Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Busy Tuesday.

What a day!

I was due to meet Sherry at 9:30 AM at The Zone to fill in for Delores in the miniature golf event.  Don wasn’t feeling good and I really didn’t want to leave him, but I knew he wouldn’t hear of me not going since I had told Sherry I would be there.  It was 9:40 AM before I left the Q.

I missed my exit; got a phone call from Sherry and she had my ball and club and they were waiting for me at the Hole 11.

About now is when I realized the gas tank was sitting on “E!” so after making a U-ee, I stopped at Murphy to fill up.  Thank the Lord, the gas pump was really fast.  Usually, when in a hurry, I invariably get one of those slow pumps, but not this time.

Back in the truck, I make a U-ee on Ware and then realize I should have gone on to the next light at 23rd, so here I go again, making the same route I just completed.

Finally, I made it to The Zone and hurried to Hole 11 where Sherry, Dorothy and Carol were waiting for me.  They had only had to let two foursomes pass them.

Here we go!




Yours truly.LaVon

Called Don to check on him and tell him I got a hole in one…. TWICE!

Jan and Warren Martin

Jan and Warren.Jan and Warren Martin



Barbie, my nurse from yesterday.Barbie

Following three hours of mini golf, back at the Q, I had a salad and then walked a mile with Donna, park manager.  She calls it her mental health mile.

Next was two hours of chorus practice.  Our concert is fast approaching, March 1.

Tired.  That’s what I am.  But it’s a good tired.  Sort of like a dry heat.  It’s still hot.  I’m still tired.

Good night and God bless.

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Norm and Lori said...

Hi LaVon & Don,

Hope that you are feeling better Don.

LaVon, you look like a miniture golf pro! Wonder if there is such a thing? Something to Google!

Love you and miss you, NoPo & LoPo