Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Emma’s a Star!!! Student!!!

Our Leslie’s mother-in-law is in ICU.  Kidney failure is no longer a concern, thank you, Jesus, but she still has concerns regarding pneumonia and left lung.  Had CT scan today and I’m waiting to hear the results.  Thank you so much for prayers for her.  She’s really, really sick…. in fact, it’s a miracle she’s alive.

Happy news:  Emma is the Star Student of the Week at her school.  Not only does she look like her mama, she’s an excellent student…. just like her mama.Emma feb 15 2011-1

I put it off as long as I can, but this morning, I had to do laundry.

There are roses near the laundry door.  It’s remarkable that the ice storm didn’t kill the rose bushes.  This picture is pretty true to the color of the rose being photographed…. a deep fresh raw salmon steak color.a deep, deep salmon color

The shuffle boarders where out in force this morning, enjoying the warmer temps.  80 at noon.100_0884

Day 18 of Project New Me…. FIVE POUNDS GONE!! Yeah Jesus!!

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