Tuesday, November 11, 2008

God made it possible!

It seems part of our family sure made the news yesterday.  First, grandson Dillon and then his dad, Rick.  Don received this email from Stephanie this morning:



Take a look at this link.  Rick was apart of a miracle yesterday!  (God made it possible!)"

[Be sure to pause the "playlist" to stop the music so you can hear the video.]

When you click on the link, be patient while it loads.  It will be the video in the center of the screen.  A quick commercial will run before the feature.  The commentator gets a little confused and calls our son-in-law "Randy Vaughan" instead of by his name, Rick Vaughan, who is the general manager at Oak Creek Homes in Tulsa. 

This is a wonderful story and a joy to know that good, compassionate people are all around us in time of need, even when the economy is "in the toilet."

Don called Stephanie after we watched the video and she said that over $40,000 had been donated yesterday, in one day and more was still coming in.  Children were emptying their piggybanks and fastfood employees where giving their last few dollars and were willing to go without money in their pocket until payday Friday.  Some folks were at work and wanted to donate but couldn't get to the radio station or Bank of Oklahoma, so Rick spent the day driving all over Tulsa collecting donations.  Today, he is locating a place to park the Booker's new home.  The Booker's have been placed in temporary housing until their new home is ready at which time, there will be an "extreme" unveiling for them on a Sunday afternoon.  All the people who have made donations will be invited to join in welcoming the Bookers to their new home.

Also, Steph said that Mr. Booker had very recently been laid off from his job and while they were at the radio station yesterday, six job offers came in for him. 

Randy and Becky drove to the radio station yesterday, in the rain, in an old pickup that needs work, without a front windshield, thanks to the tornado that had destroyed their home last Wednesday night.  While they were at the station, a glass company came over and installed a windshield in their truck.  With the donations coming in, a newer truck will be purchased for Randy to drive work.

Stay tuned... we will keep you informed when the Booker's new home is ready to be unveiled.  There will be more media coverage, I'm sure.

We are rejoicing that Rick was a part of such a blessing and I'm sure he will confirm that he's the one that was blessed to be a part of a community coming together to help in such a huge way.  God does indeed take something bad and bring good out of it.

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