Monday, February 14, 2011


Clarence and Nancy lead the Pledge of Allegiance and the national anthems.  After that, Don leads in prayer.100_0864

Our activity director, Sarah.  She does a great job.100_0865

The new Tip O’Texas King Art and Queen Delores are introduced again for the benefit of those who were not at the Valentine Dance last evening.100_0867

Floy makes an announcement.100_0868

For lunch, Joan and Wayne picked us up and off we went to Shogun’s for Valentine Day lunch!

Carol and Carilyn…. pretty ladies.100_0870

New Yorkers Thelma and Bruce.100_0871

Our host and hostess, Joan and Wayne.  Wayne brought a long stem rose for each of the ladies.100_0872

My Valentine and me.  Bruce offered to take our picture.100_0873

Wayne, clowning around with Joan’s rose.100_0874

Our chef was entertaining.100_0875 100_0876 100_0878

“Acrobatics” with the eggs.100_0880 100_0881

And the finale:  a Valentine heart created with fried rice!100_0882

We had a delightful time and thoroughly enjoyed our meal and the fellowship.  Thanks Wayne and Joan!!

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