Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday activities

It seems that the services just get better and better.  Today being the Sunday before the day that celebrates Love, Don’s sermon was about the ultimate love and how we are to reflect the love of Jesus.  Don wanted the choir to sing “Love Lifted Me” in the appointed time in the sermon.  We realized in choir practice just before church that this hymn was not in the hymnal.  Our pianist knew the song by heart and, together, we remembered the first verse and everyone wrote it down.  Some had never heard it, but they all did a beautiful job, with only practicing it a couple of times.

This is Don welcoming everyone.100_0800

We were invited to the Country Omelet for brunch after church and really enjoyed the fellowship at our table of six.

Tonight, our tickets to the Valentine Banquet and Dance were purchased by Louis and Art.  We loved the place cards. 100_0808100_0816

Louise did a beautiful job decorating our table.100_0802 100_0811

Our host and hostess.  Art looks so dapper in his red satin shirt and tie!100_0814

Across the table was Pat and Joe and…100_0812

Dick and Natalie.100_0813

Outgoing King Fred and Queen Eileen crown the new King and Queen, Art and Delores.  All of these do a lot of work and volunteering in this community called Tip O’ Texas.100_0826

Delores was crying!100_0828

Fred and Joan were also at our table.  Fred is 94!  100_0832

Lyla and Monte.100_0834

Choir director, Jane and her hubs, Gerald.100_0841

Chuck and Marilyn.100_0850

Our host and hostess, Louise and Art.100_0862

It was fun watching all the couples enjoying the dance. 

Don had a CRM board telephone conference call/meeting at 8:30, so we left the dance rather early.

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