Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Kris update from Carol

Dear friends and loved ones!

The last update, February 9th, probably sounded a bit apprehensive.  It seemed at that point that Kris had experienced a bit of a low point, and her new level of therapy was a complete change for her.  She began the new therapy program that week with all new therapy times, a whole different schedule, and almost all new therapists to work with her.  After speaking with the psychologist on her case that week, I can understand more readily now why she seemed so down and so overwhelmed.  Truth is... she was!

For someone with a TBI (traumatic brain injury), any change is very difficult.  For Kris, it turned into a week of some physical changes, a change in one of her medications (which had a bit of an adverse affect at first), and almost all new people to get used to.  Her first defense was to balk, which made her seem uncooperative, and to appear very tired and weary.  That being said, a new medication helped bring her low mood swing back around, and she seemed to kick into high gear again last week!  Way to go, Kris!

Another development over the past two weeks is that she was able to have a visit from her daughter, Andrea.  I wish with all my heart we could have been there for that happy moment.  But I was told by the charge nurse on duty last Sunday (February 13) that the meeting went relatively smoothly.  Andrea, of course, has not been able to see her mother since before the accident, which occurred April 21, 2010.  A therapist who works closely with Andrea, because she is Autistic, felt that Andrea should not see her mother until Kris was able to interact with her.  Judging from what the charge nurse said, Andrea and Kris spent about a half hour together, which included a hug from Andrea, a big smile from Kris, and working on a puzzle together.  During my daily phone call yesterday (Sunday), Andrea was again there for a visit and, again, the visit lasted about half an hour.  Being Autistic and a 7-year old, the child can be pretty active, so the brief visit is likely best for both Andrea and for Kris.  I do hope and pray so much that these visits will continue to go well and be a good experience for both of them.

On the home front here in Florida, George and I continue to fulfill our commitments and we are still hoping to head back to Texas by April 5th (we have one last show in Florida on April 4th!).  Having said that, I can’t wait!!  No.  I mean it!  I JUST CAN’T WAIT!  So... I found a really good air fare and will fly out next Tuesday to spend a week with Kris.  I’ve been counting the days and they are going very quickly, thank goodness!  So... the next update will be after I return to Florida from my week-long visit, and I’ll be able to send you first hand news again and even a photo or two. 

In the meantime, please keep us in your prayers.  Pray for safe traveling mercies for me, pray that George gets all the things done that he wants to do in preparation for leaving in April, and pray that Kris will have super progress next week!  My very fervent prayer, of course, is that she will talk again soon, and I believe with all my heart that will happen.  How wonderful it would be to hear her speak again!  Of course, God will give her the words in His own time but, oh, how I would love to hear her voice say, “Hey, Mom” next week when I arrive!

You have been so kind and patient as you watch and wait for updates about Kris.  The emails and cards have been such a source of comfort and we are so very grateful.  My next update will be a week or so away, and then we will push full speed ahead to go back to Texas to stay with Kris for the summer.  With the exception of a few appearance dates here and there during that time, we will be in Texas until late October.  God is so good.  Please pray gas prices won’t go out of sight!

Blessings to all,

Carol and George

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