Friday, February 18, 2011

‘Fencin’ In’ - CRM Day of Prayer

CRM Day of Prayer

Date: Mar 27, 2011
Time: All Day Event
Location: The World


God is blessing us and we are growing! In the late 1800’s, a rancher walked into the general store of a frontier town on the Great Plains of the USA and asked the owner for credit for supplies.

“Doin’ any fencin’ this spring, Josh?” asked the storekeeper.

“Sure am, Will,” said the rancher.

“Fencin’ in or fencin’ out?”

“Fencin’ in. Takin’ in another three hundred and fifty acres across the creek.”

“Good to hear it, Josh. You have the credit. Just tell Henry out back what you need.”

A visitor, overhearing the conversation, commented to the storekeeper that this was an unusual credit system.

“It works,” said the storekeeper. “If a man’s fencing out, he’s running scared with what he’s got. If he’s fencin’ in, he’s got hope. I always give credit to a man who’s fencing in!”

CRM International is fencin’ in! We are growing and adding to the mission in many exciting ways. We’ll be telling you of some of those things in our quarterly newsletter soon. We have found a property that meets our short and long term needs for a home for CRM International. It is located in Southern Missouri and it gives us all that we need in the way of room to train, minister, grow and add to the mission.

We are setting aside a day of fasting and prayer for the mission and those who partner with us. We will be sharing more as time goes on but March 27th, 2011 is the day our board of directors at CRM International has set aside. Please consider joining us in prayer and petition to the Lord concerning Zanoni Mill Ranch and CRM International.


Senior Chaplain Dennis Maloney
General Director
CRM International

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