Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Eatin’ right and stroke prevention testing

Yesterday, my sweet friend, Jeanelle, after reading on FaceBook that I have changed my eating habits, brought me a small plate.  “It’s all about portions, LaVon,” she told me when she gave me the plate.

This morning, I ate my breakfast on that small dessert plate.  Here is the contrast in size between our salad plates and dinner plates and the dessert plate Jeanelle gave me.100_0589

It’s about the same size as my hand, but it holds two scrambled eggs and four pretty cherry tomatoes quite nicely.  I also had a half grapefruit.100_0590

At 11:00, I went for my stroke prevention test.  They tested my arteries for blockage and 100_0591

my bone density.  Blaine was a little camera shy, but100_0593I coaxed him into looking at me and what a nice smile he has!  I learned that Blaine plays the guitar and sings.  He is even a worship leader at church. No wonder I liked him immediately… he loves the Lord!!100_0594

Don had chicken and brown rice soup ready for lunch, so I had a bowl for lunch and the rest of that grapefruit.  Then we went to the Sun Harvest grocery store and got more good things for us to eat this week.  Like free range brown eggs!!!  I’m so excited!  Did you know that free-range eggs, grass-fed beef, avocados, nuts and berries are all fat killers?!  I love all those!

When we returned from the store, my walking buddy Donna, and I went to the exercise room.  It was so windy today, we decided to exercise inside.  Donna doesn’t think it’s fair that her picture is here and my isn’t.  (It’s my blog :-))100_0595

Chorus rehearsal was fun, again.  Nancy is so good as our director and she makes it fun.  We don’t mind working hard for her.

Don created another healthy meal for dinner.. grilled chicken breast, grilled zucchini, green beans, and I cooked sweet potato slices in the convection oven sprinkled with a little cinnamon.  Small portions of each for me and a plum for dessert.

If you are wondering what is motivating me, besides the fact that I haven’t been feeling the best… well, outweighing my husband has sent me into shock!  I was thinking, “How could this be???” and then I looked at his rear end.  ‘Nuff said.

Praise the Lord and pass the salad!!!

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Joel and Linda said...

Diets aren't fun but yours looks pretty good. Sticking to the cooking I think is the hard part, eating is easy!!