Sunday, November 16, 2008

Church this morning and January plans

They just kept coming through the door... we even had to put up five extra chairs this morning in the "church" room for about 35 attendees.  What a blessing.  A few of the new faces at the concert last night were in church this morning.  As usual, I did not print enough bulletins (when I print more, fewer people show up).

God gave Don a wonderful sermon out of Matthew 25:31-40 about meeting the spiritual and physical needs of people in need and exactly what Jesus has to say about it. 

After church, folks just stood around and visited and got to know each other.  It was great!

We even had a beautiful black lab in church this morning and alas... no picture.  Just close your eyes and picture it... you all know what a big, healthy, solid black lab looks like and he got lots of attention after church.  He was very well mannered, could give high-fives, shake hands and sit (all things he demonstrated) and he loved to be loved on.  There now, you even have a "movie" of Kiva and all the folks at church this morning.

Finally, we got the call from Arizona.  Looks like we will be back in the Casa Grande area in January.  We have really been praying about what to do and we are trusting God that He has opened this door and we will walk through it and trust Him with anything else that might be a concern for us.  It's so awesome to know that the great and mighty and all powerful God who created this whole universe and beyond, cares, guides and provides for us as we have committed everything in our lives to Him.  Isn't His love just mind boggling?

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Snookie said...

I'm counting the days till you get here girlfriend!

I was really sorry to hear about your purse being "missing". I bet Santa brings you a new camera! Maybe he won't even make you wait till Christmas!