Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Prayer and praise

A praise: Re: my friend and school mate, Diane, who had a bilateral lung transplant... from her husband to a mutual friend: YOU WOULD NOT BELIEVE HOW WELL SHE IS DOING , LOOKS A LOT YOUNGER , LAUGHING , THE CEO OF UTMB IS GOING TO DO A TV COMERICAL WITH HER IN A 60 SECOND SPOT , THE PERONALIZED CARE THAT SHE IS GETTING IS AWESOME . ...ITS 3 WEEKS POST OP.

Sent her a text message and received a reply from her.  She is praising God for her miracle and feels alive again!

Praise God!!!

Prayer request: Urgent prayers are needed for Leslie's mother-in-law, Billie. Waiting for word from the doctors, but lung is worse today. Also, they weren't able to remove the ventilator. She can't breathe without it.  Still in ICU.

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