Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 6 of Project New Me

Yesterday…. A MILE, briskly without stopping with variations of steps!!!

WHAT WAS I THINKING??????????????????

My hips are locked up; hurt so bad.Crying face

My walking partners are going to laugh at me tomorrow.  I’m mad at them!  They knew it was the first time for me and they just let me keep walking, walking, walking, kicking, side stepping, etc.  (This vaguely sounds like, “Eve made me eat that fruit!”)

No one to blame but myself.

OH Yes!  I just remembered.  I have Bible study in the morning.  Fiddle sticks!Thumbs up  No walking with the group in the morning.  I know what… I’ll go to the exercise room later in the day and find a bench I can lay on.

Well, the thermometer dropped to 28 degrees this morning.  Schools are even closed here.  I suppose they call is a “snow day” or a “too cold to heat the classrooms” day.

Day 6 of Project New Me.  Thank you, JesusRed heart, for giving me the strength and determination.  This is all You, Lord, but You know that already. Smile

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