Saturday, November 1, 2008

Saturday stroll

Just about the only folks we have a chance to meet are those who have not yet gone to work.  Some people have been waiting as long as a month to go to work.  The dismal economy has slowed down distribution at, also. 

We decided to take a stroll after breakfast this morning.  It's another beautiful day here.  Over by the playground part of this park is a pole with this sign attached to it.  The sign says: 2007 Flood Level.  I should have had Don stand beside the pole so you could see exactly how high the water got.  It's at least seven feet to the mark.100_8455 A few days ago, this gentleman was walking by our 5'er with this little Chihuahua/Corgi mix and I didn't have my camera.  So, the only reason I'm going to share this story is because I want to testify as to how much God loves us and cares about the very small desires of our hearts. (I feel a little foolish telling you what I asked God for.){insert grin} While I was putting on my shoes, I asked the LORD to allow me to see this little doggy again so I could get a picture.  My Father answered my prayer.  He used my desire to take a picture to bring about our meeting of two very nice people and their little Bootsy.  This is Bill (from Florida and California) and Bootsy.100_8456Bootsy, two years old, was a little shy, but she soon warmed up to me.100_8457 She is definitely a miniature of my Murphy, the corgi I had before we became full-timers, except Bootsy has a tail!.100_8458We visited with Bill, Mary and Bootsy for quite a while.  Mary said that she has taught Bootsy how to sit up with her paws crossed as she says the blessing for her food and the same when she says her prayers at night.  I would really love to get a picture of that!  They were tickled to hear about church here and said they would see us there in the morning.

Thank you, sweet LORD, for answering my prayer in such a perfect way.

We continued our stroll and decided we would walk the levee by the Verdigris River.100_8459


100_8461We took our time and stopped to watch the bulldozer working in the new addition to the RV park.  There goal was to have this addition ready by Nov. 1.  They didn't make it.100_8462


100_8463Behind us.100_8465In front of us.100_8466Behind us.100_8467In front of us after we turned the corner. 8th Street is in front of us.100_8468Behind us is the curve in the levee.100_8469Soybean field next to the Walter Johnson Park.  We had a great view from on top of the levee.100_8471Another couple taking a Saturday morning stroll, also. They're way back there in the center of the picture.100_8472We finally made it around to 8th Street and only about 1/4 mile from the 'house.'  I guess the L.M. Francis' (name on top of the mailbox) once lived down this drive, but not anymore... no house there now.100_8473Just wee bit of color in a couple of the trees we passed.100_8474

100_8475Our Saturday morning stroll turned out to be over a mile hike, but it was fun.  You know, anytime I can take pictures AND walk with my sweetie, I'm going to have a good time. Hope you enjoyed meeting Bootsy and our stroll on the levee by the river.

While trying to post this... having a little trouble... our neighbor, Gene, from a few doors down, knocked on our door to tell us that his wife, Jorine's, older and only brother living, passed away suddenly this morning while working on a Habitat for Humanity project in Bloomfield, IL.  Don and I walked over immediately and talked to & hugged Jorine, mostly allowing her to talk and we prayed with her.  She and Gene will leave in the morning and be gone for about a week or so.  Please pray for this family at this time, for comfort and for safety as they travel.  Gene and Jorine have been to church every Sunday, but one and are a sweet Christian couple.  She said her brother was a Christian and she drew much comfort in knowing that she will see him again.  Right now, because she's the only one left in her family, she feels somewhat like an orphan and it's tough for her.  As we pray for this to be a sweet time of reflection for the family, it's no coincidence that I had already added the following to this post.

Commandment No. Two

(think about it)


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