Friday, November 28, 2008

Our Thanksgiving Day in pictures

Don and I started the day with a wonderful time of devotional and Bible reading and prayer, praising God for blessings too numerous to list.

Even though we couldn't be with them, our extended families were together with family and friends.  Don's mom, sister, son-in-law, grandson & his fiance were together.  Stephanie and family spent the day at Rick's parents. Leslie & family, LaNae and family, Mama Trudy and other friends spent the afternoon together.  Mama Trudy got to play Mexican Train dominoes and she had a really good time.  We missed them all, but we are thankful that they all got to spend the day together.

About 11:30 AM, Linda & Joel picked us up to go to the Thanksgiving Dinner, courtesy of Mark Kays and Express Pros, for all the workampers. 

I had a lot of fun trying out the new camera.  Meet sweet Linda. She brought my favorite dish: green bean casserole.Linda Floto.. too cute Joel's specialty is breads and he made yummy homemade cinnamon rolls. We got a peak when we got in their truck.Joel Floto's delicious cinnamon rolls Here's where we had the dinner and it was out in the middle of nowhere, but only about 15 minutes from town.where we had Thanksgiving lunch The next pictures are random shots to let you see the crowd. Bob & Don.Bob Duncan & Don Diane.Diane Creasy Kathleen and her mom, Mary.Kathleen & Mary Here's Joel listening to Elly.Elly Dekok talking to Joel Floto Mauvis, Kathleen, Joyce, and Mary.Mauvis Slaughter, Kathleen, Joyce Bradley, Mary Dan & Yvonne.Dan & Yvonne Rominger Our canine guest, Kiva. She was amazing.  Her owner said, "Stay" and she "stayed" and "stayed" and "stayed" while he walked away out of sight and she did not move until he came back and told her she could move. Incredible. 

Dave.Dave Olson Kiva's owner, Jim.Jim Miller (Kiva's owner) Kiva, still "staying."Kiva Miller.. still staying I proudly introduce to you, John & Judy Long, who have joined the "ranks" of Christian Resort Ministries, International.  They enjoy doing NOMAD ministry projects and John has already volunteered his services to do some electrical work for a local church that has relocated since the 2007 flood.  They will travel to Branson to go through Chaplain Training when they leave Coffeyville in a couple of weeks.  Welcome to CRM, John & Judy!  We are blessed to have you with us.John & Judy Long OK, here's where I switched to wide angle or something and the rest of the pictures seem a little distorted.  [Bear with me, I will get it figured out. :-)]100_0069 See what I mean?100_0072   Don: "Thank You, Lord, for this day...... in Jesus name. Amen.  Finally, it's time to eat. (Not saying that his pray was long, it wasn't, but by this time the aroma of the food was getting to us.)Don, blessing the food. The line was very long, but it moved quickly.100_0079 Kiva.  Yep. 100_0083 Thanks to Mark Kays for all the turkey, ham, gravy and drinks! [sorry I stretched your picture, Mark]Mark Kays Bill, waving at me from across the room.Bill Enriques Mark supplied disposable plates, etc. but Linda brought "real" plates and flatware for the four of us.  That was extra nice.  Thanks, Linda!! 100_0102 100_0069 100_0105

The meal and fellowship was enjoyed by all, at least 200 people.  Looking at these pictures, my list of things to be thankful just grew more.

When we got back to the 5'er, it was time for a nap.  We are so thankful for naps.

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Mrs. Monty said...

So happy for you that you got your new camera before Thanksgiving dinner!! Enjoyed all your pictures again.