Saturday, February 19, 2011

God’s Worthy Women Retreat

Worthy means commendable, admirable, valuable, and precious.  As women, we are all of these in God’s eyes.

Almost a hundred women had a wonderful time today of praise, worship, fellowship, food and mission education… a time of spiritual renewal.

Leila and JoAnn checked each lady in and gave them their folders.100_0994

Alamo Rec Veh RV Park provided the rooms for our retreat and it was very nice. 100_0996

Various businesses and anonymous gifters provided door prizes. 100_0997

This is Angela Neese’s display from her mission visits to Tajikistan which is just across the Russian border. 100_0998

Ladies are arriving, enjoying a continental breakfast and getting acquainted.100_1003 Eileen, Nancy, Carolyn and Jeanelle … from our park.100_1005 100_1007 100_1008

Noreen, Heather and Gail from our park were sitting at my table. 100_1009 100_1010

CRM General Director, Chaplain Dennis Maloney, welcomes all of the ladies and gives the opening prayer.  He’s dressed in an apron because the area chaplains will be serving us lunch. 100_1011

Leila explains the Blessings Bag for each lady. 100_1013

Two more of “my girls”… Sherry and Bonnie. 100_1018

Alice, from Tip of Texas, also.  100_1019Sally introduces Angela Neese before she leads the singing.100_1020

Apron Man takes pictures of a door prize winner.100_1051





Mike, Texas Trails chaplain and Apron Man II, talking to his lovely wife, JoAnn.100_1029

Break time. 100_1030


Nancy won a door prize before she even got there!100_1034

And Sherry won a door prize!! 100_1035

Second session – Angela tells the story from the Bible about the woman with the “issue of blood” for twelve years.  Just as she would tell it to the women of Tajikistan. 100_1039


The she read the same story from the Bible.  We could readily see how the story-telling would be much more effective among the Tajik women, as storytelling is one of the ways they communicate.100_1045

Angela and Sally. 100_1046

And Gail won a door prize!!!100_1053

Jeanelle also won a door prize and that picture has disappeared!  Mysteriously.

Lunch time!  The chaplain/waiters are introduced.100_1055

Don says the blessing for the meal and the rest of the day.100_1057

Don also helped the “models” up onto the stage as they modeled clothing from the Children’s Haven International Thrift Shop.100_1061

100_1064 100_1062 100_1067

All of the lovely models are volunteer workers at CHI, except for Betsy, in the bridal gown, who is the Director of CHI. After the style show, Betsy told us all about the work of CHI orphanage located in Reynosa.100_1069

Some of Tip women enjoying lunch.100_1070

All who helped with the preparations for and the retreat were recognized, as a group.  I helped, too, but I was behind the camera. :-)100_1071

The ladies enjoyed purchasing some of the clothing Betsy brought from the thrift store.100_1073

Linda Paydon, chaplain and wife of chaplain Jim Paydon, was the afternoon speaker.  Her topic was “Finishing Well.”  Linda stated that no matter what mistakes or regrets we have in our life prior to today, we can still Finish Well.100_1077

Linda did a fabulous job and then it was time for the prayer chain to be brought into the room.  Each link of the chain had a favorite verse and name of a person who had been praying for this retreat since the summer.  It was amazing to see how many people were praying for us.  The chain was long enough to go around the room at least twice!100_1081 100_1079 100_1080

And Jeanelle won a door prize!!!!  Four of “my girls” won a door prize out of twenty-four prizes given.100_1085

One of our chaplains, Karen, one a door prize, also.100_1082

The 2011 God’s Worthy Women Retreat was a wonderful success!  Thanks to everyone who attended and everyone who worked to make it a success.

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