Friday, February 25, 2011

Family Friday

Eight:twenty A.M.?!! 8:20 AM, we met Leslie and Camden at the church where Camden goes to “school” three days a week.100_1142

Would you believe it was almost freezing this morning? Camden appears to be walking toward me, but tricky kid is actually walking  backwards.  He loves school.  Hope he maintains that attitude.100_1144

Poppa Doppey and Camden in his class room, ready for doughnuts and orange juice. 100_1146 100_1147

Meanwhile, in another part of the building, Leslie and I are taking part in the Zumba class.  Your heard me!  Well, Leslie Zumba-ed more than I did.  But I sweated more!  100_1152 100_1153

While Leslie and Khalil went back to the hospital to visit Billie, Don and I played with the kids in the waiting room.100_1158

After dinner, we took the kids over to the motel to swim. 100_1160 100_1163

Emma thoroughly enjoyed the hot tub and pool, but Camden was more interested in watching the big boys play in the pool.  He got so excited when they let him throw the ball they were playing with. 100_1170100_1169

Conditions were not what we wished for, but it was good to be with our kids and grandkids.  Camden brought Poppa Doppey a mouse pad with their picture in it… too cute.

We continue to pray for and believe a miracle for Billie.

We will leave in the morning.

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