Monday, February 21, 2011


Monday started with “Walking Away the Pounds.”  Wasn’t too bad with my thick socks and walking shoes.  (Explanation later)  Walked two miles this morning!

Next, the usual MMM, followed by the church board meeting.  I didn’t attend.  Came back to the Q and decided to trim the dead seed pods and limbs from the trumpet bushes by our site.  The ice storm got them, but they are beginning to put out leaves.100_1088

Kind of sad looking right now, but they will be pretty again soon.  They look a lot better without the dead parts.100_1089

Don came home with Nurse Barbie with him.  You see, yesterday, as I was sweeping up some broken glass, I must have swept a sliver into my sandal, then promptly stepped on it and drove it into my foot.  I was helping Carilyn and JoAnn with the tea honoring all the widows in the park when this happened and hobbled around the rest of the afternoon.  Don was determined to find someone to help me get the glass out of my foot and we learned this morning that our neighbor across the street was a new member of the First Response Team… she’s a nurse!

Barbie to the rescue!  Yep, that’s a syringe needle she’s using.  Needles.  Shudder.100_1092

We think she got it all.  And she didn’t even hurt me at all!100_1091

A little antiseptic ointment and then the Band-Aid.100_1093

A good picture of nurse Barbie, who, by the way, is married to Ken. For real.  Thank you, Barbie.  You’re my heroine.100_1094

At the MMM this morning, Sarah, activity director, had told us about Gamba’s Grill just down the street, where you can get the Best hamburger.  She said they also have really good shrimp.  Gamba is Spanish for shrimp. Well, Don was now hungry for a hamburger, so away we went to find Gamba’s Grill.  The owner said they have been at this new location for about six months.100_5355

In the small glass is a first experience for us, a gamba cocktail which consists of shrimp broth, seasonings, peppers and a little tomato juice served hot.  Really tasty!Gamba cocktail is shrimp broth, spices & peppers and a little tomato juice... served hot.  Very yummy!

Don’s half pound hamburger was served on a fresh bakery bun which he said was, indeed, very good, as promised by Sarah.  Sorry, I got side-tracked and didn’t get a picture of the burger.  Don didn’t eat his fries and neither did I… applause, please… that’s a big deal.Don's hamburger was great... sorry no picture.  Fries were good too, but he was a good boy and didn't eat them.

I had the grilled fish filet and three gambas with rice and salad.  I added a little hot salsa and a little gamba cocktail to my rice and, MAN!, was it good.  The fish and shrimp was also delicious.  Again, no picture.  Hmmm.  I was hungry.  I also did not eat any chips with salsa…. more applause, please.

Our waiter was so nice and there was also Christian music being played over the speakers…. not too loud.  Just enough to be very pleasant.our waiter

The paint reminded us of sand and surf… the beach and the ocean, with various sea shore decorations on the wall. 100_5356 100_5357

Gamba’s Grill was a very enjoyable experience and we will be back.

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