Sunday, November 9, 2008

It's Sunday-part 2-Elk City State Park

Of course, I took a few shots as we drove out of Independence. A few trees are getting a late start at turning.  This was a really neat house, too. Independence, KS Such a well manicured place on the way to Elk City State Park.pretty farm, SE KS More grazing cattle.lazy cows, SE KS The next few shots are at Elk City State Park where a few of the workampers are parked.Elk City State Park, KS A good view of the lake.Elk City State Park, KS Lots of room to walk and enjoy the blessings of God's creation. If you just want to get away from the rat race, this is a nice place and there are some full-hook-up sites here.Elk City State Park, KS It's really pretty and peaceful here.Elk City State Park, KS

  Ohhhhh... a tree of color!Elk City State Park, KSNotice the rest rooms in the background.Elk City State Park, KS This is a very pretty place to park, but it's a bit too remote to have to drive to Coffeyville 4 - 5 days a week.  Great for relaxing, though. Elk City State Park, KS Just out of the state park... any one want a John Deere?Independence, KS  (continue to part 3)

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The Longs said...

Thanks for the pictures,, now i won't have to take any ,, just paste these over to our blog..LOL