trees with baling wire.  I've actually seen barbed wire that looked like it was coming out of the tree trunk as the tree had grown around the wire.  (About now, Don is sitting in the pickup patiently waiting for me to finish taking pictures of TREES.)row of Bois d'arc trees at Little House on the Prairie This was a very interesting stop for both of us and we recommend it to everyone who is traveling through SE Kansas.  Awwww, man!... we missed the nature trail and the foot bridge over Walnut Creek. Maybe we'll go back.  I'm sure there's a tree over there that's never been photographed!Little House on the Prairie Don't forget to leave a .... Little House on the PrairieGood-bye, Little House on the Prairie.Little House on the Prairie    Finally, Don got me back in the truck.  The next shots are from US 75 on the way to Caney, Kansas & Coffeyville.SE KS Kind of a sad picture of an old farm building from the past.  Wonder if there's anyone living who could tell a story about it? SE KS A pheasant hunter's paradise. SE KS along US 75 OK.... look real close at the horse running across the top of the ridge to the left.  There not real horses.  That's metal art!metal art on the ridge along US 75 near Caney  (Don is now yawning.  "Hold on, Hon, we're almost home.")SE KS  I see the Quantum, Don sees his recliner and the football game of which he saw none of before he was sound asleep.  Must admit that I took a good Sunday afternoon nap, also.The Quantum is home  We had been awake all of five minutes when Tom and Kathy knocked on the door.  Perfect timing!  We visited with them for about an hour and then they left.  We met them at 6:30 PM at the First Baptist Church Harvest Homecoming Singing.  We enjoyed the singing very much.  We enjoyed, also, the fact that about eight different churches in town came together to have this Singing.

Well, my sweet hubby has left me for Z-land with the TV playing the music of a black and white silent movie.  I've listened to about as much of this perky music as I can stand and I've finished this post, so until tomorrow, God willing, hope your enjoyed "It's Sunday," pleasant dreams to all and may God bless you.

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