Saturday, November 8, 2008

#8 of 12 "commandments"


#8 states: "Since hate poisons the soul, do not cherish jealousy.  Avoid people who make you unhappy."

It's true.  The Bible says in several scriptures that hate is bad and damages the hater much more than it hurts the hated.

Until I got a grip on dealing with the EGR's (extra grace required) in my life, I found it best to stay away from them, but the more I learn about Jesus Christ the less I feel that I need to avoid anyone.

If you are struggling with anger, hate, jealousy and bitterness seems to be taking over your life, just click on the picture (#8) to read a page that is really good and will be very helpful and you will be blessed.  Let me add that I do not know anything about the person that wrote this, but he does a good job on the subject of "bitterness."


It's turned cooler today, but the wind calmed down a little and it didn't rain.  At least, we got to run the awning out for a while to let it dry out.

I must apologize for my negligence in taking pictures when we have guests.  I just get so involved in visiting that I forget to take pictures.

Around the middle of the day, John & Judy Long stopped by for a visit.  They are NOMADS, which is an RV ministry of the United Methodists.  They travel around doing mostly repair projects where they are needed.  John is working at for a few months and then they will be off to meet with other NOMADS at another project.  I just love meeting all these new friends and hearing about the wonderful things they are doing.  John & Judy are newlyweds just like Don and I.  We got married on May 5, 2006 and they got married on May 13, 2006.  Delightful folks!

Later, Dave knocked on our door to pick up his check as he was away yesterday (pay day).  Don had made a big pot of chicken & dumpling soup and I had made a pan of cornbread and we were just finishing up eating so I said, "Come on in, Dave, and have a hot bowl of homemade soup!"  Normally, Dave has his big yellow lab, Buddy, with him, but not today, so he came in and enjoyed a cup of Don's wonderful chicken & dumpling soup.  We had a nice visit with Dave and just tickled that he felt comfortable enough to come in and eat with us. (Don wasn't quite finished eating, so Dave didn't have to eat alone.)  I washed up the few dishes while we talked.  I love that about our 5'er... whoever is in the galley doesn't miss out on what's going on in dining and living area.  We are so thankful to God for our "home" and pray that we will use it to bless others and bring glory to Him.

So, thanks to John, Judy and Dave for visiting with us today!

Yeah! Our Sooners won again today.  We watched Texas beat Baylor.  Bummer.  And now we're watching the OSU-Texas Tech game... Tech's ahead right now.

Now it's time for me to prepare the bulletin for church in the morning.  Please pray that more new faces will join with us in worship.

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