Saturday, February 5, 2011

Happy Birthday, Carilyn!

Joan planned and planned to have a surprise birthday luncheon for Carilyn.  She was successful.  Carilyn thought she was going to lunch with Joan and her hubby, Wayne, but instead, Wayne dropped Joan and Carilyn off at Victoria’s Tea room and instead of parking the car, headed off to Denny’s for lunch with the “boys.”  Carilyn was surprised…. when she walked in and saw the table surrounded by her friends.  100_0614

Clockwise (from memory): Myrna, Carilyn, Millie, Joan, Hattie, Cindy, Terri.100_0615

Cindy, Terri, Betty, Cathy, Joan (party planner), Gail, Myrna (our driver) and Carilyn.100_0616

At different angle. 100_0617 100_0618

Birthday Girl and Millie.100_0619

Dishrags and a poem… cute gift from the party planner.100_0620

I ordered the stuffed tomato (with chicken salad) and a cup of Lemon Chicken Soup (wonderful).100_0621I should have taken a picture of my plate when I finished. All of the crackers, potato chips and orange peels remained; everything else was consumed.  Dessert was a choice of chocolate dipped strawberries, carrot cake or cappuccino cake.  I declined dessert.

Birthday Girl and me.100_0622

The tea room is ready for Valentine’s Day.100_0624 100_0625

Carilyn’s surprise birthday party was a hit and enjoyed by all.

Later today, I found myself at the laundry on this beautiful Saturday, when I spotted Birthday Girl cleaning the recently empty site.  I’m rather proud of myself for being a candid photographer, as the next three pictures were all taken from inside the laundry building across the street.100_0628

Here’s the reason I saw Carilyn in the first place.  I looked up from my reading when I heard tiny Sadie and her tiny bark.  She does that when Birthday Girl would get out of her site or too far away. 100_0629

All that’s missing from this picture is a dog show arena, a display table, a judge and a blue ribbon.100_0630

Sure hope your birthday was special, Carilyn.  I’m thrilled that I got to enjoy part of it with you.  In the few months we have been friends, you have already enriched my life.  I’m looking forward to “and many more” years as your friend.

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