Monday, February 21, 2011

Patrick & Jessica and Leslie

As my niece, Tammy, so adequately stated on her blog, “ I was especially looking forward to last night's show with the soldier from Fort Hood because my cousin had been one of the photographers for the photos hanging in the home, but I knew with the opening sequence that it was a "full box of tissues" kind of show. There's something about our military personnel that just grabs my heart. They and their families sacrifice a lot to do what they do. If you missed it you can watch it online HERE. And the wedding photos are HERE. Grab some tissue!”

Tammy’s cousin is my daughter, Leslie.  Don and I watch EMHE and I also needed tissues handy.  We are so proud of Leslie and thrilled that she was given this opportunity to assist Zach Lambert taking pictures of Patrick and Jessica.

Of course, we recorded the show and I have watched and paused and backed-up and forwarded slowly, just to check out the pictures in the Ziegler’s new home.

This picture, taken by Leslie, was used at least twice in Patrick and Jessica’s new home:p j-4

Here’s the link to more of the pictures Leslie took for EMHE … Pook & Diesel Photography Love of a Lifetime Take 2 

Also of interest to blog readers is Jessica’s personal blog… a unique insight into the life of a military relationship.  She’s the real deal.

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Norm and Lori said...

Not a Kleenex left in the box or a dry eye, after watching EMHE this weekend. What a remarkable couple!