Sunday, November 9, 2008

It's Sunday

The Peace that Transcends... that was Don's sermon title this morning from Philippians 4:2-9.  The things that the Apostle Paul instructed the Philippian church to do are all fairly obvious when you read the verses, but Don pointed out a couple of things that Paul did not do that were very interesting to me:

~~Paul did not take sides between the two ladies who were in disagreement.

~~Paul did not dictate.

Think about that.

There's a lot of disagreeing and arguing going on in the world and in the churches just like in Paul's time and the instruction Paul gave the Philippians is just as applicable to us today.

In regard to our individual inner peace, Don referred to Ephesians 3:16 and stating that inner peace is just two little words away:  "Help me" ... Lord, Help me! 

We ended the service with the song, "Rejoice in the Lord, always, and again I say rejoice...." right out of the scripture text for this morning. 

Almost everyone returned from last Sunday with a few new faces.  It was a good day of worshipping our Lord and Savior together.

After church, we decided to drive to Independence to find a good place to eat lunch.  Here are a few more southeast Kansas scenes that I hope you enjoy.

11/09/2008 Sunday driving to Independence KS The terrain and the dark dirt here reminds me so much of where I grew up in central Texas.  There's more farm land here and less pasture than where I was raised, though.Sunday driving to Independence KS This time of year, it's hard to tell whether a tree is actually dead or has just lost it's leaves for the winter.  I think this one is dead, though.SE Kansas dead tree I love both of these dead tree pictures.  (I know, I'm weird)Sunday driving to Independence KS

 Sunday driving to Independence KS [There's a trick to taking pictures from a car while moving... take the picture of your subject just before or just after passing it to avoid getting a blur.]Sunday driving to Independence KS A sheep farm!  Wow!  There really is a lot to see in SE Kansas if you just look for it.Sunday driving to Independence KS And cattle grazing in the distance.  Geez, this looks like where I grew up. Sunday driving to Independence KS Isn't this peaceful looking?Sunday driving to Independence KS We like the homes made from metal and think if we ever 'settle down' we would like to have a small metal building house much like this one... only smaller.Sunday driving to Independence KS These old houses and buildings fascinate me.Sunday driving to Independence KS I forgot to tell you that on the way, we saw a big buck deer cross the highway in front of us several hundred feet.  Don said he had a pretty large "rack."  He went into brush that looked much like this.Sunday driving to Independence KS Independence is the county seat of Montgomery County, Kansas.Independence, KS Every time we come to Indy, I see something new to photograph.  On several downtown street corners, some one has created life-like sculpture.  Here's a family out for a bike ride.Independence, KS street art I don't know how long this old clock has been here, but it looks like they preserved it's place when the street was widened.Independence, KS street clock There were already a quite a few cars parked at the Calico Cafe downtown and it wasn't even 12:00 yet, so we decided this might get a good lunch here.lunch at the Calico Cafe We walked into a very large room with a Sunday Buffet all set up with salad bar, and dessert bar.  The waitress said they are open Sunday through Friday and offer meals from a menu everyday except Sunday when the crowd comes in all at once, so they serve from the buffet on Sunday.  Each table had a fresh carnation in a bud vase.lunch table side piece, Calico Cafe, Independence I had the chicken fried chicken.  It was really good.  The potatoes were the hash brown casserole that Don likes so well.lunch @ Calico Cafe, Independence, KS While Don was paying the check ($7.99/each.. not bad at all), I was taking pictures of the decorations.  Calico Cafe wall art, Independence, KS

 cats decorated the Calico Cafe, Independence, KS Have you figured out why it's called Calico Cafe, yet?Calico Cafe, Independence, KS

 Calico Cafe, Independence, KS Even the border is cats.border, Calico Cafe (continue to part 2)

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