Friday, February 4, 2011

First in twenty years

The ice rolled in yesterday afternoon and covered everything.  We realized this fact when something hit the top of the Q with quite a loud noise.  The palm tree we are parked beside was dropping ice laden pieces of fronds, etc.

This morning, our steps are still covered in ice, but Don salted them and was able to go to Bible study at 10 :00… delayed thirty minutes.100_0599

The tree beside our site is covered in ice.100_0601

A close-up picture gives a better view.100_0602

The cloud cover is moving out and the sun is shining, so the ice will not last long.  I hope.100_0608

The bank of clouds is going away from us toward the east.100_0604

Here’s the palm tree that has been dropping ice on the Q all night and all day today.  I’m really surprised to see fronds still attached.100_0605

This is where the seeds grow.  All the seeds have dropped, but the ice loved these tiny twigs.100_0606

We’re praying for UPS to show up with one of Don’s vital medications.  He took the last one yesterday morning and should have taken one last night, but was out of it.  Don called UPS this morning and the lady said it should have already been to us and she would trace it and call him.  It is coming from Oklahoma, after all, and traveling conditions haven’t been good.  Also, yesterday, the DPS closed highway 281 and I-83 here, so that’s probably the reason for the UPS delay.Fingers crossed

I am staying at the Q (while Don is at Bible study) waiting for the propane truck.  We need a refill in one tank.  Sure don’t want to run out of heating fuel!Surprised smile

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Michelle DeRusha@Graceful said...

I know it's dangerous, but the ice sure is beautiful, especially coating the trees like that.

I hope the medicine arrived for Don!