Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wonderful Wednesday

This has been an exciting day for us.  It's a joy when you know God is doing something special.

While I stayed around the house to answer the door when folks came to pick up their mail, Don went to visit a local pastor who is part of an organization called GenesisGenesis consists of local pastors and a few other citizens who are interested in providing food and clothing for those in need.  Don was excited to hear about Genesis and right away started figuring out how our church group here could help out. The workampers that have been to church with us are very interested in giving back to the community here and not just moving in, working and leaving. 

The pastor Don talked to was also very, very interested to hear about the free clinics in Eufaula and Branson, saying that he knew for a fact that the doctors and hospitals here in Coffeyville and Independence would be very interested to see a free clinic become a reality here.  Don called, Dennis, and of course, he was thrilled to hear this.  To have a faith-based free medical clinic in this area is something that is much needed and we believe this is a tremendous way to help people's physical and spiritual needs.  Don will meet the first Thursday of December with the Ministerial Alliance here to share all about CRM, International and answer any questions they may have.  We are praying that the pastors and the professional community here will catch this vision and God will be able to use them to get free clinic ministry going here in Coffeyville, Kansas.  He did it in Eufaula and Branson... He can do it here!

Don picked up a Coffeyville Journal newspaper to make sure the ad for our free concert Saturday night (the 15th) was in it... it is, and he saw another ad about a group of beauticians that will be giving free hair care to Seniors, who live in Care Centers, for a Christmas gift.  They are asking for donations to cover some of their costs.  We love this idea and Don will present it at church Sunday to see if anyone else thinks this a good idea.

About the concert, Nannette Vaughan (no relation) is coming to give a concert at the rec center here.  We're praying that  many workampers will come who are not working the night shift and also the concert is open to the public.  Nannette has a moving life story and she is a very gifted singer and song writer.

And then we had a single semi-retired lady come to our 5'er for prayer for her great-niece's very young son who is being tested for children's leukemia.  Also, her niece's husband is waiting for biopsy results regarding a lump on his lung. Just a lot going on in her family and she needed to talk and have someone pray with her.  That's what we're here for.

To top off a very wonderful day, the clouds all drifted away and the sun came out!!The sun is shining again! Later in the evening just before dinner, I happened to look up at our "sky window" and saw this beautiful harvest moon.... still no clouds. harvest moon shining through our window As Don said Sunday, "regardless of what happens, the sun comes up in the morning and God is still in control."

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