Monday, November 17, 2008

True Story

I can't get the following story out of my mind, so I'm going to share it with you.

Jason & Ru Hargrove, one of the young couples that sang here Saturday evening, shared this miracle story with us:

They have four children:  a daughter, 9, a son, 4, a baby in heaven, and Jacob.

When Ru was 23 weeks 6 days into her pregnancy with Jacob, her water broke.  She went to her doctor and the doctor began to make plans to do a D & C because she said the baby would die and she would probably go into labor in a day or two. (Oh no, not again) All the doctors that saw Ru had the same bad news.  Finally, Jason asked their doctor, "You've said what the percentages are and what you think will happen, but you haven't told us what we need.  What do we need?"  And the doctor told them they needed at least 4 more weeks, but they weren't going to get but a few days, at the most.  And even with four more weeks, the baby would still have so many problems.

At this point, Ru took over the conversation and said to the doctor, "Well, I'm going over your head."  To the doctors questioning look, Ru explained that she was a Christian and that this baby belonged to God and she believed that He would keep the baby alive and he would be born healthy, if that was God's choice. (It was.)  She also told the doctor that they would be praying for her, that God would guide her and give her wisdom.  Ru spent the next four weeks and three days in the hospital to all the doctors and staff's amazement.  Every day the doctor would come in and say, "I can't believe this baby is still alive.  I can't believe you haven't gotten an infection." 

On December 26, 2006, Jacob was born... "Two Pounds Seven Ounces."  Which is the name of the song the Lord gave Jason after Jacob was born.  Jason said, "His skin was transparent and he looked like a lizard, but he was healthy and they couldn't find anything wrong with him."  Jacob spent the next 72 days in the hospital until he reached a weight that would be safe for him to leave.

Jake is almost two years old now and wears a size 3T... a bruiser and no one would ever know that he started out in this world at 2lbs 7oz.

You can imagine the kind of impact this experience had on all the nurses and doctors.  Any nurse that cared for Jake will quickly tell you that Christian parents are the best and easiest to work with, because their trust is in God and not the staff.  The doctor who cared for Ru the month before and delivered Jacob, would not release him to anyone else's care... "This is my baby," she said.  One of the nurses asked her why she didn't turn him over completely to the pediatrician and she explained how Ru and Jason had prayed for HER and their son.  She, the doctor, realized that it wasn't all up to her and that regardless of what happened, Ru and Jason trusted God.... they weren't going to blame her if Jacob didn't make it.  They still take Jake to see this doctor on a regular basis, just as a reminder of God's power and grace and she always lights up when she sees him.

After Jason told their story and sang "Two Pounds Seven Ounces," their was hardly a dry eye in the room.

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