Monday, February 7, 2011

Windy Monday

I just love this corner with the four giant flags.100_0689

After the MMM we went to La Mexicano for lunch.  Our first time.  Don was hungry for Mexican food and I determined I would eat a taco salad.100_0697

The menu was very pricey, but the lunch menu in the back of the six-page menu was very reasonable.

The décor was glitzy and furnishings very nice.100_0692

And I couldn’t find anything that looked familiar in the way of a taco salad, so I ordered the beef taco plate lunch special.  This is what was left.  I ate the beef inside the flour tortillas.  A new item on a Mexican plate was french fries. Chips and salsa and french fries… two of my favorites.  I must give God the credit for helping me not to eat either of them… none… not one bite.100_0696NOTHING tastes as good as being slim feels is going to feel!

An artsy photo.100_0699

We notice smoke billowing in an area somewhere near I83 in McAllen as we were going back to the park.100_0700

We watched the news, but never did hear what had burned.100_0701

Donna and I met two more pups on our walk today.  Tea cup Chihuahua.tea cup chihuahua

Sammy, from Indiana.Sammy, the pooshon

Papaya trees don’t much care for freezing temperatures and ice storms.papaya tree didn't fare well in the ice

Monday concluded with rejoicing.


Anonymous said...

Our shrubs and plants here in Arizona are looking a bit like your papya tree. They just can't take a freeze.

Queen of Retirement said...

WOW. You are doing GREAT! I am so proud of you.